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Once I got with you guys and it was, you know, a clear-cut strategy, you know, it’s not, if this doesn’t work, try this, if this doesn’t work, try this. It’s no, this is what we’re going with and it is what we’re sticking to. So that’s what really worked for me.

How’s life?

Hi, everything is great, Jason. Everything is really good. It’s summertime here in the US, loving it, loving my trade career growth, especially since I’ve been here with you, I’ve been learning so much.

That’s cool.

So much. Yeah. So thanks to you and Dave, because since I’ve joined, well, before I joined Binary Masterclass, I knew a little bit about trading, but not enough to make any kind of money. It was more like an absolute a lot of money because I did that prior to joining y’all, but it’s been great being here and learning the technicalities that you’ve been teaching us along the way.

Right. So you were, you already knew a little bit about, like, what were you doing to learn about it? Like, where were you getting your information from? What kinds of things were you just doing in general?

Okay. So my very first introduction to trading was by options, like stock options. And what really messed me up was the whole Greeks and, you know, the time decay and all that. It just was not working for me. I mean, I kind of knew the direction to go, but because of things like time decay, I would always end up losing my money. So that’s all I knew. So I knew I really wanted to learn how to trade. I’ve always been interested in learning how to trade. And when the pandemic came and we were forced to shut down and be in the house, I figured this might be the time to really go ahead and learn how to trade so it was probably Late 2020 when I first started learning how to trade I mean, I did not know what a candlestick was I knew nothing. I just knew trading had to do with deciphering charts and knew nothing prior to that so that is when I actually started learning and Here we are about two and a half years later. Well, I’ve been with Binary Masterclass for three months now, going on four months. And I can say this last three, four months have been pivotal compared to what the prior two years was.

Right, wow, that’s amazing. Like, what would you say, what is something that kind of as a result of being here, like what’s something that you learned or something you discovered about trading that’s made a difference for you?

I think prior to joining Binary Masterclass, what I was really trying to chase was indicators, trying to make trades going by indicators. But what I have learned with you guys here is sticking to a system, I mean learning a system and sticking to it. So the support and resistance has been what I have learned with you guys. And because I’m not, you know, all over the place, I’m sorry if you hear some beeping in the background, there’s a truck out there. And yeah, so prior to this, I would try something, it didn’t work out for a couple of days, onto another thing, then onto another thing, then onto another thing, then come back to the one thing. It was just a vicious cycle of going nowhere.

Wow, yeah. Then that’s gotta be like so annoying and frustrating that it’s like you’re constantly changing, never knowing which one to actually do or whatever?

Annoying, frustrating, really almost feeling helpless because I’m losing so much money in the process and not really going anywhere, but things have honestly turned around once I got with you guys and it was a clear-cut strategy. If this doesn’t work, try this. If this doesn’t work, try this. It’s no, this is what we’re going with and it is what we’re sticking to. It’s what we’re sticking to. So that’s what’s really worked for me. And of course, you know, you’re not ever going to win every single trade. There’s no I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffett, I’m sure, you know, you’re going to lose so many at some point in time, but there’s definitely more wins than losses just by sticking to the strategy.

Yeah, wow, wow. And do you feel like the strategy is easy to understand and develop and grow with?

It really is. And really, you just have to be patient with yourself, but it really is. If you’re just patient with yourself and keep being consistent with getting those trades, if you have to be on demo for a month, for three months, for however long it takes, just stick to the process. Because if you start on demo and you learn the strategy, master the strategy, when you go to a live trading account, you mirror exactly what you were doing on demo and it’s going to be a win. That’s for sure.

Wow. How would you say your emotions are now, now that you have something that’s consistent, something you can believe in, and that you even have the support around you, how are your emotions in all of that?

