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So in today’s video, we start a series where we show you how high you can take a $2,700 account after only seven days of trading using our one-minute trading strategy combined with our custom money management. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

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Alright, guys here we go, we actually start this video right after I took a $400 loss on a trade. We were at $2,369 or $2,769 sorry guys to start the day. I take a loss it brings me down to around $2,300. Guys, this thing was a challenge. I’m not gonna lie. It took us deep. We took a couple of losses. I often don’t take any losses during a session, but I took a loss and it takes me a number of trades to get back to where I started the day. Here we go, another third-entry win. Not even back to break even yet. But guys, we have a strategy and a money management that allows us to get deep into entries and still win trading cycles. We win 95% of all of our trading cycles. Even though I started the day on a loss, we finally got back to break even. We work ourselves all the way back and barely win that trade. This is going to be a nice win here. But then somewhere in here, we end up getting deep into another cycle. We take a first-entry loss there. EUR-CAD takes us to a second entry loss. We do end up, oh, just losing a decent bit of that trade right there. We take some more entries. Your account is just pushing. Guys, these currencies just were not respecting support and resistance in this session at all. We got drugged deep into trades and I rarely get into a fourth entry and I’m in a fourth entry here and I hate getting that deep, but you gotta take them. When you gotta take them, you gotta take them, and statistically, you’re gonna win them. And we did, and we’re in the money for the day. We’ve recovered from our losses nicely, and I lower my account, my first entry size, down to $25 after that. Guys, after I got myself back into the money from a big loss, I lower my money management down, and if I need to still trade, because I may be leaving some sessions, I don’t wanna get drugged too deep into a drawdown after I’ve already recovered. I’ve worked so hard to get back and we did and we followed our strategy even though we got taken to a couple of more third entries. And again guys, this day just there was a lot of volatility in the market, a lot of news out, and things were just not doing what they were supposed to do. We ended up just getting drug into a couple more third entries, but thankfully because we reduced our money management, our risk levels, we weren’t nearly as deep money-wise into these trades, but we do win the third entries and then guys we end up finishing the day nicely with a few first entry wins, which felt good. Things straighten out a little bit, they generally do the sessions will generally ebb and flow as the market moves and changes and this market did level out, and support and resistance did end up starting to get respected a lot more than it was at the beginning. And here I guess is our fourth first entry win to finish the session. So guys we started the day at $2,769 account balance we finished with $3,476 for a $707 profit, 24.3% increase in our account after day one, I’ll take it, that was a lot of work, but we stuck to the strategy, we stuck to the money management, and we came out on top, and that’s what you want.

Alright guys, so we get into day two, and guys, another fairly challenging day of trading. We do start off with a first-entry win, and then we get a second-entry win to start off the session here as well. Here we go, first entry loses, second entry comes down and wins nice and cleanly, but then again the market just kind of went a bit sideways. We’re decently in the money after those first two trades and then we move our second entry over to CAD-CHF. Well CAD-CHF is taking us deep right now taking us deep. We lose a second we’re in a third and guys we just barely win that entry right there. And then I think I end up taking another little first-entry loss here. We take a win, no, that was a tie. That ends up being a loss. We’re down to $2,200 in the middle of this next trade. Down from a high of $3,500 or $3,600. And guys, we’re just getting drugged deep here. These first two days were a struggle. We ended up barely winning that entry.

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And I take a recovery trade here, doesn’t go my way. I get deep into a second entry and we win that second entry we get ourselves back into the money for the day. I’m still in the middle of a live trading session with our members and so I can’t stop trading even though I wanted to, probably after getting back in the money, but the market begins to kind of play nice for a little while. We do get drug a little deep into a couple of entries, but not nearly as deep as we had earlier. We get a nice first-entry win on CHF-JPY there. GBP-USD just gets out of the money at the last moment. We take a second entry call on GBP-USD. It didn’t. It did not wanna work with us there. And finally our third entry does come into the money up to $3,800. I’d like to see if we can crest $4,000 in this session. EUR-USD get a nice win there.

Things start to smooth out here a little bit guys. Another nice EUR-USD win. EUR-CHF, I think is gonna toy with us just a tad, so we move our second entry over to CAD-JPY, and CAD-JPY does, at the last minute, get us out of the money. So we’re in a third-entry call on GBP-AUD and we actually get the third-entry win there which was super nice taking us over $4,000. We are in a couple of AUD-CHF entries right there that do come out ahead for us. A EUR-USD call in the money at the end.

Guys, the end of day two, again, another tough day, another challenging day. We had an early loss. We worked hard during that session to get 10 straight wins to come back from that loss. We started with an account balance of $3,476 we ended with $4,327, 24.4% increase $851 profit. Long two days, a few sessions of trading, but we’re in the money, nice profit, another 24%. We’ll take it.

Alright guys, so here we go the third trading session of this video, and the market really started to smooth out after those first two rough sessions. Support and resistance began to get respected a lot more than they had been early on. We actually take 13 trades in the session. All 13 were wins. We had 10 first-entry wins. Only three second-entry wins and we didn’t get taken beyond a second entry during the entire session. So a much, much less stressful, less eventful, what we’d like to call boring trading, which is the way we like to trade. And oftentimes the market will give us that. But again, our system, our strategy are designed to overcome adversity and to get us through the adversity of the first two sessions. Thankfully this session does provide Just a much more stress-free environment. We do take a second entry there, but you can see it comes very nicely cleanly in the money. Although it does think about retesting it still is a nice clean and win. EUR-USD responds nicely off a resistance, stays below our entry. Another EUR-USD put off the next resistance level, slides in for another first-entry win. And guys, we had a seven, six first-entry wins to finish this session. Again, we finished the last session, remember with 10 straight wins. And guys, we took 13 straight wins in this session. So a streak is beginning to build. GBP-USD, nice clean win there. And guys, the end of our third trading session, the last one of this particular video, we had 13 wins, no losses, $1,094 profit, 25.2%. And guys, after three sessions, we’ve got 23 straight wins, and we’ve increased our account balance 95.7%.

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