Mastering Trading Losses: Effective Strategies for Binary Options Traders


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Dealing with trading losses is one of the most important parts if not the most important part of trading that you’ll ever have to deal with. It’s pretty easy to make money when the market’s working with you and when your strategy is doing exactly what you want and all of that. But once it starts changing then things can become a problem and you probably know how that is to be trading binary options and doing really well for a while and then in just a couple of minutes it doesn’t work. And so today we’re gonna talk about how you can deal with your trading losses in a responsible way and in a way that you can still make plenty of money but not lose money all in just a few minutes of bad trading, so my name is Jason, welcome back to the channel. Let’s get started.

So you know how it is, you’re trading really well, maybe even for a couple of weeks, and all of sudden you get a couple of losses and then a few more losses and then a few more losses and then just in a few short minutes you actually have lost your entire account and that’s a horrible horrible experience that all of us have actually experienced and so I want to break that cycle right now. I want to show you exactly what to do to get out of that. And just to help you along the way, you know there are some, of course, some mental things to be dealt with, we’re not gonna deal with those today. But we’re gonna talk about what exactly your actions can be, potentially should be, when you start getting some trading losses to get out of the cycle and back into profit, because it can happen so quickly. And I don’t think it’s because you’re a bad person or a bad trader or whatever, it’s just because you haven’t yet been given the tools and what you can realistically do to get yourself out of that drawdown. And this is exactly what we teach in Binary Masterclass we go into even deeper dives there, but this is what we’re doing there. This is how we help you out of this and so it’s very practical and it’s something you can start implementing literally today so that you can have an immediate impact on your trading. You don’t have to wait for three months or four months or six months until one day you get good at it. It’s literally something you can interact that you can implement in this moment.

So I’m gonna share my screen here and show you some slides that I put together of exactly what it is that we do in the trading room and how to deal with trading losses. It is actually easier than you think. You might think that it’s very difficult just because it’s been difficult for you in the past, but it’s not been difficult because it’s actually difficult, it’s difficult because you didn’t know what to do. It’s not even really your fault and so this is one thing that you can do and something I would personally highly recommend, so what is it? How do you deal with trading losses? This is precisely what I do when I lose one trade, if I lose just one trade, who cares? It doesn’t matter, losses happen, it doesn’t matter. It literally doesn’t matter, okay. One trade, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna blow my account, as long as I have my risk under control and you can find out how to get your risk under control by going to our website, downloading our entire money management system where I explain to you completely, but so as long as you have your risk under control, losing a trade literally doesn’t even matter. It’s not gonna affect anything.

So then what happens though if you lose two trades? Well if you lose two trades then, you got to check to see if there’s something going on. And I don’t spend much time checking, but I do just a quick check inside of me. And this is what’s really really important, this is also where part of that mental game comes in. The mental game’s very very very easy as long as you have one thing in place and this is absolutely crucial. You need to have one thing in place and that is that you’re willing to be completely authentic with yourself and if you’re willing to be authentic with yourself trading is gonna become very easy. If you want to lie to yourself, well trading is gonna be very very difficult. But I do a quick check and I ask myself am I placing trades appropriately? And if I’m placing them appropriately, if I’m trading correctly, then okay, whatever, I just lost two trades in a row. That’s just what gonna happen sometimes, it literally doesn’t even matter. And if I’m authentic with myself and I see, hey look at this I actually didn’t place those first two trades very well, well then it becomes very very easy what to do, right? It becomes really easy, you just change a couple of actions, you just place the next trade correctly and the next trade may win or lose but now, if you place it correctly on your next trade and it lost because the market wasn’t gonna give you that trade, not because you aren’t trading correctly, you got that? But that can only happen if you’re being completely authentic with yourself, so just commit to yourself you’re gonna look at it authentically. But it doesn’t have to be any real big deal, all right. Lost a second trade, take a quick check, am I placing my trades correctly? yes or no? If the answer is yes, all right just keep on trading, you just got unlucky you know. Lost two trades in a row, if the answer is no, it becomes very easy just place the next trade correctly, that’s it, nothing more. Don’t make anything more out of it than that, all right.