Well, I would say for one, having the camaraderie of the trading room, you know, everyone is in there, everyone is taking the exact same steps, takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. And so that brings everything to an emotionally sound place because there’s no guesswork. This is what we’re doing. When the candle gets to this level, we’re going in for a put. If the candle gets to the level, we’re going in for a call. There’s no guesswork. And one thing I had to contend with myself at the very beginning was kind of getting scared of taking trades. And I think it’s just because I was so scarred from all the losses I had prior to joining you. But because we’re all in this together and in the trading room, you’re telling us, I’m getting in this trade when it gets here. When it gets there, I know I’m getting this trade and already know the direction in which I’m going. So because the guesswork is taken out, the emotional ups and downs are taken out as well. And so it just makes things, it takes the emotional side of it out. And now we’re just left with the facts and the logic to work with. That’s what I would say.

That is so amazing, so inspiring. Wow. Would you say that this is something… Would you say that your experience is specific to you, or would you say that other people can genuinely have the same experience that you have with Binary Masterclass?

I don’t think it’s specific to me. I mean, because the strategy is there. It’s, you know, everyone is doing the same thing at the exact same time. So it’s not specific to me, it’s not specific to you, Jason, it’s not specific to Dave, it’s for everyone. You just have to be patient and consistent. Well, patient with yourself, knowing, okay, even if I lost this time, if I follow the system, like the recovery system, if you lose a first trade, go into the second with a second trade size and so on, okay, you know going in, there will be some losses along the way. Even Jason loses, even Dave loses every once in a while. But if you just follow the steps as they have been laid out in the training, you’re eventually gonna win. Just stay consistent with it. Don’t let the losses put you down to where you are afraid to go back into a trade. And that’s something I had to contend with myself. So if I can do it, anyone can do it.


I would say anyone can do this. It’s not specific to me or anyone in particular. Just got to stick with it.

That’s amazing. You might have even already answered this next question that I would have and what you just said there, but if you could give like one piece of advice to anyone, whether they join Binary Masterclass or not, what kind of advice would you give to people to improve their trading?

In all honesty, and this even takes me back to all my prior losses. I know if I would have stuck to one system, I would have won. So, same thing to anyone who joins us. And if they don’t join us, I would suggest they join us because why not? You know, there’s the group, the camaraderie and the team that you get to trade with. But even if, you know, even if it’s just to anybody who might be watching this out there, if you stick to a system, if you find a system, just learn it and stick with it. Yes, you’re not going to win 100% of the time, but if you stick with it, you’re going to end up having more wins than losses. So that would be my suggestion to any and everyone.

Right. And it sounds like in what you’re even saying there, people should just join Binary Masterclass.

Well, why not?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

I mean, and you don’t even have to go full out at first joining in. You and I both know. When I first came in, I came in as a basic member and I stayed as a basic member for a few months until… Because first of all, before making the big investment, you want to know, is this something that resonates with me? Is it something that I can stick with? Is it something that I feel welcomed and accepted at? Okay. And for me, it was. So I started at Basic and, you know, I continued to re-enjoy it here. And so I was like, okay, I’ll take the whole plunge in. And then I became a premium member thereafter and I absolutely love that now because now I get to hang out with you guys at three different sessions and you know, I am in Atlanta so which is the East Coast. The very first session is at 4:30 a.m. My alarm clock goes off at 4:15 a.m And I am able to do all my trades, you know, the first session is at 4 a.m. The last session is at 9 a.m. And I’m referring to Eastern Standard Time, right? So by 9:30, I’m done with my trading for the day. I can go on and do whatever I need to do with the rest of my day. So, you know, if anyone has the ability to join the Premium Membership, Absolutely go for that because you’ll be able to get so much more time with Jason and David and even some of the veteran traders here who kind of help guide us along the way as well. And there’s also the Telegram group that allows us to still stay in contact with each other. So if I have a question, you know, at a random time. You know, and sometimes even after we are done trading at 9:30, sometimes I will go back in at about 10:30 or so to see if I can find some trades, you know, once the U.S. stock market has settled and things are not as volatile. Sometimes I’ll go in and if I have a question, I know I can lean to the Telegram group and somebody can be there to answer my question at any time of day or night. Because there’s people from all over the world, so there’s always going to be somebody who’s able to answer your question in real-time almost. Yeah. And with the premium membership, we didn’t really have the real-time, like access to the real-time questions being answered by any one of the group, any one of the group members.

That’s cool. That’s cool.