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The biggest thing from my side is that I have a lot more confidence trading with y’all than I do trading alone.

Alright, guys! What is happening? Today, in this video, we have an interview with one of our students, Nick, where he talks about his trading journey prior to joining Binary Masterclass and what all he has learned, now that he’s been here. Nick has been successfully trading binary options with us for a number of months. And in the past month or two, he has really blown things up. He’s gotten very disciplined in his strategy and has really seen his account grow. His success rate continue to increase and we’re so excited about his journey, so enjoy our interview with Nick.

I had two years of consistent unprofitability. I was consistently unprofitable, right? So I joined y’all in June, I’m pretty sure. Before then, I would watch those videos on YouTube of the trader girls. They would take one dollar and turn it into ten thousand dollars. And so I would just try all these different strategies, never stuck to a consistent one. And yeah, as a result, I was consistently unprofitable. So after joining, it took me some time to kind of shed off those bad habits I’d been forming. Not sticking to the same strategy. My risk management was all off. I would risk like, I don’t know, 5-10% every single trade and I wouldn’t do seconds or thirds. I didn’t have a strategy for that. In the last two months, I kind of shed off the bad habits really, and a lot of that has to do with money management. I started focusing on taking a second and a third, especially the third because I would get real nervous about taking a third. But that third can make all the difference sometimes on whether a day is profitable or not. I think really sticking to the money management is the biggest thing for me. And also, doing the same strategy for a long period of time, you start to know it so well that you can just look at the chart and know, “Okay, is it gonna work right now? Is it not gonna work right now?” And I know that we talked about that one time in one of the live sessions. I do have a job, I make about $180 a day at my job. I know the premium session is $200 a month. I pretty much make at least $200 almost every single day, and so the $200 a month, I pay it off in a day. The ROI is fantastic. Being in the group, I think just gives a certain confidence that you don’t have when you’re trading alone. Because you’re with people who are more experienced than you. You have other people who are in the chat who are also experienced in trading. They’ll make out certain callouts and then everybody will kind of analyze it and see if it’s a good trade or not. And so you really have this group aspect to it. The biggest thing from my side is that I have a lot more confidence trading with you all than I do trading alone. Like yesterday before we got in the live call, I did like four trades. I won one and lost three, but I was down like 60 bucks or something, and then by the end of the session I was up 300. So I think it’s that confidence to where I’m like, “Alright, I can take a second, I can take a third.” Forget all the BS you heard before you joined. All the people who took their accounts from one dollar to ten thousand dollars? Everything they said, throw it in the trash. Get this one strategy, stick to it. And stick to it for months. It took me at least five months or so to shed off all the bad habits that I had gained. Take the new strategy and run with it. Right now, I’m trying to get my account to ten thousand dollars, which I’m over halfway there now, so that’s nice.

So from there, I want to make money with binaries. Half of the weekly profits are in my safe, just to get my account back down to ten thousand. Half of it I’ll put in my bank account, half into the safe on pocket options, and then once the safe hits 10K, withdraw, put it into my Forex account and I want to have my Forex account booming. Trading with y’all, you’re not doing all these different strategies all the time. You’re doing one consistent strategy and that has a lot of benefits to it. And then you also get the confidence factor of being in that group environment, which was really crucial for me being able to become profitable.