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Alright, guys, David with Binary Masterclass here, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, so in today’s video, I’m gonna take you through four trading cycles from a recent trading session that are gonna highlight how our strategy allow you to be profitable even when a trade is not initially going your direction, and also how our money management system can allow you to be even more exceptionally profitable than originally planned.

And at the end of the video, I’m gonna talk about the next round of our accelerated binary options mentoring group, which is getting ready to start at the beginning of November, and what you can do to be a part of it.

Alright guys, let’s get the video rolling. So we’re looking for an entry here on EUR-GBP, which is coming down to a support and I take it, I take the first entry right at that support level exactly where we’re supposed to take an entry it doesn’t mean that a that a currency will turn around at a support sometimes they do push through. But that entry right there gives us the best chance of winning this in a first entry. We would win that kind of a trade 65% of the time on that entry now in this case, EUR-GBP did not want to respond to that entry and we did take a second entry at the next support. This was a day where currencies were not really obeying support and entry as well. So our money management system and our trading system really was getting tested today. So it does look like EUR-GBP is wanting to respond at the second level, but it just doesn’t. So we are actually gonna need to take a third entry on EUR-GBP. I wait patiently until it gets down to another excellent, excellent support. I waited actually to see if it would respond to that support. It started to respond, so I took my third entry on this trade and it does in fact move back up through the money.

So, guys, this video is gonna highlight, number one, our strategy, but also our money management, and how if you have a good money management system and execute it in a disciplined fashion, you can win trading cycles even on days, like you can see, we just won that third entry where currencies are not necessarily going our direction. We have a EUR-USD call here, which we do actually win a first entry on, which is excellent. We’re looking for a CAD-CHF put we wait till CAD-CHF gets up to a resistance. It does actually push through the first resistance so just waiting to see if it’s gonna respond or if we’re gonna need to take a second and instead of taking a second entry on the CAD-CHF, I actually like the way EUR-CAD is setting up so actually take the second entry on EUR-CAD as a call. The Canadian dollar was driving both of these currencies. We lost our first on CAD-CHF, but it looked like EUR-CAD was gonna respond. Well, it actually got down just to a nice level. I didn’t know if it was gonna respond yet. So it did actually get to a nice support level. So I moved our second entry over to EUR-CAD and it does look like it is moving in our favor. Oh guys, but at the last moment we tie that entry. Oh my gosh, this is really pushing us today. I really want to be profitable, but these trading cycles are really taking us on a bit of a ride today. So I do take another second entry on EUR-USD as it sets up down at a support.

And it does test that support again and ends up moving up through the range, responding nicely and we clear out that trading cycle with another win. Takes us to over $5,000. And we go back to EUR-GBP and we take EUR-GBP at a nice ranging support level that it had been at the last number of minutes. Of course it decides to break that area. Not by much. Let’s see what it’s gonna do here. Ah just on the other side of it. And okay it does move off of another level. So I do take a second entry on it right there. And, oh gosh, it pushes through that level as well. So, what are we gonna do? Waiting to see if it actually responds. We’ve got 15 seconds left in this cycle. And it is probably gonna lose, so I’m waiting and I do take a third entry on this trade and then I do take a fourth entry which I do not often do but the neighboring currencies, the supporting currencies, EUR-USD has already moved nicely into the money. EUR-GBP is at a great 15 minute support. I really believe that EUR-GBP is gonna respond here and so I actually go bigger than I normally do on this entry. It comes down to retest that level. Guys, this one moves into the money and not only do we win our third entry, but we actually win our fourth entry here as well. We made over $1,700 profit on that trading cycle alone.

Guys, just a great example of how our money management system can sometimes help you to be exceptionally profitable when you weren’t planning on it. So we’re back to a first entry. We have that trading cycle cleared out, EUR-CAD, again not responding to the first level of support, but it’s okay, because our system allows for that to happen on days where the market is just moving a little bit out of sync with normal support and resistance. We do look like we’re gonna lose our first entry here, but our second entry is in the money. Is it gonna retest that area or is it just gonna give us a nice win. It is hovering just above our entry and we do get our second entry win there guys.

We clear out our trading cycle for some nice great wins guys. We made over $2,000 in this session, 41% in about 20 minutes. Guys, this is a great example of how our trading strategy, if you follow it in a disciplined fashion and if you stick to our money management system, it’ll allow you to be profitable even on days when the market is not moving in your direction.

Hey guys, if you’d like to learn how to trade this one-minute strategy and make money every day trading binary options, then I would like to invite you to join us live in the trading room Monday through Friday. Click the link on the description below. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel, make sure your notifications are turned on, and at the beginning of the video I told you about the next round of our Binary Options Accelerated Mentorship that is getting ready to start in a few weeks, the beginning of November, and we would like you to be a part. There are details in the description, and we will see you in the trading room.