Is This the Best 1 Minute Strategy for Trading Binary Options?


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Alright guys, so in this video I’m gonna show you what I believe to be currently the best one-minute strategy for trading binary options. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

And remember to stick around to the end of this very short video, because I’m gonna tell you how to get the indicators that we use to trade this strategy absolutely free.

Okay, so in order to show you just how this strategy works, I’m gonna use two trades from today’s live trading session, two of my 15 wins, where we can show you this strategy in action and in detail.

The first trade we’re gonna take is a GBP-JPY call, and you can see on the indicators, GBP-JPY came down to a very nice support level. It was overbought, meaning it was less than 1.25 on the value chart, and it actually did respond nicely to that support. It whipped through temporarily but responded nicely. We’re trading with the trend, which is always the safest way to trade. It’s what I prefer to do. I prefer to take setups that are going with the trend, and so this currency came down to the support level, which our indicators show, and it was overbought at the time indicating that it’s a generally a very safe position to get in. We took the call there and we’re gonna win $480 on this trade alone. And it does move up nicely through the range putting in a new high for the screen that we’re watching and we get a nice first-entry win.

Okay, so the second trade we are gonna show you is an AUD-CAD call. AUD-CAD, as you can see on the indicator actually came very very nicely down to a support level. It did again kind of wick through but it was very oversold on the value chart. This trade is going actually against the trend, so what is a little less of a safe play than going with the trend. I did take a smaller entry on it. I was actually toward the end of my trading session and didn’t want to spoil a good day. So I only took a $100 entry. We’ll win $89 if we win this trade, but it was a nicely oversold currency. It did bounce off of the support. We do have room to take another entry if needed, if this were to fail and to move down to a lower level. But it does hold itself above the support level and moves actually pretty nicely. And at the end, it almost thinks about retesting, but it stays nicely above the support level to give us a nice first-entry win. Two of our 15 wins today, guys. We made over $3,000 today between the different three sessions or two sessions that I traded.

And this is how the strategy works, guys. This is the best one-minute strategy that I am aware of today for binary options trading.

Okay, guys, so as promised, I’m gonna tell you how to get the indicators that you see in this video that we use every day in the trading room to win 94%, maybe 96% of our trading cycles routinely.

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