Well, what happens if I lose three trades in a row? Then all of a sudden something comes in it’s like, stop, everything stopped, because I know my statistics. I know on average how many trades I win in a day, how many trades I lose in a day. I know those statistics and that’s a very important video for a different time to know your statistics, how to take good statistics, and how to read your statistics in a way it’s gonna give you some valuable information. It’s a whole other story there, but the point is you lose three trades in a row, just stop. Stop and I don’t mean stop for the day, but just stop for a moment and I’m not saying take a deep breath and you know get your confidence back and everything, although that might be part of something that’s important, but what are you gonna stop? You’re gonna stop and assess your own trading. Now you’re gonna look even more deeply. Am I really placing trades at good spots? Am I really following the strategy the way that I should be? And if the answer’s yes, okay, great. If the answer is no, okay, great, then we’ll talk about the other thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna assess the market. Because it’s quite possible that the market and your strategy aren’t quite lining up with each other. It doesn’t mean your strategy is bad, it just means that the market is not doing what your strategy would want it to do. It’s not the right type of market, it doesn’t mean you should be changing your strategy. It just means that the market and your strategy are not in sync. So let’s talk about what to do there.

Well, we’re gonna start with assessing your own trading. again you’re gonna be authentic with yourself and you’re gonna ask yourself, am I trading correctly? Am I placing trades appropriately? And if the answer is no, then make the change. Right? I mean it really is that simple. The thing is that so many people they make such a big deal out of it and it’s so not necessary. See, you know you could be playing two games while you’re trading. I said we’re not gonna go so much into the mind game, but I am gonna go a little bit into the mind games. You know there’s two games you could be playing, while you’re trading, if the game that you’re playing is, you want to feel good, you don’t want to feel bad about yourself, you want to feel like you’re really really good and everything, then you’re gonna play such a game. But if your game is like you actually want to make money, you’re gonna play the game completely differently. So like if it’s about making you feel good, like you know what you’re doing, like there’s no room for growth or whatever, then you’re not gonna look at your trades accurately, you’re not gonna look at them authentically. You’re gonna try and convince yourself that you’re doing everything right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. It’s wrong with the market, it’s wrong with the strategy, wrong with the broker, all of that type of stuff. But if you’re actually there to make money, then you’re gonna look at your trades differently. You’re gonna look like, all right well maybe it is me, maybe I am the one who made the mistake, and who cares? But maybe it’s me so all right, so who cares? Alright yeah, it was me, so now I’m just gonna make the change. It’s all that matters, so you make the change, and all of a sudden they start changing. You know it’s kind of cool. It’s a cause-and-effect relationship, you make changes things happen differently, and you get different results I mean that’s just it, okay?

