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Alright guys, so in this video, I’m gonna show you how in one of our recent premium trading room sessions, I made a quick $1,200 risking less than 1% of my account balance. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay guys, so I don’t know if you know but we have two levels of membership here at Binary Masterclass. We have our basic level of membership, runs $49 a month and it gets you access to either one of our basic trading room sessions our Binary Masterclass and a high level of support from our team. And then we have our premium membership which either runs $199 a month or you can get it actually get it free if you trade an account size of $3,000 or more, and your account is under our affiliate link. You get the premium membership for free monthly. And what that does is it gives you access to all three of our daily trading room sessions. We have a basic session that is, I think, around 1 a.m. Pacific time, or more tradable for our EURpean folks. And then we have a 5.15 a.m. Pacific time premium room trading room session and then we have a 6 a.m. which is our second basic session. So you get access to all three of those trading rooms where we trade live with you, show you the trades, tell you the trades that we’re taking, our Binary Masterclass, you get coaching, you get a very special Telegram group which allows us to chat about different trades, ideas, thoughts, and coaching and all those kinds of things.

And so just yesterday in our premium trading room session, we had a news event at 5:15 a.m. Consumer Price Index or the American Inflation Report, which does generally move the market quite a bit. Inflation is one of the bigger concerns in the market right now. And we do often get a trade news in our premium trading room, which actually presents great opportunities for us to trade a higher level of volatility, which in binary options can actually be a very good thing.

So in yesterday’s session, we had a very, very nice premium session where I took six first-entry wins. I’m gonna show you those wins. I’m gonna talk in-depth about our strategy, guys. This is gonna be one of the better strategy videos of 2023 that we’ve done so far. It’s gonna highlight the support and resistance price action that we like to trade off of and it’s gonna show you just a great example of what you get being a premium member with us. So let’s get into the trading.

Alright guys, so here we go. We’re getting into the trading. We have news coming up in about 15 minutes. I’ve got a few trades in before news. You can see where my account balance started. I did take a call on EUR-USD that came right down to a very nice support. You can see I’m only trading $250 first entries which is less than 1% of my opening balance. Trying to be pretty conservative. There’s a lot of volume in the market or the volume is increasing actually coming into the news. You can see EUR-USD does respond very nicely. Our indicators guys have custom support and resistance areas built in. We teach you how to read those indicators so you know which are good supports, which are good resistances. Not all support and resistances are created equal, but you can see EU-RUSD won that entry very, very nicely.

Now we’re waiting for GBP-USD. Actually, it spikes above a 15-minute level that I had marked out. I was waiting for that 15-minute level that you can see with my red line and it actually did spike above. So I actually did not get the peak on this one. I actually got that resistance. It did wick above the resistance, which is actually kind of a common thing for currencies to do. They often will wick above a resistance level and then the body of the candle will often close below that level. So you can see we are in the money on this one and we have our chart back here it looks like and it does finish below the resistance in the money for another nice $215 profit. I did have my second entry size ready in case I needed it.

Where are we going here let’s get our first entry put back in. We are looking at EUR-CHF which is coming up to a resistance, you can see it right there on the very left edge of your screen. That I believe was another 15-minute level as well. We do trade the one-minute charts, but we do mark out 15-minute levels. You can see actually there, that was a nice 15-minute level. I’m just gonna mark it there in red. See if we can get our chart back in a way that looks good for you all. But it did respond nicely to that level. And it’s gonna finish nicely in the money guys for our third first-entry win. Another $215 profit. Where are we headed now? Guys, I think news is getting ready to come up here.

Okay so we do take we haven’t hit the news quite yet we do take a call on EUR-JPY at a support and it does respond nicely to that support in the beginning. But then it does push back through I didn’t quite get the bottom of this one and I’m hoping that I do not regret that. It is pushing down to another level right there let’s just hope we get a good response off this next level. A good bounce off the second level which helps us on this trade. It does actually respond nicely to that second level it pushes us in the money to get our fourth win of the session. Happy about that.


Okay, so we’ve got our news coming up here. Okay, there we go. And I do take a call on EUR-USD. I tried to get the bottom of that spike, but it was very difficult to do. And actually, the pricing dropped on that before I took my entry and I didn’t see that. The payout moved down to 53% which they often do change the pricing but typically you’ve got a few seconds into the trade and actually I did not see that the pricing had changed on this. You can see I’m over 30 pips in the money at this point, guys, over 30 pips in the money on that trade. That currency moved 50 pips in just a matter of seconds, so we do get a nice first entry win, but it was only a $130 profit. So, you know, we’ll take it. And now we’re actually looking to see if EUR-USD can get itself up to a 15-minute level that I had marked out. It is almost there.

Okay so EUR-CHF just came up and hit a resistance that it got at the edge of the news. It’s its third time hitting it, which I don’t normally like taking trades the third time they hit or the second time they hit the resistance after it’s been created, but this was definitely the edge of a very good 15-minute level, as well as the edge of of the news spike, and so I felt comfortable getting in a first entry here. It is playing with my money quite a bit. We do get nicely into the money here at the end of the trade though. It does respond and okay a little drama there, but we do finish in the win guys. And you can see that I made twelve hundred dollars over six trades all while only risking 1% of my account size. And trading very very good support and resistance trades. We were able to take a few more wins in our basic session, so I finished up for the day about 16%.

But guys that’s what you get being a premium member with us you get access to all of these sessions You get over an hour solid of trading just in the the morning of the Pacific time. And you can get it guys, again, for free if you’re trading an account under our affiliate link that is funded to more than $3,000. So if you would like to start making money trading binary options, if you’re new to binary options and would like to learn, we’ve got a great bootcamp available to you as well. Just click the link in the description below. It’ll take you all the way through the process and we will see you in the trading room.