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All right, guys, so in today’s video, I’m going to show you how we made $1,300 in one of our recent premium trading sessions during summer trading. And guys, you’re going to want to stick around to the end of the video, because I’m going to talk about a promotion that we are bringing back. Guys, this is one of our best promotions ever. You’re going to want to listen, because it is coming back very, very soon. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel. Alright guys, so let’s get into today’s trading and start the trading video. So in today’s session, I started trading with the same money management I’ve been using since I started my account back at, gosh, around $1,000. $100 first entry is where I began my money management a very comfortable level for me and it gives me actually room for quite a number of entries if needed. I did take a first on CAD franc that wasn’t working out quite as well as I’d hoped so I went over and placed my second on pound CAD that did hit a nice resistance it came off of there and guys I barely won that entry that happened to be a couple of times today you’re going to see a very dramatic ending to a trade here coming up shortly I do take in a first entry on pound Aussie that goes on nicely off of a resistance well into the money very very clean first entry win there I did get like 10 trades in over this session which is very very good guys we’re in the throes of summer trading here. Volume is typically lower in the summer. It’s been fantastic the last week or so though. Very, very beautiful charts, lots of good trades. We’ve been really doing well in all of our sessions. I ended up sneaking out another first entry win there. Took a little longer to respond than I wanted. I do take a Euro pound put or a call, sorry, right off of a very good support level that had been ranging nicely as you can see. I continued that ranging pattern. I do get a very clean first entry win there as well. So guys were already like, gosh, 400, almost $350 in profit in this session. Move over to Euro USD. I take a put at the resistance. I really didn’t get the entry I wanted. It does mess around at this resistance for longer than I wanted. It does end up coming off of the resistance and I do end up winning another first entry there, which is very nice. I’m still on EURUSD. It comes all the way down within that next minute or two into the next or that bottom support level. As you can see, still kind of in the range here. It does decide though, it’s just sitting there. It does break out of the range now during this trade. I take a second entry. It does again respond at the beginning. It just kind of goes sideways again during this particular entry and then does break down to the next level. I do take one more entry on this currency. I wish I would have gotten the bottom there but you don’t know you’re at the bottom till you’re not anymore. It does end up looking like again it wants to respond. It comes down to my entry, bounces off, it does go a little below my entry but at the last second guys it moves up a couple of pips. We all won that entry in the very last second. Very nice win. Puts me up over about $700 on the day. Again another EURUSD put up at the support or resistance level. It retests that area, moves down nicely into the money giving me another win right there. I think that’s my seventh win of this session. Very good session. Watching PoundUSD, I do take it a little bit early before that resistance. It just looked like it was running out of steam there. Let’s see if this ends up working out for me. Yeah it does end up going sideways and then pushing down another nice clean first entry win. Where are we headed here? Okay we’re watching PoundCAD. We take PoundCAD at that bottom support. There were four support levels there. I wanted to wait till that bottom level. It bounced nicely off of it. Let’s see what it wants to do here. It cleanly comes off that level. We get another great first entry win guys. We are over $1,000 in the money on this session. Only had to take a third once really winning mostly first entries right now, which is very


Stress-free actually


Where are we headed here? We are watching euro pound We’re waiting for this top resistance Is it gonna give it to us? It gets gosh. I took it it on it bounced down Right when I took it, so I’m not excited about my level at all. I do take another entry a second a little bit bigger one because actually I really kind of liked this Level here was a 15-minute level as well. It does bounce off of it, but then kind of pushes through But we end up getting a false breakout here and we win a very nice entry right there Giving us a very very good profit on the day guys we are up $1300 after 10 entries pretty smooth trading guys this is the way the past week or so has been I hope it continues this way this summer. So guys why aren’t you trading with us? We’re making money almost every day we have 3 sessions a day they generally always end in profit guys we’ve got great training on binary options we have amazing support staff. We’ve got mentoring, everything you need to make your binary options trading successful. We’ve got here at Binary Masterclasses including a strategy and a money management that are proven time after time again to win. Click on the link in the description below if you’d like to join us in either of our membership levels, our basic membership or our premium membership. And guys, I teased at the beginning of the video that I was gonna be talking about a promotion that was hugely successful for us last year that we are bringing back. Guys, we are bringing back our free indicator promotion. I haven’t talked about the indicators much in recent videos or in recent months, but guys, the indicators that we have custom coded and custom designed that we follow in all of our sessions are really one of the major keys that help us win at the level that we win at. Guys, we charge $199 only for these indicators. You can see I made that in one of my trades today. $199 will get you these indicators, again, the ones that we use every day in all of our sessions or we are going to be giving away these indicators for free coming up very shortly. Guys, stay tuned. In the next week or two, we’re going to announce our promotion that we’re bringing back that a lot that gets you our indicators, our custom proprietary indicator, proprietary indicators, proprietary indicator, proprietary indicators, absolutely free coming up in one of the next videos.