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Alright, so in today’s video, we’re gonna be discussing the binary options broker Quotex and the issues they were having on Tuesday. And we’re gonna address the question, was Quotex actually banned? My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, so on Tuesday, December 20th, people around the world began experiencing issues accessing the binary options broker, Quotex. Many of us began receiving error codes, 403 forbidden, and just the inability to get to the Quotex website, which obviously provokes a high level of concern because we’re already operating in the wild west of online money-making when we’re talking about binary options brokers. Of course, as we know these brokers are not regulated in the same way that other institutions are regulated. Technically they say they’re regulated by the entities or the countries in which they’re licensed in but really they’re not regulated. And there have been on a number of occasions especially this past year many instances where maybe it’s a binary options broker or maybe it’s another online money-making opportunity has completely shut down in the middle of the night out of nowhere, billions of dollars disappearing from crypto wallets. And so when it comes to your binary options broker and attempting to access your account where you may have a lot of money being stored, when you can’t get to that website, that obviously provokes a high level of concern.

Now, some of our best research has indicated that Quotex was under a DDoS attack on Tuesday where outside individuals were attempting to block or take down their server. Now Quotex is blaming this attack on their competitors, but really there’s no way of knowing. But we do know that for most of the day on Tuesday, the Quotex website was inaccessible to anybody around the world. This obviously starts provoking questions. What happened? Were they banned by a regulatory agency? Did they just shut down operations and take their money and run? Was there some other issue going on that we’re unaware of? So we really don’t know honestly what the issue was with their website. Again, they claim that there was a system server attack by an outside entity, but who knows what was really going on. The good news is that by the next morning, Wednesday the 21st, their servers became operational again, and you could once again access their login page. You could successfully log into your account and resume trading as normal. So at this point, Quotex is still in the binary options business, at least for now.