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Alright guys, so in today’s video I’m gonna start a series where I show you all of my trades where I take my account for $4,000, hopefully up to $24,000. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Alright guys, so as I mentioned, today’s video is gonna be the first video in a series. I’m not sure how many videos it’s gonna take, but I am gonna show you all of my trading where I take my account from $4,000 all the way up to hopefully $24,000. While taking actually a couple sizable of withdrawals along the way. You’re gonna see my money management actually get more conservative the larger my account grows. This first step from doubling my account from $4,000 to $8,000 is the most vulnerable step because I’m actually trading the most aggressive money management I will trade during this entire series. Now I do this because I feel more comfortable on a smaller account trading a little bit more aggressively, but as that account grows, I definitely like to dial back the aggressiveness and actually trade a much more conservative money management for account preservation purposes.

So in today’s video, I’m actually gonna show you where I took my account from $4,000 just past $8,000 and guys I did this actually in one trading day. I did not expect this to happen in one trading day. It was gonna take about 22 trading cycles to double my account and I really only trade normally about a dozen trading cycles a day, but today’s environment in the market was very, very good. Support and resistance were really being followed. It was just the right level of volatility. No big news to be worried about. And so I ended up trading a little bit more actively than I actually normally would. And I actually got a couple of good first and second-entry wins in the middle of the session, which boosted my percentage even more.

Okay, so today I started off with a put on USD-CHF and now you can see that I’m actually starting with a first entry percentage of 4%. This is definitely a little bit more on the aggressive end but I’m actually okay with trading this on this level of account size. And so we’re gonna win this first entry on USD-CHF. We now went over and took a very nice call on EUR-GBP at a support there. It does push through that support just a little bit. But ends up responding fairly well. It comes down and retest the entry. We do end up winning that one.

Alright, guys our third trade GBP-CAD. This is actually the most interesting and challenging trade of the day. I did get it at what I thought was a good resistance, it was decently oversold. Had I taken this trade when it first hit that level, I would have been just fine, but because I waited about five or six seconds, it actually pushes through that level. And I do take a first-entry loss. I quickly get in a second and then actually, I get in a third, and part of my mistake on this trade is taking that third entry a little too soon. That move looked bigger until this next move came in. Guys, this is well over 2 on the value chart right here, and I do take a fourth entry right there, which I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to do. The maximum I wanted to risk on any trade and this money management allows for that, is 50%. So, worst case, if I were to lose this trade, I would be 50% down on my account, which is definitely recoverable. I do win that fourth entry, but as you can see, it actually put me a little bit behind on my account size. I did not calculate that fourth entry as properly enough. We can talk about some reasons why, but I do end up going over and taking a first entry put on GBP-USD as it got itself up to a nice resistance after those three candles. It does end up pushing through that resistance. So I do take a second there, and actually, I’m going over to take an entry on AUD-USD as well. And so my entry there on GBP-USD. I put a third on AUD-USD here, by the way, and I did just lose one of those entries on AUD-USD. The third was encased as GBP-USD did not turn out right, but the GBP-USD ends up winning. I end up winning one of my entries on AUD-USD, so I’m actually up now a few hundred dollars from that previous trade. I go over and take another entry on AUD-USD, a call that had come all the way down to a support. Very nice level. It had one big candle coming into that support, which is often a trade setup that I like. And that one is a winner. Okay, guys, so we’re now 10% in the money for the day. Where are we looking right now?

Alright, so I wanted to take a quick break from the trading action just to talk to you about a couple of things we have going on. First of all, we have three live trading sessions a day at Binary Masterclass, and we would like to invite you to be a part of those sessions. You can join as a basic member for only $49 a month. You can choose one of our two basic sessions to join. You can go through our Binary Masterclass, you can get a free coaching call from our great staff coach Jason and co-founder of Binary Masterclass, and you can also join as a premium member. Guys, this only runs $199 per month, it gives you access to all three of our trading rooms, it gives you a premium level of interaction in support in a private telegram, as well as a host of other benefits.

