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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here, and I wanted to come on for a minute to talk about something interesting that happened today and why it is so critical to videotape every one of your trading sessions. And you’re gonna wanna stick around to the end of the video because today we are starting a new promotion that you are gonna wanna see.

Hey guys, welcome back and today I’m going to talk about something very interesting that happened in the trading session and boy am I glad that I record every one of my trading sessions. Now, I don’t make any money off this, but you can download a free software called OBS that will allow you for free to screen record anything that is on your desktop. You can set it for one monitor, you can set it for two monitors, great piece of free software. It is what I use to record my trading sessions every day. And today I happen to be trading a little bit after our trading room session. And there was a very, very interesting spot on the EUR-USD. It had come down to a super strong support area.


And I actually guys went in very heavy on this trade. I put most of a $4,000 account into this trade because I knew that, well I had a high degree of confidence that it was turning around at this spot. And so I want to get into the screen recording that I took and show you what happened during this trade.

Alright guys, so here we are, we’re watching the EUR-USD and I’m already a few entries into this trade, so I’m a little bit deep. I’ve been trading with $900 entry sizes in this particular session and so I’m at a third entry size right now, but it’s okay because I see it coming down to a very, very nice 15-minute support level.


And once I see it move up off of this support and begin to clear those previous areas I go heavy into this thing. It only would have taken me four entries to get back into the money on the trade but because of my confidence level in the positioning I went in for a five-position entry. As many entries as my account size would allow and it does move cleanly up just like I thought it would up to kind of that other previous resistance where it did have a little bit of trouble. It comes back down, but guys, we’re 30 seconds in and I’m over a pip into the money. So I’m feeling pretty good on this particular currency. It darts down to the bottom of the range, just kind of begins to range a little bit, nothing too dramatic. And with only 15 seconds left and over a pip in the money, that is a very comfortable position for me. Okay under 10 seconds left it does come back down to retest it does begin to move down even a little bit which is fine because we’ve only got three seconds left and as you can see we clearly and cleanly win all five of those entries.

It does dart down after the close of the trade momentarily but we were in the money clearly at the close of those entries the only problem is I noticed my account balance did not change.

Guys, these were $8,000 worth of trades. I should have won $8,370 on that trade, giving me over 8,600 in my account, but there’s, there’s no profit or loss. My account balance hasn’t changed. In fact, you don’t even see those closed trades in my history of trades. You see the three that I, I lost there my first and then my second, and this would have been my, my third entry, but it’s nowhere to be seen. And so I go back to my open trades. Of course, it’s not there.


Just kind of watching trying to figure out what is going on. Those trades aren’t appearing anywhere. Well, all of a sudden I do see on the bottom left of the screen that those trades, wait for it. There you go. They do clear out but they clear out with a zero-dollar profit, I mean, what in the heck is going on that shouldn’t have been a zero-dollar profit let me pause the screen again that should have been an $8,300 profit but it is given me zero profit it is considered me to having lost all of those entries I am pretty upset at this point, guys. I’m like, wait a minute, that is a big entry and I clearly won it.

It’s not like it darted across the entry at the end and it was a photo finish. I mean, I was over half a pip in the money at the close of the timeframe and I’ve obviously got the video evidence to prove it, which is actually the really nice thing because now I have the ability to take this video to Pocket Option and open up a case and say, hey guys, I clearly was in the money at the close of the trading cycle. Here’s the evidence to prove it. And actually, Pocket Option, just so you know, doesn’t allow you to open up or to upload videos. You can only upload still images. And so I actually took screenshots of the trade right before the entries closed, in the middle of them closing, and right after to show clearly that my trades were in the money and I should have closed out that trading cycle deep into the profit and guys I’ll tell you in a minute how they responded.


Alright, guys here we are well a couple hours after I placed that support request with Pocket Option I received an email from them actually at 1011 this morning and the email essentially said that the specified trading orders executed during a time frame that they had technical issues going on and have been canceled.

So what they decided to do was actually just cancel out those trades like they had never happened. So they just erased them from my trading log and gave me back the money, the $4,500 that was placed into that trade, bringing my balance back up over $8,000 and I actually traded it up higher by that point. So the good news is, I actually did not lose any of the money from those trades. They reviewed the video, saw that I was in the money at the close, and decided just to cancel out those trades.


The bad news is I didn’t actually get the profit from those trades which is a little frustrating that was been over $3,500 in profit from those entries, so I’m still down. I was still down to trading entries a first and a second three trades over to two entries and so I was down for the trade. But could have been down a lot more had I not had the video evidence to get Pocket Option to overturn those lost trades and to refund that money into my account, so guys just another great reason why it is so important that you record all of your trading sessions. Now you can do it for many reasons you can do it so that you can go back and critique your trades at a later time but in this case, it was helpful to dispute a disagreement with the broker to successfully win that dispute. Alright, guys so there you go.


Alright, guys so welcome back as you can see all is well that ends well on those trades we got our money from the trades back we didn’t get the profit but the video helped us to at least get the money invested in those trades returned to my account and I’d mentioned at the beginning of the video that today we are starting a new promotion I think you’re going to like it guys you’re for a limited time going to be able to get one month of the trading room membership at no cost.

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