Best Binary Option Strategy - The Secret To Making $500/Day


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Alright guys, David with Binary Masterclass coming to you today with some very exciting content where we show you how you can make $500 per day in under 30 minutes of trading with only a $1,000 account trading our one-minute trading strategy using our indicators, here we go.


Alright guys, so here we are getting ready to take our first $100 entry on EUR-CAD and we take a put at the first resistance level. It moved quickly and cleanly through all the way up to the second resistance. So I take an early second. I don’t normally get a second that early into the cycle unless a currency pair moves cleanly and clearly all the way up to the next area. I want to make sure I capture that resistance, so I take it there. It looks like it might want to retest that resistance, but it actually, and then we lose our first entry, and our second entry’s a $200 entry, so this will give us, there we go, a nice, clean second entry win, and a $62 profit on that first trading cycle.

And we’re actually looking for a call here on AUD-CAD, it darts down to the support we enter in at that support level. It briefly tried to get support but didn’t and moves down all the way to the next area of support where we take our second entry. Now I got it at the top of the range which I’m not too happy about there and it’s trying to test that support area just a little bit but it does actually move up off of that support. We do lose our first. I’m in a kind of a vulnerable spot here. I really would prefer to be at the bottom of that range than the top but in this case, I think we’re gonna be fine because it does end up moving back up through the range to give us our second win. And we’re up $128 in the day through our second trading cycle.

Watching CHF-JPY, seeing if it can get to where we need it to go. EUR-GBP, just looking for the trade. And EUR-GBP does get up to the resistance. We get a good snag. You can see that previous resistance. We caught it right at the exact level, it is trying to push through but it looks a little tired it comes back down below the resistance and toying with our money a little bit there. 20 seconds left. It tests that resistance area again and it does end up moving down through and we get a nice clean first entry win there up $217 for the day. GBP-AUD, we’re wanting it to get right to that number just I that’s the number I wanted I didn’t I couldn’t quite get it there. I’m looking down actually right there. That’s where I want to take it. That’s a good support We’re gonna wait for it to get there or below. And it darts down and we take it, good snag right there, but it ends up actually pushing immediately through that support area.


Comes off of the next area, and now it’s kind of in this weird, awkward middle land. What do you do here? It does get us back in the money though, as it comes off of that second support. Had I taken a second there, we would have won a first and second, and we’d already be done with this trading day after three trades. But we do get a nice clean first-entry win there. Back over to AUD-CAD, we managed to snag it at the resistance, but again it had just come off and so we’re at the bottom end of a of a little range. I prefer to try to get the tops of those because sometimes these trades can come down to just the last little pipette. This one does end up pushing through to the next resistance or doesn’t quite get to the next resistance, but you gotta decide where are we gonna try to take this second if we don’t win the first. And I take it around that little consolidation area.

And it just looks like it may not be done yet. Does come down to our money. Uses our money as a little bit of support. Actually, and it moves back across that first resistance area, cleanly into the money, giving us, there we go, another nice second-entry win. Over to GBP-AUD. No, didn’t like that setup. EUR-GBP maybe. Jogging around here. What are we going to take? What do we like? There we go. EUR-GBP snagged it at a decent level.


Didn’t get it at the top. It does push through. We may end up taking an early second here. It moved pretty convincingly through that first resistance area. Going to wait to try to get it at the next resistance and okay, didn’t, look at that. And it pops right through that level as well. This one may test us a little bit.

We lose our first entry. Our second comes down to the money. And as often happens, uses our money line as support. What does it want to do? It’s wanting to push through. It’s testing. It’s testing us. It’s testing. And we end up needing to take a third entry on this guy. Comes, bounces off that resistance area. Gets us in the money. Now it’s on the other side of our money line. Tests that resistance again and fails. There you go. Okay, guys so now we’re in a pretty good spot on this one. I feel pretty comfortable with 15 seconds left. We’re gonna get out of this trade with a third-entry win. Comes, tries to come back up and retest but there you go guys. Six trading cycles, $507 in 17 minutes of trading and you can do this every day.

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