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Alright guys, it’s David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel. Today, we’re gonna be going through our last live trade from today’s trading session. Guys, you’re gonna have to watch the trade because you are not gonna believe what happens.

Alright guys, so here we are rolling the video getting ready to take our last trade of the day we’re looking for a put on EUR-CAD and it is moving up through the range we are waiting for to hit a particular resistance area that we have on our indicators and I am trying to catch it right at the exact moment that it touches that resistance to get our best entry possible and I do I get the resistance area. You can see that I got actually the very top of this. Which we don’t always do, but it does come off of this area nicely. And guys if you’re trading with us during our live trading sessions. You’re watching these indicators. You’re learning the strategy. You’re learning how to catch these spots and they’re not foolproof, but we do have a system that even allows you to win a trading cycle if you lose a particular entry.

So this cycle though does move nicely into the money EUR-CAD does respond off of that resistance and it now is coming back up to retest our entry. With 20 seconds left, we’re still in the money, but it is moving back up and so this one could, oh have some issues and we are out of the money now it does push through that resistance area, and with 8 seconds left we are clearly out of the money on this trade.

So we need this trade to finish below the red line in order to win the trade. And you can see, oh, at the last moment, guys, I’m gonna pause this trade. And you can see that at the expiration of the timeframe, at the expiration of the 60 seconds, we are clearly out of the money on this trade by a pipette. There is no question that we should have lost this trade. We had to be below the red line and we were clearly at the close of the trade out of the money. So let’s play for another half second and you can see that instead of actually getting credited for a loss in this trade, we were actually credited with a win. Somehow Pocket Option gave me the $250 win, with a $217 profit on this trade, even though I was clearly out of the money. Guys, that has happened probably four times in the last week. Certainly, more times than I have lost trades in the same fashion. I know that one of our best-ranking videos is about is pocket option manipulated? Is their trading manipulated against the traders? And guys, with as many of the complaints that I have about binary options brokers, one of the things I can tell you, at least in my experience, is that these trades are not manipulated against us. I clearly should have lost this trade and I was credited with the win. It was amazing, I can’t believe it. So I was able to finish today and we certainly did stop trading there with that win. That was a sign to me that we definitely should end our trading for the day, which I did guys with like a 70% profit today. So very, very amazing day, very amazing trading week so far. Looking for continued good trading the rest of the week, guys. So if you would like to join us live in the trading room, Monday through Friday, where we will teach you how to win trades just like this every day, click the link in the description below and come join us in the trading room. And guys, remember, like the video, subscribe to the channel, and we will see you in the trading room.

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