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Alright, guys, so in today’s video, I’m going to take you through a recent premium trading room session, show you the massive profits we made, and talk to you about how you can make these profits as well. My name is David with Binary Masterclass. Welcome back to the channel.

As we get the trading video rolling, we’re going to take you through some trades that we took in a very recent premium trading room session. We’ll highlight one trading cycle in particular because, guys, we made a lot of money on this trading cycle, and I’m going to show you how we did it.

Right now, you see this GBP-AUD trade. I actually wish I would have taken more money on this. You can see on our indicators, guys, these golden indicators. This currency came right off that support we have printed there, and it’s a super stress-free trade. So far, so good. And, guys, this is the value of these indicators. They are so helpful in recognizing good entry spots, combined with our money management, allowing you to win probably 95% of your trading cycles. We get that very easy GBP-AUD first entry win right there.

And, as you may know, these indicators are typically $199, but right now, we want to give them to you absolutely free if you just join us as a premium member and participate in our live premium trading room sessions. You’re going to get these indicators absolutely free. You can load them on your own MT4, where you can see the support, the resistance, the value charts, and other things that we explain to you in-depth in our training and sessions.

You can see here that we are now in a second entry on EUR-CHF because our first entry just lost. I did take a few entries on EUR-USD, but I didn’t get the best spot honestly in a couple of them. Our EUR-CHF second entry is now back in the money. There you go, nice and clean. Back over to our USD. I don’t know what I was thinking on that last entry, the higher one, but we do win an entry there, tie an entry, and then we lose one. So, guys, we’re kind of flat on that EUR-USD trading cycle, but we did win a second on the EUR-CHF, which is good.

And, guys, this is where some of the fun began. I took a GBP-JPY trade right at what I thought was this resistance level. I don’t know if I got it as well as I thought I did, but my first entry is not doing really well right here. It’s kind of back at this resistance. This is where I really feel like I should have been in on my first entry, but you know, sometimes you try to get them at the right spot, and it doesn’t always happen. The money management will help you make up for that often.

I do take a second entry there, actually at a good resistance, but it’s a JPY currency, so I don’t love trading JPY currencies. I do some if there are not enough available currencies, but this one clearly kind of breaks out. Having trouble with our second on Pound JPY, but we do go over and actually take a very good third entry on EUR-USD at a very nice resistance. It was oversold on the value chart, oftentimes going to respond at this level. But we do see the USD and Euro currencies pushing higher. It does actually go up. We’ve got a couple more resistance levels up here that we are waiting for, and does EUR-USD get it? It does get to that next level, so we do take another entry there. And then one more here, guys, and I went probably a little deeper than I would like, but the odds of this reversing here are really, really good. I’m watching some other complementary currency pairs. They’re reversing very nicely. This EUR-USD does come down off that third resistance very well. Guys, we got a lot of money in this trade. We’re going to net like $3,000 in profit just right there. You saw that my account started at just under $7,000, and I’m just under $10,000 now just in this one session. So over $3,000 in profit as we sit in this particular session.

After that win, I did want to pare down my aggressiveness. This is actually often the same entry size that I take at many different account balances. So you can see only like a half a percent of a first entry on a first entry right there. As I approached the $10,000 mark, I just wanted to ease back on the stress level, ease back on the risk management, and just cruise my way into $10,000. We’ll see if I can get to $10,000 during this session.

But, as I was saying, guys, if you join us as a premium member, you’re going to get these indicators for free. But, guys, you don’t actually have to join as a premium member right out of the gate. You can join as a basic member and get access to one of our two basic sessions, our Binary Masterclass Boot Camp, Telegram group, and many other benefits—personal live onboarding with a real human being, real human interaction with other traders. So many benefits just from our basic membership because the premium membership really is where the money’s at. You can make your monthly membership fee in just one session. It happens all the time.

And, guys, it happened to be a very exceptional trading week last week. You’re going to see this first entry just battled here, EUR-GBP. It can do that. It can give us some troubles. It can move slowly. EUR-GBP can just move slowly. It can put in a whole bunch of volume, and then the volume can really pare off. It’s just sitting right here at this level, and that first entry didn’t win. I do have this second entry in place. It does come down in the money. It’s just kind of fighting over money. What’s going to happen here? Okay, it does come up and touch a level. I feel like I should be in a better spot when I look at the MT4 and I look at my Pocket Option, but that is where I’m at. I do lose. Okay, I lost two of those entries, tied one of them, so I’m down a little bit $150 right now on EUR-GBP.

Because I do put in a $250 entry as it gets up to that peak again and it hits a level right there that is really, really good. Maybe I should have given it a few more seconds of patience, but, again, I’m trading with a very low percentage, so I’m only like 4% into this trade after a third entry. This probably should have taken just a little bit more on this one because I think this one would have gotten me as we get back in the money here over that $10,000 mark. But it leaves me within $25 of 10,000. Guys, we want you to join us. Like, why aren’t you trading with us? If you’re trading binary options and you’re not trading live with the community, then what are you doing? It is so much easier to make money when you are trading with a live trading community than trying to do this on your own.

We’ve put years, thousands and thousands of trading hours into figuring this out, refining the strategy, building the indicators, dialing in the money management, putting together the trading, building the community, and all these things just so you could benefit. Come in and, for such a little investment, take your trading to the next level. Learn how to trade binary options successfully. Many of you have been wanting to learn; you’ve been trying and losing money, blowing accounts. We want you to have blown your very last account. We want you to join with us and figure out how to never blow another binary options trading account again.

Guys, I’m just looking for one more trade here to take me over that $10,000 mark for the session, and then I’m done. I’m out for the session. So I’m kind of just waiting patiently and seeing if I could find one more opportunity. Okay, EUR-USD, what do we have here? We’ve got EUR-CHF moving up to a resistance. I like this. EUR-CHF, GBP-CAD just switching around, trying to find something that makes sense. Okay, EUR-USD, there we go. It’s back at a resistance and actually has a good 15-minute level that we’re just edging on here. But it came back up, put in a nice big candle up to a resistance level. Guys, if I win this entry, we will have crossed $10,000. Are we going to do it? I hope so. I hope so. I do take one more entry there because my first is just edging. It’s right at this 15-minute level. I just need it to respond here, just need it to respond and help us out. And there it goes. It does start to respond at that level. Sometimes it takes just a little bit longer than you want; sometimes it happens right away. But it is respecting this 15-minute level. We do win that $50 entry right there and one more in a few seconds. This is going to take us over $10,000 for the session. And, guys, this account was just like $1,000 a couple of weeks ago. So we’ve gone from like $1,000 to $10,000 in just like two trading weeks, probably six or seven trading days.

We want you to join us, so click on the link in the description below, and we will see you in the trading room.