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Alright, everyone. In this video, I’m going to show you how we made just over $1,000 in an hour of live trading and how you can do the same. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, as we get the video rolling, we’re going to start with an account size of just about $1,600. We’ll take you through a number of trading entries through our premium session and our second basic session. We’ll walk you through our strategy, our money management, and show you how our money management can really help you win trades that push beyond support and resistance areas.

Right now, we’re actually in; we took a first entry on EUR-CAD that pushed through resistance. We went over and took a second on EUR-USD. Honestly, I think I got into that second a little too early, so I took a third entry at the next resistance level. This is really where I should have had my second, but I didn’t manage this cycle as well as I should have. But, you know, a third entry is still very manageable with this account size. Again, this should have been a second, a little bit mismanaged by me. You’re going to make trading entries that, in hindsight, you realize, gosh, that probably wasn’t the right spot. But this one won very cleanly, so we utilized our managed money management to get us out of a sideways trading cycle. Got a nice third entry win and a couple of hundred profits on that one.

Now, we actually go take a very nice entry on EUR-CAD. The market was a little funny today at the beginning. I actually had a pretty small entry on this one to start, so lots of room in case things go sideways, as they kind of do right here. I zoom out to see where this next level is coming, and we are almost there, guys. These indicators really help. There you go, give you the idea of where to take good entries.

In our premium session here, we do trade a bit more actively. You have the opportunity to make more money in this session than in some of our other sessions because of how actively we trade. But, guys, we’re all along during these live sessions. We’re talking about our entries, discussing what we like in terms of support and resistance. We’re talking about where could be places that we might be taking our entries. We tell you how to read the charts better, understand the money management better. We talk about what currency pairs we’re avoiding in the moment because not all of them are ones that we want to be trading.

Now, I do take a GBP-AUD entry there and go over and take a CAD-CHF entry that is at a really, really nice spot. So I have two entries in play. This GBP-AUD, well, it was looking good, but it does end up pushing through. The CAD-CHF, though, very nice, very nicely in the money. So we are going to win this second entry here on CAD-CHF. Again, our money management is helping us out here. Our strategy, combined with our money management, helps us win over 95% of our trading cycles.
As we’re waiting for the next setup here, guys, I just want to invite you to join us live in these premium trading room sessions. We are the only education company that I know of that offers live trading sessions for binary options—three of them a day, including this premium session, which only our premium members get access to. As a premium member, you get access to all three of our trading room sessions, including this premium session.

Took a nice second entry there on GBP-AUD. The first just does actually, yeah, just does end up losing. Our second here is actually… actually, that first entry might have tied. Have to go back and check. I think we might have tied that first entry. We have our second in play here. We did tie that first entry, and this second is going to win. So kind of a double win on that one, which is always really nice.

So, guys, that’s our fifth or fourth trading cycle of the day, and we’re already up like gosh, about $600, four trades into the day. So very nice to see that. Take another entry at GBP-AUD at another good resistance area. It does end up responding. I didn’t really get the best spot on it, honestly. I was trying to get higher in that little range right there but happened to get the very bottom, which is sometimes why I avoid trading GBP-AUD. Again, inside Pro tip from the premium Trading room. I don’t often trade GBP-AUD because of the way that it moves. If you see the way that it moves, it can be very difficult to catch the spots that you’re trying to catch on it.

Now, we’re up over $200,000, almost $2,300 on this session. So we’ve already made good money in under 40 minutes, 30 minutes of trading here so far. So CAD-CHF presents another really good spot. It actually pushes a little bit beyond this resistance and comes back and now is fighting at this area. Guys, if you click the link in the description below, it’s going to tell you how to get these indicators absolutely free. You can do one of two things: you can go on and buy these indicators for $199, which is well worth it. We sell them regularly at that price. Or you can click the link in the description below, and if you join as a premium member right now, you’re going to get these indicators sent to you absolutely free.

And these indicators are golden. If you’re with us in the trading room and learn how to read these indicators, you’re going to really benefit your binary options trading. Go back and watch the last video because we actually go through many of our reviews on Trustpilot, one of the most respected review companies online. We go through all of our reviews, which are all five-star. Many of our premium members are talking about how good our indicators are and how helpful our live trading room sessions are to learning how to read the indicators, to learning how to properly execute the one-minute strategy. Tons of value in the premium membership.

We have another promotion going on right now where you can actually get it for free for three months if you open up an account with Pocket Option under our affiliate link. Send us evidence that you deposited at least $3,000 in that account. We’re going to give you the premium room access for up to three months for free. That normally runs you $199 per month. So you can either get our indicators for free or get access to our premium membership for free for up to 3 months. Take your pick. Both of the links are in the description. Let us know which one you want. It’s easy; it’s going to take you right through there, and it’s going to give you access. You’re going to get the Zoom codes to the trading room, which trades Monday through Friday, three trading sessions a day.

The first one is at 1:00 a.m. Pacific. Not sure what that translates to for our European clients, but I think it’s about 10 a.m. in the UK, German time frame.
Then we have a 5:00 a.m. Pacific time frame. Now, that was an unfortunate entry on EUR-CAD, wasn’t it? Ah, I intended to get that top area, and by golly, it dropped on me. That’s what I call a bad fill. There are bad entries and bad fills; that one was a bad fill because I really intended on getting that upper area. But it, in fact, does end up responding nicely to that resistance, and there we go. Even with that terrible fill, we ended up notching a win, and we closed our account with just over $2,700, guys. So a little bit of $1,000 made in just about a little over an hour, starting with $1,600 and using $100 to $150 first entry sizes. Very attainable, very doable if you join us and learn the strategy, learn the money management. You could be doing this too, guys. So we will see you in the trading room.

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