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Alright guys, so in this video I’m gonna show you a premium trading session from this week where we made $1,850 in five trades in just 20 minutes. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

You’re really gonna wanna stick around to the end of the video, because I’m gonna talk to you about an amazing deal we have on our premium membership right now. This is the membership that gets you access to the trading room where we’re taking the wins that we’re showing you here in the video today.

And as we keep rolling, actually I think I said in the intro that it was five trading cycles but I believe it was six. We’re watching EUR-USD and we actually take an entry on EUR-USD just short of a resistance area I was waiting for. And I might have gotten in a little soon. It didn’t quite get to that area but it does actually respond like I was expecting. It was nicely overbought and there we go. There is a nice first-entry win to start today’s session. Looking for our second trading opportunity here. Actually, we may just take EUR-USD at the bottom at this support. It does touch a support. We did take our entry perfectly at that support. It responds at least initially here.

Comes back down, retests that exact area.

Responds very, very nicely. We get another clean first-entry win.

Okay, where are we looking here? GBP-USD, it is at a couple of resistance areas. Do I like it here or do I want to wait till it gets to the higher areas? It’s kind of stalling out. It does end up popping. I do end up taking the trade at that next level. It does actually end up pushing through here guys. So what are we gonna want to do with this one? It is kind of in a breakout here.

I do get a second entry placed. And it’s in the money, but not real confident in it yet. Yeah, this GBP is breaking out and I normally, this is as far as I’m gonna take it. I do put a third entry on this one. I’m not gonna chase it any farther because we’re clearly in breakout mode. I maybe should not have even have taken that third there, but GBP-JPY had gotten itself up, there you go, to a nice area. So it does actually end up responding very nicely and we get a very, very nice profitable third entry win on GBP-USD.

Where are we headed here? Looking at AUD-USD and it’s coming up to a resistance. I’m waiting and there we go. close to that area but not perfectly there. So actually EUR-JPY, my mistake, not EUR-USD and it does end up breaking out a little bit above that resistance comes almost back to my money. We do end up losing that first entry, but I really don’t want to chase this guy any farther, so I’m gonna go find something else to AUD-USD is pushing higher. GBP-USD is getting itself back up to a resistance. EuroUSD is pushing up. I think I like EUR-USD at this resistance here. Is it gonna give it to me? I’m ready and I do take EUR-USD at that resistance level. I do have my second entry pricing in place here looking to close out this trading cycle. EUR-USD responds very nicely to that area.

And there we go. We get a nice clean second-entry win there. Where are we headed here?

EUR-USD does end up breaking out even further after that. AUD-USD has finally gotten itself up to that resistance. I do take the trade, but it does pop to the next level. I’m deciding whether or not, okay, I get in another trade, but I don’t need to because it does very, very nicely respond into the money. A second would be good there. We’d be getting a first and a second-entry win, but we do get a clean first entry win there. So I’m not complaining. Not mad about that.

And where are we looking here? Okay. EUR-CHF pops up to a resistance. We do take EUR-CHF right there. Actually, it was at kinda a previous level, honestly, I don’t really love where I took it but, yeah, that was kind of a bad entry on my part. I needed to wait for that area that it got to up there, that was really the level, so my mistake on that entry. Cost me a first-entry loss, but I mean that’s okay, two-thirds, 65% or better, we will win our next entry. We do take AUD-USD again, a second entry on it as it spikes right above that next level. Feel a lot better about this entry and where we took it.

It does come pretty cleanly in the money here. And boom, gives us our second-entry win. That is our sixth win of the day guys. We made $1,850 over those six wins. Great session. 15% or so. I’ll take that every day of the week.

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So guys, we will see you in the trading room.