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So today we’re gonna be talking about how to turbocharge your trading. Hi, my name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome to the channel.

Alright guys, so what I want to do is show a segment of our trading from the trading room today, just literally the first four minutes of trading. We had a very good day trading today and I want to walk through just the first couple trades and why we took them, show you the money we made, talk about our indicators and all that kind of stuff. So let’s guys just cue the video and get into this.

You can see that we are about 5:19 in the morning here Pacific Time. We’re watching EUR-CHF, getting ready to take a put on EUR-CHF and we take it right there, $250 entry. As we see it’s come nicely off a resistance and these indicators guys, they’re like magic. This thing bounced off and within 10 seconds, we are already five pips in the money and that is the value of having great indicators, which we have. We trade support and resistance trades, guys in the trading room, and these indicators will give you a very good idea as to what areas other traders are looking at to take trades on. And the support -resistance isn’t the only aspect to our indicators, there are a number of other components, but that’s the primary indicator that we are using to take our trades. And you can see the first trade of the day we’ve already banked $220 in profit and $230 in profit almost five percent profit just in the first five minutes of the trading session. So close that one out in the money.

And then we’ve got guys eight currency pairs typically on a big screen watching the currencies with the different indicators, waiting for the right setups. Sometimes it takes a number of minutes, sometimes they’re just bang, bang, bang, right on top of each other. So I’m just kind of looking around, trying to figure out what our next trade might be. I think I’m gonna settle on another put here on EUR-USD. One of the things that we teach you in the trading room is how to be patient and wait for the right entry. And so I am just waiting patiently for this trade to develop and once I see EUR-USD come up to and begin to respond to a resistance I place my first entry.


And as you can see this time it actually tries to move up and through, which is fine. It’s gonna do that some. Sometimes the currencies will test the resistance, and sometimes they won’t even respect the support or resistance, but statistically, these are 65% winners. And so it does move back down, and I already know, guys, this is gonna be a nice win, so I won’t keep you in suspense on that. But with the trading room, with your membership and Binary Masterclass, you’re gonna get access to this trading room.

This has got a number of traders live on a Zoom call every day. You’ve got moderators. We’re talking about trades. We’re talking about strategies. We’re talking about money management. We’re talking about account protection, all these kinds of things. This one slides in. We’ve banked $500 already in profit. In the first 10 minutes of the day, you’re already up 10%.


Guys, are you up 10% in 10 minutes in your trading? Because I’m generally up 10% in the first 10 minutes of my trading day. And if you want to learn how to trade like we trade, if you wanna get access to our indicators, if you wanna get access to our community, and our trading, and our mentoring, and everything that we have to offer here at Binary Masterclass, then let me get this video stopped here.

I need you to click on the link in the description below and join with us right now. Right now, guys, you’re gonna get access to our premium membership for no monthly cost. Guys, no monthly cost for our premium membership. We sign up with a Quotex and a Pocket Option account under our affiliate link. You fund one of them to at least that $3,000. You trade it regularly. We’re gonna give you the premium membership for free guys, which normally runs $199 Obviously, we’re compensated on the affiliate link the affiliate membership, which takes care of not having to charge a Monthly membership fee for the student. So guys join us in the trading room come and trade with us Learn how to turbocharge your trading we invite you to be with us every day, Monday through Friday, 5:15 a.m. Pacific, up until generally around when the U.S. market opens.

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