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Alright guys, how are you doing? David with Binary Masterclass here, and welcome back to the channel. Hey, I just wanted to come on for a minute and talk you through a couple of trades that we took in one of our trading sessions today that were just brilliant examples of our strategy in action, our indicators, and making money with binary options. So, a lot of people don’t know that we trade three trading sessions a day, and you can trade live with us in those sessions.

And so we’re gonna roll a video, and I’m gonna talk you through a couple of just brilliant, brilliant, fun trades. And so right now, we are gonna be watching EUR-GBP, I’ve been watching it for a while, work its way up to a 15-minute resistance. And guys, as soon as it hits that level, I actually take three entries, three good size, three $500 entries on this currency. And I know that’s kind of going a bit big and I don’t normally trade those levels of entries, but in this case, because of where this currency had gotten itself to, the degree of probability that it was gonna be turning around at least for 60 seconds was extremely, extremely high.


And so it did get up to that 15-minute resistance on our indicators, which right now you can get for free. It comes off, it moves down well into the money. No stress really ever at all in this trade. There’s no way with the momentum that this does have toward the downside that it’s gonna be able to pop up in the last 15 seconds. So feeling very very very good about this particular trade. It does try to move up a little bit off of support but never really comes close to threatening. And in a couple seconds here three two one we are gonna get our beautiful $1,500 win guys. And now I’m gonna take you over to AUD-CAD one of my next trades now this is a great example of our support and resistance and our indicators and once AUD-CAD pops this particular resistance it’s gonna launch four pips up to the top resistance on the charts, a great 15-minute spot, and guys, I timed that entry perfectly at the top. Even if you didn’t time it perfectly, you’re gonna be okay on a trade like this. I timed that entry perfectly. It responds beautifully off of that 15-minute resistance. And as quickly as those four pips came in that move, those four pips leave. And this thing moves deep into the money, guys. We have another $500 entry here. This is gonna give us another $435 profit. So guys a couple thousand bucks in just a couple of trades easy. Guys, you can do this with us live every day. You can get these indicators right now for free. Guys, we normally and regularly sell these for $199 a piece right now. No, $199, but you can get them for free, guys, as long as you if you open up or transfer over a Pocket Option and Quotex account under our affiliate link, fund them to the minimum levels, we’re gonna give you these indicators for free and the win is coming in 2, 1, beautiful.


I love it when we’re making money like this. And guys, I made over $3,500 today doing this exact same thing. And so you’re gonna get these indicators for free when you transfer over your Quotex and your Pocket Option account and join us as either a basic or a premium member. But, if you want our premium membership, which is really the way to go guys, if you want our premium membership for free, which normally runs $199 per month, if you want to be a premium member, you’re gonna get access to all three of our live trading sessions every day. So whatever session fits your timing the best, you can trade in one of them, you can trade in all of them. Guys, I made 25% through the three sessions today. So really, really fantastic


We’ve been making a ton of money every day for weeks and weeks. It’s a great season right now to be trading binary options. Currencies are responding well. There’s money to be made. We’re making it and we wanna teach you how. Our premium membership is also gonna get you access to coaching. It’s gonna get you, private Telegram groups, with our other premium members, it’s gonna get you our binary masterclass, it’s gonna get you so much education and support.

There’s no way that you can’t be successful doing this. Obviously, you may not be successful doing this. Disclaimer, you can make a lot of money, you can lose a lot of money, but guys, we’re gonna put you in a position to be able to succeed trading binary options. Come trade with us. We will see you in the trading room.