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Alright, guys, so in this video, I’m going to show you how I made $744 in a quick one-hour of trading. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, so we’re going to get into our trading in a moment here. This session was just two days ago from a live trading session, one of our premium trading room sessions where I took eight wins in about 40 minutes. A very smooth session. It was Monday of the week and Mondays are typically no news days and lower volatility, sometimes not enough volume, but oftentimes enough to catch enough good wins.

So let’s get into the trading here and as you can see we’re starting off with a CAD-CHF. Actually, we’re looking around to try to find where we want to take our first entry. EUR-USD is coming down to a support and actually, we take GBP-USD at a bottom support level. Now I like it that it was at the support, but it was in this downtrend which I didn’t love. And so our first entry actually is out of the money here and I do place a second entry on it. Actually over on EUR-USD on that big extension down and it gets back into the money. It comes back above that support level. Our second entry on EUR-USD is actually looking really good. In fact, a second on GBP-USD would have been nice as well. So we did get a win there to open up the session. Looking around, seeing where we want to take another trade. We see EUR-CAD come down to actually a really nice lower support area.

And it does actually break through that support area as well. So we get started off just a little shaky during this session, deciding what I want to do here. Do I want to take a second here or do I want to take it somewhere else? I think I missed my opportunity for a second there. So I actually go over to AUD-CHF and catch AUD-CHF at a decent resistance. It does actually push through. So I may need a third entry today here, guys. I don’t like taking a lot of thirds these days. Maybe one per few sessions, but I did really like the spot that AUD-CHF was in. And one of the Aussie currencies had already turned around, and so actually AUD-CHF at the very end does turn around and gets us nicely in the money.

Okay, so we’re up $200 after our first two trading cycles here. Where are we gonna go here? We’re watching EUR-CAD come up to a resistance. We do take it maybe a tad shy. Actually there was the resistance right there. It does pop into the money. Let’s see if we can win a first entry here and start to get things a little bit smooth out for the session. And it does come nicely into the money. We are going to get a nice first-entry win on EUR-CAD. Puts us up about $370 for the day.

Where are we going now? EUR-USD hit a very nice resistance. It put in a big candle. It was very overbought, over 2, but it does mess around at this resistance level. Feeling pretty good about it, but you never know. And it does come back in and give us a nice first-entry win up $450 now on the day. Where are we heading? AUD-JPY. We do take AUD-JPY as it actually spikes through resistance level. Now guys, this looks like it might be heading towards a little bit of a breakout. No, actually there is another good resistance as I zoom out coming up and so I do take my second entry at that next resistance level which is a part of our strategy. I’m following our money management scaling as well. It does end up pushing through that level a little bit so I need a little bit of good fortune on this one and I get it and there we go as it comes back through our area. Now we’re up $569 guys.

Let’s see how we can finish your AUD-CAD. We do take it at actually a 15-minute level that I had marked out previously. It comes off that level pretty nicely, it looks better on the MT4 than it does on my Pocket Option account and we do end up getting the win there.

Let’s find one more here. GBP-USD coming down to a second support level. I do take an entry on GBP-USD at that support. It moves back up to a previous support. Hopefully it does not become a resistance here. It actually pushes through decently, which is a good sign for our trade. EUR-USD has also gone green, which is good for us and we are going to finish out this session with a very smooth first-entry win. $744 in profits over I think it was seven or eight trading cycles. Pretty uneventful Monday even though we did have a third entry win in there guys. And this is the power of our strategy and our money management and this is what you get in the premium trading room. We oftentimes will get eight wins during that session. In fact, during today’s premium trading room session, I was seven and O in that session as well. If you want to trade binary options with us, we would love to have you. We invite you to join us in one of our trading room sessions here at Binary Masterclass. You can go through our Binary Masterclass bootcamp, learn all about trading binary options. You get a free one-on-one mentorship with one of our amazing mentors. And you get access to, as a premium member, all three of our trading rooms. So click the link in the description below to figure out how to become a part of that. And guys, as always, if you like this video and would like to see more binary options-related content, please hit subscribe, like the video, comment. We’d love to interact with you. And we will see you in the trading room.