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Alright guys, so in this video I’m going to show you my secrets of how you can scale up a relatively small account to a much larger account in a very short period of time. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel. Alright guys, so I am going to show you a session from a few days ago where I took my account from around a thousand dollars To a much higher number in just about a 20 minute period of time I I really don’t like trading with small accounts like this But I know that I can take this amount of money and I could turn it into a larger account in a short period of time using our strategy and our money management and some other secrets that I’m going to talk to you about here in a minute in a very short period of time and get me to an account size that I can trade more actively and with a much more conservative money management.


So the number one secret for me growing a small account in a quick period of time is number one, making sure I’m trading with the right market conditions. As you probably know, market conditions change throughout the day. You’re going to go through periods where the market is respecting support and resistance. You’re going to go through periods of higher or lower volume. You’re going to have news cycles or segments come in and really disrupt the market. You need to be trading in good market conditions, meaning you don’t want to be trading right around news. You don’t want to be trading with ultra low volume, although lower volume is not necessarily a bad thing, but primarily you want to make sure that the market is respecting support and resistance.


Now the good thing about our indicators is they do show you the support and resistance lines that we use during our trading and we do teach you how to read that support and resistance in our binary master class that you can purchase separately or in our daily live trading sessions. So that’s rule number one. Rule number two is to make sure that you know the strategy like the back of your hand, our strategy in particular, but at least whatever strategy you’re trading, you need to make sure you understand the strategy. You don’t want to be trying to learn the strategy while you’re trading in a very aggressive fashion.


We recommend our students actually only start with 1% of their balance on their trades. But as you learn the strategy and you get very good at the strategy, you can actually increase that risk level with a very high degree of accuracy. We win our first and second entries generally at least 85%, sometimes 90% of the time. And so that means eight or nine out of 10 trades, you’re not gonna go beyond a second entry.


So that being the case, knowing that I can get through probably nine out of 10 trades without going to a third entry when I am trading in decent conditions. It gives me a lot of confidence that I can trade with a higher level of aggression, specifically on lower account sizes. Rule number three, look for the best setups within your strategy. Now, we trade a support and resistance strategy and that doesn’t mean that every support and resistance is created equal and that does not mean that all the setups are the same.


We’re looking for the highest value setups when we are trading with a higher level of aggression. I’m going to show you a good setup today and actually I’m going to get the trading video going now. As we get going here it’s going to take about a minute. I’m actually watching EURUSD and I’m wanting it to get down to this support level. You can see that support level marked in blue and it’s been, you can see the volume is actually kind of low on it right now, but a number of the Euro based currencies that I’m looking over all my charts here are actually working their way down and there was a new support created there.


I don’t want that support. I’m looking for that bottom level support, the lowest support that I can see on the chart, it actually correlates with another support level pretty closely from not too long ago. And so I’m going to take a first entry, I’m actually going to trade a $300 first entry with $1,000 or $1,060 account metal. So pretty high degree of confidence that this is not going to take me beyond a second entry and so I do get that support level on euro USD I do enter my first entry there and actually I got a little bit below it which I I like I got a little spike through and it does actually move beyond that support it’s very oversold as you can see and I do take another entry there when it does spike down a little farther You can see on the value chart. We were almost at minus two on the value chart, which is a very over Sold position. I’d actually take another entry here as it starts to turn around. I’m actually watching euro Aussie Turn around dramatically And so I really have a very high degree of confidence that euro USD will come back and at least finish around this previous support which could be becoming a resistance level here. So I believe I will at least win my second entry here. And with about six seconds left we’re actually looking good on our first and second entries. I do win that first entry entry and because of the lower volume it would take a little longer for this currency to respond with a lower move and so I win one of my second entries right there and I am getting ready to close this out with another win. Guys almost doubling my account in one trade so I went from a thousand sixty to about $1,800 in my first trade here.


So very high degree of confidence in that particular setup. There was a pretty strong support level and it was very oversold. And I had gotten an indication from Euro-Aussie that in fact Euro-USD probably was going to be turning around. Euro-Aussie had already turned around and so very high degree of confidence in that particular setup. So now I’m looking for my next setup here. We fast forward just a little bit. I’m actually playing this in real time. I cut out a little bit of the middle just to speed up the process a little bit, but I’m actually playing this in real time for you. One of the things you’re going to see here, and I was wanting your USD to hit that resistance level, it didn’t quite get there. I do take an entry right at level there and one of the things you’ll notice is actually the MT4 is a little bit ahead of my pocket option account giving me a little bit of a window into the future of what’s going to happen on my pocket option by watching the drop first on my MT4 so I was alerted to a potential drop or to a coming drop on EURUSD by my MT4 which was again slightly ahead of my pocket option so we do get a drop-off at that kind of previous level of the tops of those previous candles.


