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Alright guys, so today we have the first of several interviews with our amazing students who are going to be talking about their experience with us trading binary options. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, so today’s interview is with one of our students from Denmark, Lise Peterson who’s been trading with us as a premium member for a couple of months now and is really rocking it in her binary options trading. You’re going to hear about her journey and her experience with us, here at Binary Masterclass

My name is Lisa and I am Danish from Denmark. I am currently traveling in Asia as a Digital Nomad. I was just looking for ways to actually make money while I was traveling, so in order to to do that, to find something that works while traveling, I was looking into many different things, but I found that trading was something that I really loved doing and it was easy to bring with me everywhere. So I got into trading stocks. A few years ago, just randomly buying stocks, then I switched jobs. There was a co-worker who introduced me to crypto trading. I just got really interested, but it was still just buying randomly. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Fast forward, I joined a few trading clubs where different types of trading was introduced, like trading indices, trading Forex, trading binary options, and so on. I was intrigued. Everything just was fun. But then I followed some people on social media who were doing the binary option, and I just thought, “That looks interesting.” So I went to YouTube and saw some videos there. Saw these girls who turned like ten dollars into ten thousand dollars in seven minutes. I’m like, “Okay, I need to learn this, and I don’t care how much it’s going to cost me. I don’t know how long it will take, I need to learn how to do this.” I just started to pay a lot more attention to it and in the trading clubs I was in just started to follow those educators more. But it was difficult because it was like a new strategy was taught every week, and you needed to know all these different indicators, and I’m like, “Okay so I need to learn all the indicators. Fine, I will just like start from all the ones I’ve heard of.” And it was kind of like a mess. The next problem was, there was no training about money management. So it was just always straight with the same small amount and maybe do a few trades a day. That’s not going to get you anywhere. I went back to YouTube like, “Okay, what can I do? Where is this going wrong?” Because I see people being successful, and I was like chatting with a few of the people I was following. And I found you guys. In the previous clubs and people I was following with the new strategies every week, new indicators all the time, I just felt like you cannot learn 50 strategies and then also have to figure out the market conditions and when to use these. So for example, an educator would say, “Yeah you cannot use this strategy for this Market.” Okay, but then which strategy can I use? And how do I know how the market should be? When can I use this strategy? And then sometimes I would say, “Oh, these indicators won’t work with these settings. You need to use these other settings.” And I just felt there was too much. How can you ever keep up with that? How can you ever get anywhere if you need to like constantly change strategy, and train, and change the indicator settings, and so on? So I was also looking for something that was more simple, and that is what I also found in your program. It is more simple. It’s just those indicators. It’s just that strategy. It’s just one money management system and that’s it. And then it’s just about perfecting it from there. I really like the simplicity there. You don’t bring up a new strategy every week , and new indicators every week.

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I think I discovered that the market actually just changes throughout the day. You can actually trade the same strategy, every day. But not all the time every day, because the market just changes and I didn’t know that before joining your program. And I think that has helped a lot, because, before that, I could probably just say, “Okay, then this is not working. I must be a bad trader or this strategy is just not working.” But it’s not about that, it’s about the market. The market is just not giving what was expected. Since I started with you, I am up, I am profitable. So that’s good. And I think in general, I’m just learning and that’s also why I decided to upgrade my membership to premium, because I just thought, If I can expose myself even more to what you guys are saying, then I will just get to my goal faster. And I also hear myself now. When I trade on my own or even just analyze the charts, I hear your voice, Jason. “Okay, so I see this and I see that, and I don’t like this because that.” Every day, I try to join the trading room that you have, where we trade live, together. And I think that’s just amazing. So you are two very different educators, you and Dave. And I can definitely see your session, the first one, London morning, as like the more beginner-friendly session where it’s easy to jump into what you’re saying. You call out trades well in advance, and things are just a little bit more slow in your session. And I think that’s a really nice contrast to then when we jump into the other sessions later on where it’s more fast-paced and you get to see like another way of trading. Things can go fast, and things can go slow. What I’ve been doing before when I’ve traded live with educators, they’ve maybe called out two trades an hour and I think that’s just a little bit boring. I like trading binary options, because it feels more exciting than just regular Forex Trading. It’s kind of like Forex Trading combined with a bit of gambling, but you know a calculated gambling. So the strategy that you have, with the money management you have, it’s not just gambling. It is actually possible to make your money grow on that.

Okay, so if watching this interview has inspired you to take your binary options trading to the next level. We would like to invite you to join us live in the trading room, every day, Monday through Friday. We have three sessions a day, and as a premium member, you’re going to get access to all three sessions like Lise. And you can join us and Lise in the trading room every day, maximize your binary options profitability, and we will see you in the trading room.