Our Best Binary Options Strategy on EURUSD; A Sneak Peek


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Hey guys, David of Binary Masterclass here. Just wanted to hop on for a quick minute right after our trading sessions this morning. Up another 45% today, guys, our strategy is fire. I just wanted to show you a quick trade that we took today that was just a classic ideal on how our strategy works. It was a EUR-USD trade. We’re gonna roll the footage here. And we do have the MT4 indicators up on the bottom left, and you’re gonna see EUR-USD over here is working its way up through a range.


Guys, we trade support and resistance, and I’m watching some different currencies at the moment, but I do come over and I notice EUR-USD is working its way up to AUD-CAD, and then EUR-USD getting itself up to this resistance here, and I do just notice it. I was getting ready to take AUD-CAD. It didn’t quite get where I wanted, but then I do hop over and I see EUR-USD is, ah, it almost got to that resistance, I missed that area right here, so I decided just to patiently wait and see if it could give us something a little bit closer to our entry point, and it does right there, and I take an entry on it right there, guys.


That’s a $250 entry, so it’s gonna be, you know, almost an eight or nine percent increase in account size there. And you can see that it does bounce nicely off of this resistance area, which is great. Gets well over a pip into the money. What you’re also gonna see now is GBP-USD. Both share the USD currency is pushing itself up to its resistance. So I am kind of in a vulnerable spot because the USD is driving this a little bit and GBP-USD gets itself up to its resistance here.


Our EUR-USD touches the money and GBP-USD, you’re gonna see in just a moment here, gets to its resistance and then bounces off. You’re gonna see that red, red on the EUR-USD, deep into the money and with five seconds Five seconds left. We’re gonna cruise in for a really nice win here and a $225 profit.