How I Use Indicators to Make Huge Profits Trading Binary Options


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Alright, guys so in today’s video I’m gonna show you the massive massive profits we made and exactly how we did it using our free indicators and our one-minute strategy. And guys stick around to the end of the video because I’m gonna tell you how to get these indicators absolutely free. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys so before we get into the video I just want to make a couple of notes. Guys you’re gonna see that I’m trading with a little over, well probably about 4% of my balance as my opening trade size. Now that percentage goes down as my balance grows, but you’ll know that we teach our community to trade with a starting of 1% of their balance as a first trade size. Now, as you begin to learn to close out trading cycles you can increase that risk level, but I just want want to make a note that yes I am trading with a higher level of risk than we teach in the community, but on days like this guys you really need to be taking advantage of the conditions and number two guys, not every day is like this. They are getting more and more regular as we get into the fall season but not every day are massive profits. Some days are breakeven some days we do take some losses, but more often than not we are in the profit.

So let’s get rolling here into the trading video and you’re gonna see our first trade was an AUD- USD setup that got to kind of this first resistance. I took a first on it it quickly peaked above my level um it was well into the twos as far as its oversold nature on the value chart. My first entry did tie on it and my second entry actually is nicely in the money, get a really good profit on that one. We started with about $3,400 in the account and trading again with these first entry trade sizes EUR-GBP actually came up to a nice resistance. It’s actually cut off on the left edge of the screen for some reason the couple screens were overlapping, so you couldn’t actually see it there, but we actually tied that first entry on EUR-GBP, it happens sometimes. We go over and we take an entry on CAD-CHF there for a put as it spikes up to a resistance and I’m actually watching EUR-CAD as well and we take an entry there. CAD-CHF, these CADs are really running right now. There’s actually something going on in the CADs, so I needed to take a second entry on CAD-CHF and looks like I took a double first on EUR-CAD it’s kind of like a second but not really. So we actually need to take a a double second there on EUR-CAD because that that first entry is gonna lose. My CAD-CHF second wins and my double second on EUR-CAD is nicely in the money.

Guys we’re gonna make some really really good profits on this trading cycle right here. Guys puts us at already over $4,100 on the day. I think we had about 10-11 trading cycles maybe in this session between these two sessions. Guys, this is our Premium Trading Room session right here. We try to get about eight wins a session, doesn’t always happen. Tuesdays tend to be pretty good trading days for us, this was on Tuesday this week and it was actually a really nice day. You can see this EUR-USD currency reacted very very nicely to our indicators, which guys are like magic. They work so well. Give us such a great indication as when to take trades on currencies and guys it’s one of the main pillars, one of the three pillars of our strategy which allows us to make really nice profits like this are these indicators. Guys they are golden, you can buy them for $199 from our website guys and you could see you can make this like trade if you wanted to so it’s almost free. But now that I mentioned free and we’re gonna lose a first entry there on EUR-CAD and it actually does. Missed that spot right there, missed that spot. I want to see if it’ll get up actually to this next level, really close and it almost gets there. I did not quite catch that top. Let’s see what’s gonna happen on this one. We’re back we’re in the money, it was extended to over plus two, so very very extended. Another good indicator on our chart is our value charts and there we go, very nice clean second entry win there on EUR-CAD.

I’ll let a couple trades go by as we just talk about these indicators and our premium membership guys, we normally sell these indicators like I said for $199, but we’re actually gonna give them to you for free right now and all you have to do is sign up as a premium member. Guys all you have to do is decide you’re ready to actually start making money trading binary options, sign up as a premium member which is a no-brainer, get access to all of our training, our coaching, three trading room sessions a day, private telegram groups, individual communication with myself and our mentors. Guys everything you need, our boot camp, everything you need to be successful trading binary options you get with our premium membership and right now guys you’re gonna get these indicators guys for free. Again normally we sell them all the time for $199. We only ever discount them really on this particular offer which will not be around for that long.

Guys we’re up to about $4,400 so we just made we made about $1,000 in the first, I don’t know, 30-40 minutes of trading here. This is between two sessions we’re getting towards the tail end of our premium session right now and I have a second entry in place. It looks like, was this a second? I can’t remember if my first won or lost but that’s a, I might have taken this second entry size just cause I really liked this AUD- USD entry at that resistance there and we do win that one just very very cleanly. So just rolling in the profits right now in this premium trading room session.

And now we do open up into our second basic session of the day guys, and this one was a nice session as well. GBP-USD or GBP-AUD, I’m sorry did not, is having a little trouble at this first resistance. There is another one up there though, so I will get my, I have my second entry ready. So my first entry is gonna lose right here, I’m deciding what to do with the second entry. I really would like it to get all the way to that top level and it’s not gonna get there. It’s gonna respond beforehand so we’re gonna have to go and find an entry somewhere else, which is fine, I mean we teach this in our strategy and how to manage trading cycles, but just gonna go look for a second entry somewhere else. I’m looking towards AUD-CHF, I want it to get to that resistance if it gets there and it is there, boom. I take an entry, don’t get a perfect spot on it. There is another second level right there that it is kind of fighting with and it actually does kind of pop above there so we’ll see if this second actually ends up winning for us and it, oh it tied it. We tied that second entry. Okay alright, got to go find another one which is fine.

GBP-USD is working up to actually this really nice level, boom right there. It is, gosh it was almost plus two on the value chart. It does have some issues at that level though. There is one more level there if we need it, what’s it gonna do? Back in the money a little bit. It does lose and I do get a third entry on it. I do take it before it actually gets to the next resistance because EUR-USD actually got itself up to a resistance level about the same time and I think these USD currencies are gonna respond similarly and they do. GBP-USD comes down largely kind of being pulled down by the GBP-USD or EUR-USD which is something we teach you guys how to trade with corresponding currencies. It is a very very good cheat or trading hack that we teach you how to do. AUD-JPY, nice clean first entry here.

Guys, are you ready to start making money trading binary options? You need to join with us in the premium session as a premium member. You can click the link on the description below and there’s instructions there and we’ll send you these indicators, but guys this is where the opportunity really is to turn your trading around. I know how it is to be isolated in your trading. We’re gonna take a GBP-USD nice up at this really nice resistance, got it perfectly at that. You see that? Perfectly at that resistance. Now let’s just hope it responds and it should, like clockwork.

It’s a good uh 55 second trade and boom, there we go guys over the $5,000 mark. Remember we started this session at what? $3,399, so moving up really nicely. I know how it is to be trading and just feel isolated like you don’t have a community, not sure what you’re doing, you could use some support. Wouldn’t it be great to be trading with other people with a live chat, when other people are taking trades and you guys can talk about trades and we have moderators in the room and I’m in 60-70% of the sessions myself and you can chat with me about trades and is this a good idea that…So we’re there trading with you live guys, there you go. So we made $1,747 or 51% growth in the account. Remember, I started the account with about $3,400 a day and ended with over $5,200 or $5,146 so going into the next session with, guys really poised to take some additional ground, we have a couple more good trading days left in the week, but we want to invite you to join with us in the trading room we would love to see you making these profits. We would love to see you turning your binary options trading around and right now you can do that and get your indicators absolutely free. Click the link in the description below, like the video, subscribe to the channel and we will see you in the trading room.