So all right, so you make the immediate changes and then you move on to the next step. I’ll explain the next step here in a moment. If you are trading correctly, you’re looking at yourself authentically and you are placing your trades correctly, all right cool, just move on to the next step. What’s the next step? Assess the market. Because remember, the market is not always doing the same thing all the time. It changes on average about every 45 minutes, maybe 60 minutes, but about every 45 minutes something in the market changes and if you don’t know that, then you’re gonna just keep right on trading just like you always have and then wonder why all of a sudden your strategy is broken. The strategy is not broken, the market just changed and so you got to make those adjustments. So what I do because I’m a support resistance trader and we teach everybody in Binary Masterclass how to trade support and resistance cause it’s so freaking easy and everybody can read it, you don’t have to be some genius, you just look at what’s there on the chart, you press the button when it’s time to press the button, when it reaches the line and magic happens. I mean it’s so easy, so when you notice you’ve gotten three losses, you know just look is at several different currency pairs is the market respecting support and resistance is it respecting support and resistance if it is is respecting support and resistance then you can easily go into what we call recovery mode and we talk about that and I teach that in the uh in the money management training that’s available for free and um you know so so you can go into recovery mode make that money back get into profits go back in a normal mode great everything’s everything’s happy and fun um if it’s not supporting if it’s not respecting support and resistance wasn’t just stop trading and it’s not sto trading because you’ve reached too many losses it’s not stopped trading because because you’re not a good trader it’s not stop trading because you’re not in sync stop trading because the market just isn’t gonna give it to you anyway so why on Earth would you continue trading like there’s no reason to like imagine you’re walking down the road and you have $500 in your hand like you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna just throw $500 here on the ground and I know in a few few meters later I’m gonna find $100 that’s not gonna happen guys like it’s just weird well that’s the same thing when you are trading in a market that’s not gonna give it to you anyway way you’re kind of approaching with that type of strategy doesn’t make any sense whatsoever so basically when the market isn’t isn’t lining up with your strategy just stop trading it’s there’s literally no point to whatsoever there just isn’t there’s no point to whatsoever have other videos where I go into more detail on that all right so if the market is is is responding is respecting support and resistance gonna recovery mode if it’s not then just stop Trading it’s really really really it it is that easy all right so how do you know when to start trading again well you know I had very specific criteria about when to stop trading and before I go on I actually want to say this too you know like we’ll we’ll say you oftentimes hear stop trading When You Reach x% loss or something like that well that kind of doesn’t make sense it makes no sense to do it that way because x% loss doesn’t give you any indication what the market is actually doing you might be at an x% loss but now is the time to get back into the market or something and so now is the time to keep trading so don’t go based on on an x% loss like 10% loss 20 30 40 50% loss and therefore you’re gonna stop trading actually look at what the market is doing and see if the market is is is okay for you trading or not and the way you’re gonna do that is just look around at I don’t know six seven eight different currency pairs is the market respecting support and resistance yes or no very black and white no no need to like figure out and get all Technical and smart is the market respecting yes all right cool no all right and if it’s not that’s when you stop trading because that is the market telling you hey I’m not gonna play your game right now and it’s not based on a percentage loss because the market doesn’t know how much you’ve lost that’s not any indication that the Market’s not a good tradable Market that’s just indication that you lost money that’s it all right so so watch to see that the market starts acting like how you want this is how you’re gonna get back into the market again Watch to see the Market’s acting like how you want what does that mean that means I want to see at least three trades that would have won what does that mean even further means I’m not gonna trade I’m gonna just watch I’m just watching the market I’m sitting there drinking a cup of coffee and just what’s the market doing and you know what I see a trade I see the price coming to support and I would have clicked it and guess what it would have lost and guess what I didn’t lose any money that’s awesome why because I already know the Market’s not been playing my game so I’m just not even tra just sit there and watch it I’m not like oh but maybe this one will win but maybe this one will win why would it win it’s already demonstrated that it’s not gonna it’s already demonstrated to you to me three times it doesn’t want to do what I wanted to do so why would I expect it the next time time is going through there’s no reason to so then um all right well then I’m sitting there and I watch and I see the price coming up to a resistance and it was respected the trade would have won I’m not gonna sit there like oh my goodness I should have been in that I should have been in that I should have been in that no I’m not gonna do that because the market wasn’t telling me beforehand I should have been in it but it’s now showing me all right great it’s been respected all right I’m gonna sit there and watch now sit there and watch oh it comes to a support what’s gonna happen oh look at that the trade would have won I’m not gonna sit there and say oh man I should have been in that trade no I shouldn’t have been in that trade it would have won but it doesn’t mean I should have been in that trade big big big difference and then I going watch oh look price is coming to a resistance all right and it’s gonna oh no it lost well guess what I reset I go back to zero until I see three trades in a row that would have won and then I can say all right look at that now the Market’s coming back to what I would think you know that looks to me like a market that I can trade now and then I’ll go back into the market that’s how I’ll do it and then I’ll get back into the market I make up my losses I don’t know maybe I was down seven or 8 10% something like that and now I can place a few trades and and make up a few of those losses I’m gonna go back to full screen make up a few of those losses or maybe you get all the way back out of my losses and back into profit on that same day maybe it’ll take me the next day it doesn’t really matter but the point is it’s a very methodical way of dealing with my losses so I don’t have to worry about getting all emotion know I just look all right did I um lose the first trade I did great whatever lost the second trade quick check everything okay you know like like checking you know checking your car making sure everything’s all okay yep everything’s good all right cool go forward lost of third okay now we’ve lost a third trade we’re gonna pause everything and really look really look at my my trading really look at the market what’s going on here and if everything’s fine I’m gonna continue trading if something’s not I’m gonna stop and reassess and figure out what I can do and when I’m gonna get back into the market and it becomes very methodical and it makes trading extremely easy so this is precisely the stuff and even more deep dives into all of this that we do teach in Binary Masterclass cuz we’re not a signals group we you can follow our trades you can take our trades absolutely but we’re here to teach you how to be a solid Trader so you can not only trade binary options you can also trade Forex or cryptocurrencies or futures or t bills or stocks or whatever it is you want to trade that’s what we’re actually here to teach you so you become a solid Trader who can make money whenever the market is doing whatever the Market’s doing and in whatever Market you decide you want to trade so it’s really pretty cool um and so we’d love to see you in the trading room obviously and uh and we’ like to get very personal with the people and and make sure everybody has you know they get a coaching call and make sure they get an onboarding call and make sure that uh all questions can be answered with the with the interactive telegram group it’s not just a one-way telegram group it’s an interactive telegram group you can talk with other members you can talk with us and premium members get a whole another level beyond that and even basic members you get a 101 coaching session with one of us where we’ll answer any question you have about the strategy or the market so it’s a pretty cool way of doing things there and so yeah so hey maybe join us in the trading room I think I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it uh and if you have any questions about it write to us and even look on the um on our trust pilot to see what we’re doing there all right I’m looking forward to seeing you in trading room have a good day.