Okay, we’re waiting on this EUR-USD setup as it gets down to this support, just patiently waiting will it get there. It got so close. But I do end up taking a EUR-GBP entry at that support level. EUR-USD looked like it was turning around. EUR-GBP is gonna actually get out of the money just a little bit here. So I do enter into a second here on EUR-GBP and I did go over and take that EUR-USD put as well. EUR-USD is nicely in the money we’re just seeing if EUR-GBP will respond as well as EUR-USD did. We did lose that first entry on EUR-GBP and we are winning the second. We won our EUR-USD call. So there are two more wins. Let’s get our money back to 4% here. We do trade another call on AUD-USD. This currency gave us a number of good setups. It came down to the support just about wick the 125. It responds really, really nicely and that is gonna be a winner.

Okay, I hop over and quickly take a put on EUR-USD as it gets itself up to a resistance area. It wasn’t really oversold at the time or overbought at the time that it got there, but I did take a second on it as it did push through that area. But it does move down and our first entry is a winner and our second entry is looking beautiful guys. First and second entries are great that’s like a little over three trades all in one. So that’s really fun to get. AUD-USD gets itself up toward a previous resistance area. I take a put there. It actually is working out pretty nicely here at the moment. I do go over and take a call on EUR-CAD, but EUR-CAD does push through that support. The AUD-USD won. EUR-CAD pushed through the support, but came back through into the money, now it’s out of the money. I am gonna need a second entry here and guys it pushes decently farther down through another support area. The other Euros are responding really nicely though and EUR-CAD actually pops up to put us very very nicely in the money. And guys were up about 50% today, so far.

Looking around and I do take a put on EUR-USD as it pushes through one resistance area, it gets itself up to the next area deciding whether or not I should place a second on it. I do place a second entry there on EUR-USD and my first comes into the money, and my second entry is winning nicely as well. Guys, it looks like we’re gonna win another first and second entry which again is obviously great. It takes away the need for a couple additional trades. Alright, so I think we’re about 14 trades into this session already. We’re just starting our second basic session. I do find GBP-CAD up at a good resistance level. I take a great entry on it there. It moves down through the money down to a support level. It does come back and it’s gonna try to think about retesting, but it doesn’t end up retesting our entry, which is nice.

I hop over to EUR-CAD, he gets himself up to a resistance. I take a nice put at that resistance. It does pull back nicely just as anticipated and there is our win. Okay, GBP-CAD has gotten itself down to a support. It’s been oversold for a couple of minutes. We do take a good entry on it, although it does work down through our money some. I’m actually watching EUR-GBP to see if I can also get a put over there, but I head back over to babysit the GBP-CAD trade because it is a little bit out of the money here. I am gonna need a second on it, and that second does respond nicely as soon as I take it, which is great news. EUR-GBP didn’t give me the setup I was looking for, so I didn’t end up taking that trade, but GBP-CAD is looking good here.

Moves itself all the way back up, almost entirely through the range. Now I head over to EUR-CAD and I go back and I see that there’s a good previous level there, so I do take a put on EUR-CAD, and it does respond really nicely off of that previous level.

Gonna cruise in for a win here. Getting super close to my target, my first target of doubling my account. And guys I did not expect nor did I plan on doing that in this session. It just sorta sometimes works out that way. So I’m watching EUR-GBP seeing if it can get up to that 15-minute level that I have marked. it’s not getting there yet so I’m just looking around at some other currencies, seeing what we have. Still kind of keeping an eye on EUR-GBP here. We have some of the other Euro currencies that are heading higher. Just seeing if we can get EUR-GBP and it almost gets there. Okay, it is there, pretty much. the top of that candle there is that 15-minute level that I marked out. So I do take that trade. it does respond. And this is gonna cruise in for a nice first-entry win.

Okay, guys we’re one trade away from hitting target for the day, one trade away. I do head back over to EUR-CAD and it does drop all the way down to a very good support. It does push actually even to a lower support where I do take my second. It is almost minus three on the value chart guys. This is really oversold. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna turn. It could turn into a breakout. I’m really hoping my last trade of the day doesn’t find me in a breakout that I have to bail from. But it does end up responding, it goes into the green, and we close this trading cycle with a win guys. We were 20-0 in today’s session and we did in fact manage to double our account in this trading session alone. Which is great, because that means I can start out the next session with a more conservative lower money management, and as I work to then now take my account from $8,000 up to $16,000.

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