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Alright guys, David with Binary Masterclass here, and today I’m gonna show you an absolutely crazy ending to a trade that you’re definitely gonna wanna stick around and watch.

Alright guys, I’m gonna fire up the video here, and you can see I’m about to lose a first entry on an AUD-CAD trade that I placed. It moved down through the first support level to the next support and I do take a second entry right there at 414 is my strike price. Keep that in your mind. It’s gonna become important here before too long. This trade does look like it is wanting to respond off of that next support level. So I’m feeling pretty decent about this trade the first 15 seconds. But you never know what these currencies are gonna do. Our indicators give us a great idea of what is gonna happen, but they’re not perfect and sometimes currencies do not follow support and resistance. This one in fact does decide to break that support level, move down. Good news is there was another support not too far away, so I decided not to take a third because of how close that next support level was. The trade comes up, bounces off of my entry, which is now a resistance level. It is fighting between these two areas. And as you can see guys, in the last eight seconds, I’m clearly out of the money here. But with only four seconds left, this trade moves out, hits my strike price, moves into the money, and you can see guys, when this trade closes out, I win this trade.

This trade closes at 422, my strike is at 414 won it by a number of pipettes now if you look up at my money I should have been credited with about $2,800 but you can see guys my account only moves back to 2546 which is the amount of money I had in my account before I placed this trade meaning the broker gave me a tie on this trade and not a win. That is so heartbreaking because I was clearly in the money at the close of this trade that would have cleared out my first entry loss, given me a nice profit, but guys they only credited me with the tie even though I won this trade by a number of pipettes.

Now, before you go say that the broker is just trying to cheat me like they cheat everybody else, realize I have won a number of trades that I didn’t think I should win and I’ve lost trades that I clearly shouldn’t have lost and I’ve used video footage, because I video all of my trading sessions. I’ve used video footage to get a situation like this reversed in the past. So I’m actually submitting a ticket with Pocket Option with this video showing them that I was clearly in the money at the close of the trade. I’m confident they’re gonna reverse their decision on this and credit me back the money. But guys, it’s so important that you video your trading. I was clearly in the money at the close of this. And gosh, that was so heartbreaking to see because I really was expecting to see a win in my account balance, and to see a tie was not what I was wanting to see.


Alright guys, I wanna give you a quick peek at where my account balance is today. As you can see, my account is over $8,000 after today’s two trading sessions, guys. So in about a week and a half I’ve taken my account from in the $2,000 range to over $8,000 and I suspect by the end of the week. I’ll be close to the $15,000 level at what point I will take a $5,000 withdrawal, so a pretty decent growth the past couple weeks. Guys, We’re taking a group of coaching students through some accelerated growth in our accounts and seeing Amazing results and we’re gonna be posting some of those as the week, as the week and the couple of weeks goes on.

But guys, I wanna extend a special invitation for you to join us live in the trading room. Every day, Monday through Friday, we have three sessions a day. And guys, we’re regularly make 5, 10, 15% or more in our trading sessions. Today, I made 67% between the two sessions that I traded. And that is something that we do fairly regularly. So not an anomaly for sure. Guys, click on the link in the description below to join us live in the trading room. Subscribe to the channel if you would like to see more binary options-related content or drop a comment below we would love to interact with you and we will see you in the trading room.