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Live & transparent trading room for binary options traders

Come in to our Trading Room and we will trade together. It's like we're sitting side by side watching and trading together live.

  • We explain everything and you see everything
  • No delays and nothing hidden
  • No changing the strategy
  • No sales pitches. Just active trading and making money

Videos from a few of our members...

Once I got with you guys, it was a clear-cut strategy.

I am averaging 9.7% per day trading binary options, with a couple of down days - but days that were well above 10%, which make that average.

Man telling his story about making money with binary options.

Adrian shares his journey to becoming a consistent and profitable trader.

Adrian shows his journey with his binary options trading strategy

Here is what most binary options traders do...

  • Spend countless hours finding strategies on YouTube hoping to find one that works
  • Make a few bad trades and then start "revenge" trading to recover losses
  • Get mad at themselves for losing all their profits in a few minutes of bad trading
  • Doubt their strategy so they change it...again...and again...and then once again
  • Blow their account (again) but decide to keep it a secret this time so nobody knows how much they've lost
  • Promise themselves that they won't make the same dumb mistakes...and not long after that they make the same dumb mistakes

Stop that cycle now!

Binary Options Course

Trade With Us

On average, binary options traders lose $7,463 before they quit or do something about it. (We know - we've surveyed a lot of people!) David lost almost $60,000 before he started profiting.

David and Jason (who also lost over $7,000) combined forces to change this. They spent months analyzing everything. No stone was left unturned. Strategy, money-management and trading psychology were all stress-tested. These two were determined to make money in binary options.

Combining their “street smarts” and institutional trading experience, they developed a system that is consistent, unbreakable and reproducible. Now they trade with it every day and the results are verifiably good.

David’s live trading results are all over YouTube. There has been a dramatic shift from frustration to success. But none of this was good enough if he couldn’t make it available to others. David & Jason took on the next challenge of creating Binary Masterclass. It is a binary options course to teach anyone who meets the basic requirements and wants to learn how to trade binary options properly. The idea is to support people on their way to binary options mastery. They don’t promise that it’s easy — but they do promise that it’s possible.

  • David Bronson


    Fast-paced personality who quickly finds trading opportunities to get in and out of the market. "No-nonsense" trading moderator who often finds 5 - 8 winning trades in 45 minutes. Traders love that style as they can trade for a short time and then move on with their day.

    binary options trading mentor
  • Jason Smith

    CEO & Director of Education

    Meticulous and analytical. Years trading in institutions has created a foundation for risk management that dramatically reduces the impact of losses, while creating great opportunities for wins. Jason has trained over 5,000 private and institutional traders around the world to trade profitably.

    binary options trading coach to help you succeed at binary options

What our members have grown to expect from us

We are not a binary options signals group. Those don't work. You can take our trades, if you want, but we are far more than that. With this binary options course, you will begin to see the market as a professional trader does. It will make sense and you will be empowered to make money in the market whenever you want or need.

Trade With Us
  • Daily Live Trading Room

    Watch us take trades and take them with us. Never be left in the dark about what or when to trade.

  • Supportive Community

    There are no arrogant and "know-it-all" traders in our community. You're part of a safe family of profitable traders who support and help you.

  • Unprecedented Support

    Top-tier member support. Every question you have gets answered timely and thoroughly.

No Ordinary Signals Group

Is this another binary options signals group?

Despite the ease of getting signals over Telegram and the excitement of always learning a new strategy like signals groups do, that model doesn’t work. People are losing money.

You can’t compare our years of asset management in banks and other institutions with a signals group. The approach is completely different. Our approach to the market gives us the freedom to be fully transparent. You join us while we trade. We trade in front of you and point out to you what we are watching for so that you can trade successfully in any market condition at any time.

Hear what one of our traders Nick has to say.

how to make money every day trading binary options

I am fortunate to have joined such an amazing team of mentors! I'd recommend Binary Masterclass to anyone who wants to learn and understand to trade Binary Options the right way. Keep up the great work!


I need a structured and profesional class. You all put it all together for me, and now I just can follow the program!! You all are Marvelous!!!

Will Ware

I was a bit skeptical before joining but once I jumped on board, I learnt a lot in a matter of days, way more than what I had learnt in the past one and half years. These guys are onto something big and I am very grateful that I joined. Based on my experience, I can honestly say that I am on the path to become one of the best in my community. Keep it up guys.

Albert Kwashirayi

AMAZING. Nothing but good things to report. Everything from the welcome page on the web site, to the one on one coaching , has gone very well. We ask questions , and share thoughts, which has made me a better Binary Options Trader. I highly recommend


David und Jason von Binary Masterclass lassen einem bei ihren live Trades über die Schulter schauen und geben dabei hilfreiche und wertvolle Tips und die Möglichkeit live mitzutraden. Gute Schulung geht dem Voraus und gute persönliche Begleitung. Gutes Herz und Professionalität. Kann ich nur empfehlen. Für Einsteiger, Profis und die, die eine gute Trading Community suchen. Top!

