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Come in to our Trading Room and we will trade together. It's like we're sitting side by side watching and trading together live.

  • We explain everything and you see everything
  • No delays and nothing hidden
  • No changing the strategy
  • No sales pitches. Just active trading and making money

Videos from a few of our members...

This is where I belong. This is actually possible. It is just support and resistance and I couldn't be more pleased.

Expert Trader, Grandprofits, shares his experience

Binary Options profits with strategy

Adrian shares his journey to becoming a consistent and profitable trader.

Adrian shows his journey with his binary options trading strategy

Here is what most binary options traders do...

  • Spend countless hours finding strategies on YouTube hoping to find one that works
  • Make a few bad trades and then start "revenge" trading to recover losses
  • Get mad at themselves for losing all their profits in a few minutes of bad trading
  • Doubt their strategy so they change it...again...and again...and then once again
  • Blow their account (again) but decide to keep it a secret this time so nobody knows how much they've lost
  • Promise themselves that they won't make the same dumb mistakes...and not long after that they make the same dumb mistakes

Stop that cycle now!

Binary Options Course

Trade With Us

On average, binary options traders lose $7,463 before they quit or do something about it. (We know - we've surveyed a lot of people!) David lost almost $60,000 before he started profiting.

David and Jason (who also lost over $7,000) combined forces to change this. They spent months analyzing everything. No stone was left unturned. Strategy, money-management and trading psychology were all stress-tested. These two were determined to make money in binary options.

Combining their “street smarts” and institutional trading experience, they developed a system that is consistent, unbreakable and reproducible. Now they trade with it every day and the results are verifiably good.

David’s live trading results are all over YouTube. There has been a dramatic shift from frustration to success. But none of this was good enough if he couldn’t make it available to others. David & Jason took on the next challenge of creating Binary Masterclass. It is a binary options course to teach anyone who meets the basic requirements and wants to learn how to trade binary options properly. The idea is to support people on their way to binary options mastery. They don’t promise that it’s easy — but they do promise that it’s possible.

  • David Bronson


    Fast-paced personality who quickly finds trading opportunities to get in and out of the market. "No-nonsense" trading moderator who often finds 5 - 8 winning trades in 45 minutes. Traders love that style as they can trade for a short time and then move on with their day.

    binary options trading mentor
  • Jason Smith

    CEO & Director of Education

    Meticulous and analytical. Years trading in institutions has created a foundation for risk management that dramatically reduces the impact of losses, while creating great opportunities for wins. Jason has trained over 5,000 private and institutional traders around the world to trade profitably.

    binary options trading coach to help you succeed at binary options

What our members have grown to expect from us

We are not a binary options signals group. Those don't work. You can take our trades, if you want, but we are far more than that. With this binary options course, you will begin to see the market as a professional trader does. It will make sense and you will be empowered to make money in the market whenever you want or need.

Trade With Us
  • Daily Live Trading Room

    Watch us take trades and take them with us. Never be left in the dark about what or when to trade.

  • Supportive Community

    There are no arrogant and "know-it-all" traders in our community. You're part of a safe family of profitable traders who support and help you.

  • Unprecedented Support

    Top-tier member support. Every question you have gets answered timely and thoroughly.

No Ordinary Signals Group

Is this another binary options signals group?

Despite the ease of getting signals over Telegram and the excitement of always learning a new strategy like signals groups do, that model doesn’t work. People are losing money.

You can’t compare our years of asset management in banks and other institutions with a signals group. The approach is completely different. Our approach to the market gives us the freedom to be fully transparent. You join us while we trade. We trade in front of you and point out to you what we are watching for so that you can trade successfully in any market condition at any time.

Hear what one of our traders Nick has to say.

how to make money every day trading binary options

I am in at least 6 paid groups for binaries and I can confirm that these guys are something else and by far the best. They don’t waste time or brag about lambos, or selling you dreams. They are very legit.

Am F.

Good afternoon, everyone! I wanted to share how incredibly helpful and supportive the team at Binary Master Class is. Jason Smith, in particular, consistently goes above and beyond to ensure we grasp every aspect of trading. Their dedication to helping us understand the intricacies of trading while also aiming for profitability is truly commendable. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a fantastic trading environment.

Abdul Safi

Guys, you have amazing video clips which are easy to understand and use. Especially the risk and money management was gold for me helping me to trade in the plus. I’d like to highlight, that one person of the team reached out to me after I checked in to make sure, I understood and feel welcomed. His name is Jason. Jason, thank you sooooo much for teaching out to me and doing the zoom meeting. So I could share my screen with you and explain my issues with MT5. Also I could raise all my questions which you answered. Personally, you are a great person with a positive attitude. I was to happy to meeting with you. All the best to you and the team and looking forward to trading with you. Thank you.


My individual session was excellent, the coach listened to me and was able to meet me where I was at instead of giving one-size-fits-all advice. He didn't correct or discourage me when I had different ideas, but helped me understand why professionals approach trades differently and I now use his recommended strategy. Plus, the money management system he provides is nothing short of priceless. He trained pros and it definitely shows. Without doubt this is the only trading group anyone will ever need - a very real 10/10.


I have been part of other Trading-Communities that were good - but none as great as Binary Master-Class. Lots of Training, Group Trading-Sessions and Private Tailored Tutoring. If you want to start with Binary Options or improve your Skills - then this is THE Present you should get for yourself!


Very knowledgeable, highly professional. I really like the trading room. High quality information and great people to trade with.


These guys are transparent with everything they do and are there to help whenever you need them. They care about your success. Binary Masterclass, keep up the good work – you have gained a lifetime member.

Zebrasky McDonald

Their level of knowledge and how they break down the technicalities with such simplicity is something to marvel about. I'm brand spanking new to binary options and after just 3 days in their live trading room, everything seems to make a lot of sense. I'm MILES AHEAD of where I was a week ago because the strategy they teach us is fairly easy to understand and follow along.


Even for the basic package + indicator, it is already a steal. The indicators are bang for a buck. Also, Jason is very accommodating. Highly recommended.

James Leigh Merlin

Very punctual, professional learning assistance. Constant contact and help from the teachers.

Oleksiy N.

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We don't let everyone join though. You need to agree to the following.

We can accept you if...

  • You have prior trading experience
  • You want to approach trading like a professional
  • You consistently show up and trade the rules
  • You will complete the homework assignments
  • You have money to trade that you don't need for something else

We can not accept you if...

  • You plan on making yourself rich by next week through trading
  • You want to trade with money that you absolutely need for something else
  • You don't want a coach telling you how to be better - you'd rather trade how you've always traded
  • You are not committed to mastery of binary options
  • You care more about showing off than you do about being profitable

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