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Hi. My name is Austin Banks. I’ve been trading binary options for probably between six to nine months and I would always have probably a lot more down days than up days. I would be profitable sometimes, but not nearly as consistent as I’ve been like I have the statistics to prove that I have a super high win rate now and almost every day is profitable. I would occasionally take $50 to $400 and blow that entire $400 and I haven’t once yet blown an entire account here and I will never blow another account so that’s for starts but it’s been really good overall.

That’s amazing. Why did you join us?

Actually, I saw you guys on YouTube. I saw David on YouTube. I was tired of seeing people that were offshore, where these brokers are located, and I was like, you know what? Some might be sketchy. Is Pocket Options for real? Is Quotex for real? And then I saw a normal-looking guy just talking about him making however much money, and then him actually showing his trades and talking about his strategy. Because, I mean like, when you first join anything or learn anything you want to like perfect a strategy, but I tried a lot of different strategies and I had one that was like decent, but not to the point where you can statistically prove, like hey this is how much you win and be able to see what your risk management is gonna be, and then like to see what your profit or your loss would be before you know, you cut it. No one really teaches that. Everyone just kind of like, said I made ten thousand dollars in five minutes on YouTube and I was like, yeah, is this person for real? Like this doesn’t seem for real. But yeah, I just saw David on YouTube and he seemed like a really genuine guy so then I was kind of interested and I was like, I’ve made money before, I’ve lost money before, let’s see if I can actually make something out of it.

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I mean how is your trading now?

My trading now is very very very very profitable. I mean anywhere from, so depending upon your account size, anywhere from, on the very high end 20%. I would say most conservative. anywhere between 5% to 10% however they last. Three weeks, I’ve averaged just under 10% about 9.7% per day, with a couple of down days. But days that were well above 10% which, average that 9.7%. So depending upon your account size you know that’s however much money to you.


Very good.

That’s amazing. Tell me something, what’s something that you like discovered about trading or discovered about yourself or whatever it is well like, what is it that you discovered that took you from where you were to where you are now?

I mean definitely it’s a whole other strategy. No one else teaches the strategy that, you know, we teach here. And then the indicators. Having the indicators, something on the screen to trade off of, really helps. And then number one, sticking to risk management. That is what saved my account because that’s what ended up blowing multiple of my accounts. So having a risk management in place where if I’m down, say you know 5-10%, whatever that amount is that I’m comfortable with. I call it. I don’t keep trading because you know the market’s not going my way. The chances of it all of a sudden turning my way probably are slim. So learning that the market really does change when I first started training. I was like “oh the market doesn’t change, it’s just a bunch of traders complaining about the market changing, like it doesn’t really change.” And then sitting in there, in the trading room and just watching the market literally change going from one thing to another and like in a matter of minutes, and then you’re like “okay like something’s different here,” and then just being able to notice that and then adjust my trading to that really really helped this. Applying the strategy really well and really taking advantage of the good days. When there’s like a good day, just take full advantage of it. And then when there’s a day when the markets are a little bit slower or whatever, you just manage your risk and you can still come out with a profit. I was able to do so many days. I know some people, you know, weren’t able to manage their risk. I think that’s really what makes or breaks a trader.

Amazing. It’s really really good. How do you describe for a moment, like, what’s it like for you working with us here?

I mean, it’s a great environment I would say overall. Two genuine dudes, both Jason and David. Absolute legends. I mean, great guys overall. No complaints with them. I would just say, the environment, like having a trading environment in general, like it’s one thing to be, which I’ve done in a telegram group, and then try and catch a trade and you’re way too slow. But it’s another, to see things live. Say you get in where they get in and you know, most likely you’re gonna win. Say you lose somehow, having them know that you’re down whatever 1% or whatever it might be, and having them know that, so they can kind of look out for you and know, okay like “Austin needs a trade, so he can get back into profit. Where can we help him out?” Having that accountability and then once you learn the strategy of being able to both see it on your screen and then see it on your trading platform lining it up. Jason or David calls out the trade, you’re able to line it up and be like “Okay, yeah, that’s a good trade.” I’m now comfortable taking that trade, and then I do. And then just being able to basically call out trades ahead of time, before Jason or David would basically call them out. Being able to see a trade coming up and then as you’re thinking that trade’s coming up, they call it out just reassuring yourself that that is a good trade and then having all the confidence to try and place that trade where you want to place it.

That’s brilliant. That’s amazing. Is there anything else that you would just want to say, that I’ve not asked?

I think everyone should join, that’s what I think. I mean at least if you’re in any sort of binary options trading. It’s basically learning from taking your account, even if you have a small account, you could take it to a large account. However, learning to take withdrawals is key, because that’s one thing that I really struggled with. I would make a profit, but I was like “$400 isn’t going to change my life,” and I blow it, right? But learning that if I could pull $50 a day out of $400, how much is that in a month? Learning that it’s a marathon and not a race. That side income could become full income at some point. At the point that I’m at, this is more than a lot of people make. If I’m able to replicate what I’m doing and its statistics, so I should be consistently. That’s a full salary in some places, that’s for sure. But yeah, I would just say, learning to take the withdrawals, joining the class 100%, and just really the psychological, getting around that. I mean every trader goes through it. Learning that if you are down, how to go about it, and when you are up, how not to blow it. So, just really managing your risk and if you stick to what you set forward, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be profitable in the long run. Maybe you are a down a day or you’re down two days, but in the long run, you’re going to be profitable. So no need to chuck all of your money, just stick to the plan and then at the end of the day you’re going to be profitable.

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