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Hey there! I’m just taking a quick little break here in a cabin in Denmark, taking a few days off, and getting a bit of work done. Mostly, though, I’m just kind of relaxing; it’s really great. I’ve been thinking, I have to post this video on YouTube to let you guys know something I can’t stop thinking about, and that is this: it’s something that’s going to dramatically improve your trading. You’ll understand where you are going wrong in your trading, and you’ll know exactly what’s happening if you just start doing this one thing. And this one thing is keeping track of your trades.

I want to share a little personal story: I play darts on a team in Germany, and it’s a lot of fun with wonderful people. We keep track of all our statistics, which is cool, but I don’t really pay much attention to them, unlike with my statistics in trading. But the other day, I was thinking, You know, I’m just not really playing very well. I was talking with someone, and they said, ‘Jason, look at your statistics. So, I did, and you know what? I found out I’m one of the top players in our league. It’s crazy, like, what’s going on here? Because I wasn’t paying attention to my statistics.

Our brains, all human brains, tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. Even though I was winning a lot of games, I was only focusing on where I wasn’t playing well or where I wasn’t winning, and that became my whole focus. But as soon as I got this reality check with what the statistics actually say, I found out that I’m actually doing better than what my feelings are telling me. Also, looking at my statistics, I could see that generally, when I play the second round or when I’m playing against this type of player or whatever, I don’t do as well, so I can start focusing on improving in those areas.

The point was, I also got this reality check of how well I’m doing. So, I want to encourage you to keep track of your trades. Do it for three months in a row, every single trade, regardless of how well you’re trading or how poorly you’re trading. Keep track of every single trade because that’s going to show you a picture of what your actual trading is like. Then you can get a reality check, and that reality check could show you that you’re doing better than you realize. There’s one little tiny tweak that you need to make to shift into actually being profitable because maybe 95% of your trades are doing really well, but you have that 5% that absolutely stink, and that costs you your entire account or a lot of money or whatever. But if you can find out what those 5% types of trades are, you can make that tiny, tiny, tiny shift in your trading, and it will make a big difference in your overall results.

It’s kind of cool to look back and say, You know what? Actually, I am doing well, even though my feelings tell me otherwise. I actually am doing well, but there’s this tiny little shift. If I just make that little shift, then I’ll do something better.’ That’s, of course, where we’re able to help you in Binary Master Class. We’ll totally look at your trading, especially premium members; you get unlimited one-on-one coaching. It’s kind of cool. You also get your own Telegram group where you interact with all the other premium members and with David and with me and other trading moderators.

It’s just really, really, really good stuff. Even basic members, I mean, we don’t treat basic members like, Oh my goodness, you know, get all of the training. You also get a one-on-one coaching session, and you also get all of your trading sessions individually critiqued as well so you can know exactly what you can be improving on. We educate you during the trading group. It’s kind of a cool setup. We’re really trying to create a mark in the binary options world and show people it actually is possible to be profitable and do it in such a way that it doesn’t come across as a scam. We’re not like, you know, there’s all kinds of crazy stuff going out there. You guys know what it is; I don’t have to mention anything by names, but you’ve seen them. So, yeah, you know, we’re out to just really help you actually do something good and become a solid trader. So, come join us; I’m really excited. Greetings from Denmark. I’m going back home tomorrow and looking forward to this next week of trading.
Have a great day! Alright, bye.