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Okay guys, so today we’re coming to you with a video about our Trust Pilot Reviews. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome to the channel.

Alright guys, welcome back. And one of the ways that a company like ours operating in the niche that we operate in, in the binary options niche, gains credibility is from the actual reviews from our users. We utilize Trustpilot for these reviews, which is one of the more trusted reviewing sites out there. And I just want to take a minute and read some of the recent reviews we have been getting from our customers. The first one comes from Herbert. And Herbert writes, binary masterclass is a whole new level of income. When it comes to trading the financial markets, David does an amazing job just to help people and show you how to better your finances. If you’re following his coaching, knowledge of the markets, and education, which is rules based, they have a very good money management plan that wins most of the time if adhered to the discipline and the psychology of trading in general. So no more blowing my accounts, rather now it is time to build my accounts. I do recommend Binary Masterclass to anyone who is willing to learn and earn at the same time. The support system in place is very effective. Literally Jason responded to me in no time and gave me the best advice that made things easy for me. So yes, I do give these champions a 100% thumbs up. Good job, Binary Masterclass team.

Thank you Herbert, that was very, very kind. Next review comes from Albert, and Albert writes, what an awesome team. I was a bit skeptical before joining, but once I jumped on board, I learned a lot in a matter of days. Way more than what I had learned in the past one and a half years. These guys are onto something big, and I’m very grateful that I joined. Based upon my experience, I can honestly say that I’m on a path to becoming one of the community. Keep it up guys.

All right, Albert, thank you again. Very, very kind review. Glad we’re helping you.

This next review is from Gabor. The missing link to your success. My experience in the trading group in the past five weeks, David and Jason are very helpful, honest and transparent, and successful leaders. They are always, and mean it, always just a message away. And if you have any questions or something that I’m not clear with, very down-to-earth individuals. I feel very comfortable talking to them. Been involved with other trading groups before, but the communication here on Telegram, Zoom, is just awesome. The whole structure of their classes are easy to understand. Recommend for newbies and people who’ve had experience in binary trading before. Taking it slow through this five weeks, been learning and adopting my way of trading to suit their style, but all of the tools available are available for us, so I’ve never felt like I’ve been left out. And the result of that is I have doubled my account and learned so much about my previous mistakes that I’ve made and how after those choices to become a successful binary trader. Highly recommend you join the group, you won’t get disappointed. They have the plan, the strategy, the tools, the education, the leadership that you need to take your binary trading carrier to the next level. All right, that is a great, some great feedback. Gabor, I’ve so been happy, so happy to be trading with you and glad you are making money every day with us.

Next is from William. William writes, creative and informative. Really gives you everything you need to understand binary options and how to manage your money. William, it’s been great having you. All the best in your continued trading.

And then, finally from Am. 13 wins in 30 minutes between 9 and 9.30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Unreal. I’m in at least six paid groups for binary I just found these guys three weeks ago and I can confirm that they are something else and by far the best they don’t waste time or bragging about Lambos or selling you dreams they are very legit. They come in charts ready you don’t waste a minute every day between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time they trade live and you can trade with them easily without wasting a minute. They make at least five to eight winning trades in a row. Even if you’ve never traded in your life, you can make money copying the trades they do live in front of your eyes. I witnessed sometimes they did 13 wins in 30 minutes just before the US market opens. I’ve never seen them lose money during a session yet. Well, stick around a little bit, you may see it. I think the guy, David, is a genius or something. That is not natural how he predicts the market behavior within seconds. Always I wanted to share with you my honest experience using the platform to show my gratitude toward these guys and maybe it can help someone. Since they are new and are gaining people, I’m still taking advantage of it by asking all the questions I had about this industry over the past two years. During the live Q&A’s they often do after a trading session, they’re very knowledgeable, transparent and share with you the reality of which is not the case with many in the Forex world. They also have two tiers of membership. I’m only in the basic one for now. Already getting more than I can dream of. In other groups, perhaps, if you get past two wins in a 60-minute session, you’d be happy. Also, they’re still running at a very low rate, probably to get people to sign up. I respectfully don’t want to say to up the rate, to upset people in the future, just lots of great words from Am. Am, it’s great to have you in the room every morning with us, love trading with you, love all these great comments.

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