55% Down! The Struggle(?) to Overcome Losses in Binary Options


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So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you my attempt at a massive recovery after taking a big loss early in a trading session. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.


Hey guys, in just a second, we’re gonna get into a video clip from a trading session last week where I started my account balance at $3,000. I did take a couple of early wins in the session, but then I took a third entry loss, which was a 55% loss on my account size. Now most people wouldn’t lose 55% on a third entry loss, but because of the trade sizes that I often take a third entry loss is normally a pretty big number for me. The good news is I have a reputation for being able to recover from big losses relatively quickly, but guys this is a big one. And I’m doing this in the middle of live trading. This recovery attempt in the middle of two live trading sessions that we were moderating and hosting that day. So can I really come back from 55% in just a couple of trading sessions? Let’s find out.

Okay guys so as we roll the video here we see my account balances down to $1,353 to start this session. I take a $600 entry on EUR-USD coming off of a support. You can see EUR-USD in the top left-hand chart. It comes off of a support area. I didn’t catch it at the bottom, but I did think that because of the support area, it came all the way down to, that it was going to work its way up through the range. And so I felt comfortable getting in where I got in. Now it does test my entry here, but in the end it moves up dramatically and nicely for a win, bringing my account back up to $1,887.

So I’m looking for another entry here. Waiting on EUR-GBP to see if it’ll actually get down to a support. You’re gonna see it in your top right-hand chart. And it does bounce off of a support. So I do get in and take a $400 entry on EUR-GBP. Now I didn’t get the bottom which I normally like to get but again I felt like because the EUR-USD had already popped, EUR-GBP is really popping I felt very comfortable getting in on this entry and it does move nicely up through the range. I’m up over three pips on the trade now and this one is going to give me a very very nice first-entry win getting my account balance back over $2,200 for this session.

Looking for another opportunity here. Okay, I take a put on CAD-CHF. Now you’re not going to see this chart because I can only put four charts on this screen and I’m watching eight charts on my indicators. I do take a put at CAD-CHF at a resistance hoping that it will work its way off of that resistance. It does mess with that resistance area for a while. In fact, the entirety of my trade, and it does push through just barely that resistance. Okay, so it pushes through the resistance. I lose my first entry on that trade, and I get it in a second entry right at the next resistance level, which it does not seem to have a whole lot of trouble with as it does push through that area as well. So this trade guys is not looking good. My recovery could be going the wrong direction here. If I lose these two entries I’ll be down to a $1,031 in my account. But the last instant guys it comes down and actually tie that trade. I tie that trade, bring me back to $831 in my account. Sometimes you gotta fight and scrap your way to recoveries or to wins, and that’s just the way it goes. So I’m looking for another entry, and I do take a GBP-USD call.

You’re not gonna see this particular trade on the indicators there, on the MT4 charting, but I do take a call on GBP-USD. It does test that support level. Moving down to the next level, I didn’t take a second on it, and I was thinking maybe at the time that I should have, but it does come back through my entry and actually moves up very nicely through the range, giving me another first entry win and brings my account up to $2,187. I take a first entry call on EUR-GBP at a support. You’re gonna see that currency in the top right-hand chart you can see it’s down at a previous support level which it does actually push through, it was descending so it didn’t totally surprise me that this one pushes through but I have my second entry ready at the next support level, which I get in and this does come back up and guys it touches my first entry and a couple seconds later, I would have won my first entry on this trade. It does move back down to test my second entry, but it will stay high enough for a second entry win, bringing my account back to $2,475. So the comeback is well underway here. Can I make it back over $3,000 for the day?

I’m looking for another trade here. I’m watching EUR-USD. I’m looking at a, I’m looking back on it to see where the support is. You can see that it is coming down to an area on the MT4. I do take a call right at that support level. I get a very good entry on this one. Let’s see what happens with this trade. It does move off of that support just as we were hoping, which is great. With 14 seconds, actually this one’s moving back down maybe to test my money here. And, oh, at the last second, guys, we tie that trade again. Another tie that is so unlikely to have two ties so close together.

So I do move my trade over to GBP-CAD. I take a call off of a support level, which you cannot see the charts again for that particular currency. I take a second as it gets itself down to another area and I’m really liking this second support area even more than the first guys but with 10 seconds left my first entry isn’t looking great my second is hovering around the money but at the last instant guys somehow I win that first entry. It comes back into the money, moves clearly up to put my second entry in the money as well. And guys, this could be the win that I needed to get myself back into positive money for the day. And I do, guys. This trade will get me back to $3,471, which is the high money, the high watermark for me for the day. I did take a couple more wins to finish the day at about $3,800, or about a 20% win for the day guys, but that is how you can recover from a massive loss following our one-minute strategy and our money management system. You can come back from big losses very, very quickly. If you would like to learn our one-minute strategy in detail that is a proven winner that can allow you to recover from over a 50% loss and increase your account size by over 150% in under 30 minutes of trading, you need to join us live in the trading room Monday through Friday. There’s a link in the description below to sign up. Also, subscribe to the channel if you want more helpful videos on binary options trading. Like the video, comment below. We would love to engage with you, and we will see you in the trading room.