Trading Binary Options in Summer, What You Need to Know


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All right, guys, so in today’s video, we’re gonna be talking about summertime binary options trading. Is it possible to trade and make money with binary options during summer trading volume? My name is David with Binary Masterclass. Welcome back to the channel.


Okay, so one of the things you’re going to notice coming into summer trading as we’re


in right now is that the volume of trading goes down dramatically. A lot of traders are on vacation, a lot of institutions trade much less in the summer, which just means that there are many less trades being placed. And what you’re going to notice are that the candlesticks in binary options or Forex in general, are gonna move a lot more slowly. And they oftentimes will not respond the same to support and resistance levels. So what does that mean? Well, number one, you’ve gotta be more patient because if you’re trading a one minute strategy, like we trade in, as well as support and resistance, and you’re waiting for a currency to hit a support and or resistance level, you’re used to a currency moving at a particular pace based upon the volume that happens most of the year. When we get into a lower volume situation, it’s going to take longer for that currency to hit a support and resistance level. And if you get into the trade too early, which you can often do if you’re expecting a typical volume, a typical speed and movement in a currency, what’s going to happen is you may get the same response from that currency at that support or resistance, but it may take longer for that trade to develop. And so that means that your one minute trade, you may need a minute and a half for that same move to occur that you might normally get in a minute. Well, so you can do one of two things. You can either be more patient on your entry setup, wait for that movement to get hit, that support or resistance level to get touched, and then maybe even wait a little bit longer, wait another 10, 15 seconds sometimes before you take your entry to see if maybe it’s going to move past that level, or you can even change your strategy to a two minute strategy during the summer. Now, we don’t change the timing of our strategy but we do often execute more patience when it comes to taking entries at the support and resistance levels. That also means if you lose a first entry and I’m talking in relationship to our money management strategy you may want to be a little bit more patient in taking your second entry and actually wait for that currency to get to the next level of support or resistance instead of entering right in to your next entries. Hey guys, before we get any further in the video, I just want to ask if you like the content that you’re getting from us here at Binary Masterclass, if you’re enjoying some of the value that we provide to you, it would really help us if you would click the subscribe button and the bell icon so that when we put out new content, which we work hard on several days a week, you would get notified. As if you’d like the videos and comment on the videos, we’d love to interact with you. We just want to take a minute and thank you for watching our videos. Now we’ve been in summer trading mode for a couple of weeks now and last week was a bit more challenging. This week has actually started off pretty well. Things were moving reasonably well, support and resistances have been respected so far to a large degree and we’ve won a very high percentage of our first and second entries. But things are different during this summer. You are going to get different movements. You are oftentimes going to get an institution that is trying to, let’s say, place a very large trade in a particular currency, but there is not enough liquidity in that currency at the moment. So a certain number of positions will get executed and what you oftentimes will see is a very large spike up or down, a quick jump from one level to another, maybe a few pips in one movement from that currency because all of the volume that the institution is trying to insert into the market gets executed and causes a big price jump because of just what happens with big bid-ask situations. There’s not enough liquidity available at a certain price and so it actually affects the bid ask and the execution price quite dramatically to insert that level of volume or that size of a trade into the market at one particular point in time. Now that can actually work for you, that could work against, that depends on if that is a call or a put entry and it depends on which way you need that currency to move. But yes, you can make money during summertime volume, you just need more patience, and you need a good strategy. 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