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Alright guys, so in this video I’m going to talk about why if you are new to trading binary options or if you are already very experienced, why you should be trading with us. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, one of the primary things that sets us apart from other companies that are involved in the binary options space is number one, our training. We actually have very, very in-depth training on everything related to binary options. We have a Binary Masterclass that’s available not only for our members to watch, but it’s also available as a standalone purchase option if you wanted to do that. But when you become a member of Binary Masterclass, you actually get access to a back-end trading area where, as I’m going to take you through here, you can see we’ve got a basic Binary Masterclass in your login section. Step one, you’re going to log in. It’s going to tell you all about binary options, how to enter the trading room. It’s going to talk to you about brokerage accounts, how to get your deposit set up using Bitcoin. Then the next step takes you through creating a demo account with the MT4 software that we primarily use, how to place binary options trades with the brokers, how to set up your MT4, support and resistance levels, the strategy that we utilize. We have in-depth training on our strategy, our money management. We have all kinds of great in-depth training here. Then we have bonus materials, frequently asked questions that you go through. So our training is actually very in-depth and will get you fully prepared that when you enter into our training room, which is what I’m gonna talk about in a minute, you’re gonna be equipped, you’re gonna know what’s going on, you’re gonna know what binary options are, you’re gonna have your software set up, you’re broker account set up, and you’re gonna be ready to start trading.


The second thing that sets us apart from other companies is our support. We have a very high level of support available to you here at Binary Masterclass. Number one, we can communicate via Telegram and if you’re a premium member you’re gonna actually get a private Telegram group that only premium members have access to that we utilize almost daily to chat about trades, strategy questions, money management questions, all kinds of different things. Our email support is very, very responsive. Actually in our live trading room, which again, we’ll get to in a moment, we do actually take time in many of our sessions, especially in our basic sessions to go over question and answer. We allow questions from our members and we take time, especially if there’s a downtime in trading, we take time during those sessions actually to go over our Q&A there.

We also have a private Facebook page that you can submit thoughts and questions to as well. So our support is really, I think, second to none in this particular industry. We really try hard to make sure our members feel very supported in an industry that is very niche and oftentimes you feel a lack of support with other companies. So our support is really top-notch.


Now the third and final thing, and maybe not the final thing, but maybe the primary thing that sets us apart from other companies is our live trading room. Guys, we’re the only company that I know of that actually offers live daily trading sessions with our Binary Masterclass traders and our entire community, where you can log into our Zoom calls and you can actually see the trades that we’re taking every day. We do three live trading sessions every single day. Our basic members get access to one of two different sessions and our premium members get access to all three sessions and some of our premium members actually do trade all three of the trading sessions. They’re spanned out over time to where they generally work well for our European customers as well as our U.S. customers both East and West Coast. So our live trading room is a really, really great asset because even if you knew the strategy and the money management, you can learn all that in our Binary Masterclass.

But what really sets you apart in making your binary options trading go to the next level is trading with the community. The accountability of trading alongside of other traders who are taking the same trades as you and talking about what they’re seeing and our expert traders who are showing you the trades that they are taking and talking about how they are trading their account. There’s nothing that really can replace the experience of trading in our live trading room. So this is the primary thing that sets us apart from all of our competition that I am currently aware of.

So guys, if you are new to trading binary options, maybe you’ve never traded them at all, but you’d like to get into it, you would like to learn, sign up for our bootcamp, sign up for our basic membership. Get yourself in the trading community. We will teach you how to trade. We’ll give you access to our live trading room. But guys if you’ve already been trading and you’ve been trading somewhat successfully or you would like to take your binary options trading to the next level, then I think our premium membership might be just where it is at for you.

Guys, normally this membership runs $199 per month. But if you were to open up a new brokerage account with us at either Pocket Option or Quotex, Quotex right now is it only is not available in the US for new customers by the way, but if you were to open up a new brokerage account under one of these two brokers under our affiliate link and fund it and trade with an account of at least $3,000, you’re gonna get that premium membership for absolutely free. Now, guys, it is not uncommon to make 5-10-15% in any given session that we do. So you could easily pay for the$199 monthly fee in just one trading session.
But we’re going to give it to you for free. If you bring over an affiliate account and fund it to at least the $3,000 level. And guys, so what I need you to do is click on the link in the description below. It’ll take you through either our process of getting the premium membership for free, or just signing up for our basic membership. And guys, as always, if you would like to see more binary options-related content, please like the video, subscribe to the channel, even drop a comment below. We love interacting with you in the comments and we will see you in the trading room.