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Alright guys, welcome back. So let’s get into it. Today we’re gonna show you sessions four through six on showing you just how high we can take our pocket option account balance using our proven one-minute strategy and our money management. If you remember, we started our first session with an account balance of around $2,700. And after three sessions, we had doubled that account to about $5,400 at about 13 trades per session.

And we’re gonna pick up on session four with about a $5,400 account balance and just show you how high we can take our balance. I’m David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.


Alright guys, let’s get into the trading here. We have day three underway. We start with the balance of $5,421 and I did get stretched in a couple of trading cycles on in this session, but we actually did not take any losses. You’re going to see, we actually do go to a fourth entry on this particular trade which our, of course, our strategy, if you follow along in our money management, does allow for that.

So we do actually come out of this one pretty nicely. And guys, so my target, I have a soft target for these sessions of about 30% a session. I adjust my first entry trade sizes and my money management to give me about 30% over about 13 trades is what I typically try to take through the couple of sessions that I’m leading in the morning and this one actually went fairly smoothly for most of it. I did get taken deep in a couple of entries but then this one actually comes back and wins a first and a second which was super nice. And I think with my target percentage on this session I should finish just north of $7,000, which I think is kind of a every thousand dollar number is kind of a good threshold just kind of a good target to try to hit.


And I’ve been getting that 30% number pretty regularly in most of my sessions. And the first couple of sessions, as you know, we did have to recover from a couple of small losses, but we were able to do that quite successfully and to hit our numbers every day. Now this session, we are gonna finish off with some just fairly nice, clean wins. We have EUR-GBP coming off a resistance here. Great first-entry win.


We catch EUR-CHF, right here to support. It does fool around with our money for a little bit and it does win at the last moment there and EUR-CAD comes off of a resistance. And that one actually does take us to a second entry, at the next resistance and it comes down and we win that one very, very nicely. EUR-CHF gives us a great first-entry win. Looking for a couple more wins here to round out the session CHF-JPY finishes in the money for us. And there we go guys we finish day four, 30% profit increase. $1,625 profit and we’re at about 154% profit for the first four sessions, which is great


Alright, as we get into session five here, we start with a balance of about $7,000. And guys, this is one of the cleanest sessions I’ve had, actually, in quite a long time. There were no losses. We were 16 and 0 during this session. We had a ton of first-entry wins in a row. We’ve got, I think, 10 first entry wins in a row. Actually, we win a first and a second right here, which I count as two first-entry wins. Our account balance, of course, starts at about $7,000. And we’re going for our soft target of 35%, of course, which is, again, what I’m targeting most of my sessions, getting just a lot of support and resistance is being respected very, very well during this session.

And I only have to go to a second, guys just a few times out of 16 trades and that is quite remarkable we’re we’re getting some great support and great resistance our strategy is working very very well. Our money management is working well and guys on today’s like on days like today you just need to you make your money and move on. Because not every day is as easy as this trading session was I’ve got typically $150 to $200 opening balances. There is a first entry loss so I will need a second entry on this trade. Again not happening that often today but I win that second entry very very cleanly. Take our account balance over 8,500 dollars. Closing in on that 9,000 dollars here guys in just our fifth session. So cruising along very very nicely and I do, as you see, get a few intro I really really loved that trade that GBP-USD trade, so I took three entries on it and CAD-CHF here actually does push us to a second but it does bounce off a resistance quite nicely and we get the win and here we go guys we’re gonna finish up this session with a nice first entry win on CHF-JPY. We’re going to finish day five with a finishing balance of $9,499. 34.9% increase today, $2,449 profit, 243% in five sessions guys. Not doing anything crazy, just following the rules, following the money management, and it’s working out quite well.

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Alright, so we start the final session of this video with an account balance of about $9,500. We do have 15 wins in this session and no losses. Guys this at the end of this session. I’m gonna have a 68 trading cycle winning streak. We’re just we’re racking them up another day. We’re supporting resistance is just working out excellently, our indicators are doing their job or taking trades at the right moments. We do actually have one fourth entry that we do have to get into on this in this trading session, but again it’s something our money management allows for and it happens you know much less than 10% of the time, so it works out all in the numbers and we end up winning that fourth entry very very cleanly. And then guys it just gets smooth for a while just a bunch of first-entry wins a couple of second-entry wins just calling support and resistance just where we should, taking advantage of pretty clean market conditions, not a lot of stress, not a lot of worry, just guys just fairly easy money these days. We do win our entry there, CAD-CHF gives us a nice clean second entry win, our account balance is closing in on $10,500. You can see right there another clean win.

Guys, it’s just one after the other here. GBP-CAD is in the money and at the last minute gives us, not at the last minute, it’s actually a very nice clean win on that one. AUD-CHF gets us close to an $11,000 balance. GBP-USD does take me into a second and we are gonna need a third on GBP-CAD. But that third comes deep into the money over eleven thousand dollars in our account now.

We’re in our London afternoon session for these last trades. Again, fairly smooth sailing. We do take a couple of second entries, but we’re closing in here on $12,000 account balance, which is really awesome almost a $10,000 increase just in the last six trading sessions or trading really days is what it is so we are in a second here on CHF-JPY and the second wins nicely over $12,000 guys. And we just got a couple trades left in this session how can we finish let’s see how we can finish 12 3, there we go guys.


We finished the session with an ending account balance of $12,233. We made another 28.7% or $2,700 during this session. You can see guys, that as your account balance grows, you make the same amount of percent and the profit dollar is bigger. We started out our sessions with a 30% number being like a $700 profit. Now, just six sessions later, a 30% increase is like almost $3,000 profit.

So, compounding interest, guys, it’s just the strategy and the money management working for us. And we’ve got 68 straight winning cycles coming out of this session. I think we’re up like, gosh, what are we up after this session? 341% in six sessions. Nothing crazy, you’ve seen every trade in the cycle, you’ve seen it all, account balances are increasing. Guys, why aren’t you in here making money with us?


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