Again, you can see I put another $300 entry. I did not raise my risk management at all on this particular setup. I’m comfortable trading with that as a first entry size. That’s a dollar amount that makes sense to me and it does give me room for more entries if needed. So it does look like this entry is going to win though very cleanly so another $250 profiter and takes me to a little over $2,000 now. Now we’re just going to wait for another setup. What are we gonna get? We’re watching EURUSD work its way higher to this resistance. Do I like this level? I think I do. I think I do. It’s getting there. This currency is just crossed 120, just about 125 in the value chart. It does kind of spike right above this resistance level.


I’m just kind of pausing on it. Not really sold on this level yet. It’s got a few levels there, and it actually does continue to spike up. It’s almost two in the value chart, but it is kind of right in between now. This is definitely an area that I could take, and I have traded many times before, but I didn’t feel confident enough for whatever reason in that particular spot, but it did correspond with some previous levels.


So that could have been a very good spot to take a first entry, honestly. It does look like it wants to potentially move higher here. It’s challenging that area. And actually I’m watching it and Euro-Aussie. I would really like, the best setup is at that upper level of resistance for euro USD And actually now I’m watching euro Aussie as well get up to a very good resistance. They are both Very oversold while euro USD is about 2 on the value chart Euro Aussie is not as oversold, but it’s got a very nice candle moving up to resistance Watching both of these euro based currencies move higher higher. In fact, I do move over to Euro Aussie and I take a smaller entry here, a hundred dollar entry pretty close to that resistance level.


Open up my trade so I can see how it’s doing while I watch now Euro USD to see if it actually makes it up. If Euro USD makes it up to its resistance, that probably is not good news for my first entry on Euro Aussie because they’re both trading pretty similarly right now, but I’d be willing to lose this first entry if I can get up a much better setup on your USD So you can see if this gets all the way up to that top level That’s gonna be like five or six green candles and it’s gonna have been oversold for several minutes or very very extended On the value chart, so I do take a larger entry or get a larger entry size ready is my Euro Aussie does get out of the money here because Euro USD is actually pushing and it’s got one more bump here to get to this top level.


I’m just deciding whether I wanna wait for that level or if I wanna take it a little before because oftentimes they don’t quite get there. This one does in fact get there and I do take that $300 entry at that level. I do lose my first entry on Euro-Aussie so I have my second entry here on Euro-USD at this resistance level and it is responding at the moment to it so we’re good for our first 25 seconds of this trade. We’re looking good. Euro-Aussie is red. Euro-USD is red. So at this point I’m feeling relatively comfortable with the trade but as I say that Euro USD and Euro Aussie do spike a little higher here actually this is a prime spot right here guys this is a prime spot peaking through this resistance level just like it did at the support previously we get a spike through that resistance and I like this entry enough where I actually put two $800 entries on this trade. This is a very very common setup where you will see a currency not only move up to a resistance or down to a support but you’ll that level but it will close lower than or higher than the support or resistance like this candle did it closed with a wick above the resistance but then retreated below the resistance and at this point is hanging out and a pretty good area below this level now I do see euro Aussie and euro CAD both starting to spike up to new levels and so I think it’s only a matter of time before USD does the same thing.


But in any event, in this case, I win that $800 entry and I win the second $800 entry and I close out that trading cycle with a very, very nice third entry win for, gosh, over a $1,000 profit, bringing my balance almost to $3,000. So guys, you can see that within a matter of three trading cycles over a course of about a 20 minute period, I was able to turn $1,000 into $3,000 following our very trusted and proven strategy, trading with a much more aggressive money management, but one that third entry on that second trade or that third trade which I did utilize and utilizing that third entry allowed me to take my account even from $2,000 to $3,000. So guys it is possible if you’re looking to grow a smaller account to a larger account more aggressively and you have reserve funds in case your plan doesn’t work it is very possible with our strategy to grow your account in a much more aggressive fashion.


Now that I’m at the $3,000 level, I’m gonna continue probably just to trade the same dollar amount, and so the percentages start going down dramatically after every trading cycle that I win. I’m not going to keep increasing my first entry size because I want to continue to allow myself to have more leash in case I run into a setup, which I will eventually, that does push me maybe to a fourth entry I do want to have room for that but that’s that are those are the secrets that I use to grow my account from a smaller account to a larger account in a much shorter period of time. Okay guys so as always if you like the video I encourage you to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification button so you see our new videos when they come out. Guys, only half of you that watch our videos are actually subscribed to the channel. It would help us out a ton if you’re enjoying our binary options content. If you would click subscribe and even comment on the video, we would love to interact with you guys.


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