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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here. Welcome back to the channel.

Today, I’m gonna show you a live trading session from this morning’s trading where we go over our One-minute trading strategy and show you how our support and resistance strategy can consistently get you wins because I’m gonna show you four wins in less than 15 minutes where I make 10% on my account actually very modest percentage I was trading lower percentages this morning because there was some news events and the market was a little funky and so I was a little more conservative in my trading sizes. Normally I’m about three to 5% of my first entries and today I was only about 2 1⁄2%. So a lot smaller for me than usual, but four wins. Guys showing you a great example of how our supporting resistance 60-second strategy is a consistent and proven winner. So with that, let’s get into the video.

Alright, guys here we go, we’re ready to take some trades. We’ve already won a number of trades this morning and I’m actually looking for, these are my last trades of the day I’m gonna be taking. And I’m looking for EUR-GBP to actually come down with support area, you can see on the MT4 charts there it’s almost certain, actually, in the MT4 we’re actually behind the Pocket Option chart at the moment. I do take EUR GBP at that support area it had already kind of responded off and I took it on a pullback. It looked like it was gonna off of that support, which it is pretty decently responding to that support area.


Gets us, to be nice if it broke that area and it just did. Okay, so that’s a good move right there. It moves deep into the money for us, over three pips in the money at this point on this trade. Very, very nice support there. We do trade support and resistance trades guys. We’ve got custom indicators that give us a great idea as to when currencies are gonna be making their move. And we’re looking at EUR-GBP for a put right there at that resistance. I did catch it at that resistance It does kind of push through a little bit It does come off though so. This one’s starting to look good at the moment guys. These indicators are really really golden. We win over 60% of our first entries and I would say right now about 85% of our first and second entries do result in wins.

So this one does move out of the money but it does come back below that support area which is a good sign, we’ve got 10 seconds left on this trade. It looks like we’re in a pretty good position for another first-entry win, but at the last second guys, we end up losing that trade at the last moment. So I flip over to AUD-CAD because I see it’s getting ready to hit a nice support area and I take a double entry on AUD-CAD very nice support. You’re not gonna see it on these MT4 charts because, as I’m watching eight different currencies, but only four of them fit on this particular screen. So we lost the first entry, so I needed a second entry. Here’s we take essentially a double first, gives us, we’ll clear out that first entry loss and will give us a profit overall for what we would call a trading cycle.

AUD-CAD does respond where we would expect it to. and then does move really really nicely into the money and we’re gonna clear out our first entry loss. Take another win there, get some more profit. Look for our third trade of the day. Where are we gonna find this trade?

Watching EUR-GBP, see if it can get to that resistance. If it gets up there, I’m looking back just to get an idea of where that resistance is. And part of the charting is hidden there. You can see actually EUR-GBP is really, really close. And we do take a put on EUR-GBP right before it makes a drop, which was a great, great-timed entry. It drops nicely into the money for us.

Responds, you can see all the red on the MT4 chart there, responds very very nicely. Moves itself all the way down to the range, because it actually came down all the way to the support there. I could have taken a call entry right there at the bottom, which I sometimes will do, I put in a call trade in the same cycle It does even respond off of there. So another clean first entry win there. And let’s go for our last one of the day or our last trade of the day. I do find a call on EUR-USD at a support level. It fights around that support for a little bit. EUR-GBP is responding good so that should be a good sign for the EUR-USD, which is trying to get some support, but then with 20 seconds left does push through that support area. EUR-GBP has some trouble too, so I know I’m not gonna win this first entry, so I do actually load up a $200 trade size because I really do think that it’s turning. I can see the bullish nature of the EUR-GBP, so I do take another entry right there.

And EUR-USD does end up responding just a little later than we had originally thought, but our trading strategy allows for multiple entries and gives us 90+% win percentages, 95, 96, 97 percent win percentages, so very, very high. And this one does is gonna slide nicely into the money and give us clear out that $75 loss and guys that’s gonna give me a $275, $274 profit or 10.2% in just about 15 minutes of trading. Which is pretty solid, we end up with we end at $2950 which is where I will start my trading tomorrow morning. And there we go.