Sonja Kreisel

Very punctual, professional learning assistance. Constant contact and help from the teachers.

Oleksiy N.

Great and informative...really gives you everything you need to understand Binary Options and how to manage you money.

William Dowdy

My experience in the trading group in the last 5 weeks. David and Jason are very helpful, honest, transparent and successful leaders! They are always and mean it ALWAYS just a message away if you have any questions or something that iam not clear with! Very down to earth individuals and i feel very comfortable talking to them! Been involved with other trading groups before but the communication here on telegram/ zoom is just awesome!!!!! The whole structure of their classes are easy to understand, recommend for newbie’s and people who had experience in binary trading before. Taking it slow through this 5 weeks been learning and adopting my way of trading to suit their style, but all the tools are available for us so i never feel like i been left out! And the result of that i have doubled my account and learned soo much about my previous mistakes that i made and how to alter those choices to become a successful binary trader! Highly recommend you to join the group you won’t get disappointed! They have the plan, strategy, tools, education and leadership that you need to take your binary trading carrier to the next level!!!! Success leaves clues….

Gabor Varos

Seeing all of you being true and consistent to the process has really helped me to be on track. Today, I took a withdrawal and after taking the withdrawal, I profited another 15%.

Parth P.

I came across Davids videos on youtube, as I am sure most other people have. The first thing that struck me was that Davids videos where not about making "$50,000 in a day", rather highlighting the importance of mastering a simple strategy and using the power of compounding using small risk to grow your account. After my first week of trading with Binary Masterclass, 3 important things have me optimistic about my future trading binary options. The first, David and Jasons knowledge of the industry and their constant effort in providing learning and support through the wins and the losses. Secondly along with teachers, the learning environment provided by the other students makes the group feel like a family. Learning from one another, sharing knowledge and support means we can all grow together. Third and probably the most important, the strategy that guys teach is simple and extremely effective if used correctly. I have no doubt overtime I will be able to grow my account substantially without taking large risks.

Danny W

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We don't let everyone join though. You need to agree to the following.

We can accept you if...

  • You have prior trading experience
  • You want to approach trading like a professional
  • You consistently show up and trade the rules
  • You will complete the homework assignments
  • You have money to trade that you don't need for something else

We can not accept you if...

  • You plan on making yourself rich by next week through trading
  • You want to trade with money that you absolutely need for something else
  • You don't want a coach telling you how to be better - you'd rather trade how you've always traded
  • You are not committed to mastery of binary options
  • You care more about showing off than you do about being profitable
  • Basic Membership


    Perfect for those who are ready to take a step but not yet go all in

    • Trading Room Access
    • Personal Coaching
    • Advanced Trainings
    • Exclusive Community
  1. Daily Trading Room

    Here is where the daily magic happens. Basic Members can join us for one session every weekday (excluduing holidays).

  2. Personal Coaching Session

    It is important that you get every question answered. That is why we created a coaching session with your membership.

  3. Binary Bootcamp

    You get full access to the training material that teaches you the entire strategy, money management & trade management.

  4. Community Group

    A supportive & arrogance-free group who help each other out and are all going after the same goal - being financially free.

  5. $100 Discount on Indicators

    When you join the membership, you get a $100 discount off the indicators so you can trade just like us.

  6. Basic Trading Psychology

    Want to be free from emotional & revenge trading? Even in the Basic Membership you get access to this important & effective training.

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  • Premium Membership


    Perfect for those who are ready to go all in and make things happen

    • Unlimited Trading Room Access
    • Unlimited Personal Coaching
    • Advanced Training
    • Exclusive Community
  1. Unlimited Trading Room

    Three Trading Room Sessions per day & every weekday that isn't a holiday. Occasionally, spontaneous sessions, too!

  2. Private Coaching

    If you need extra special attention to get yourself to the next level, our coaches are available to you. You get 4 one on one coaching sessions to get you consistently profitable.

  3. Exclusive Trading Community

    Join a Premium Member only community and interact with others who are just as committed to this as you are.

  4. Direct Access to Trading Mentors

    Premium Members get more direct access to the trading mentors. You can ask more questions and get to know them personally.

  5. $100 Discount on Indicators

    Members get a $100 discount on the discount and lifetime free updates for as long as they are a member.

  6. Everything in Basic Membership

    Anything you see in the Basic Membership package is of course made available to all Premium Members. You get...everything.

Pocket Option Special Offer

If you're ready for...

This is what we do and what we provide. If it is what you want and you're ready to commit to and win at binary options, then start trading with us.