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All right, everybody, how are we doing? Welcome to another video. Glad you guys are watching. Doing a little bit different format today because today we have with us my partner in Binary Masterclass. You probably won’t know him if you are not a member, but you certainly will know him if you are a member. His name is Jason Smith and he is, gosh, pretty much, what is he not in our company? The director of education, one of our trading moderators, our behind-the-scenes guru on everything technical, plus about 20 other things that I can’t remember, but Jason and I go back a long ways. And a couple of years ago, decided to start this crazy adventure of Binary Masterclass together. I’ve been primarily the frontman on YouTube while he runs everything behind the scenes. And we trade together in all, well, not all of our trading room sessions. We trade together in one of our trading room sessions, but Jason leads our two basic sessions with all of our regular members every day. So two sessions a day and is a really great trader and is an amazing educator, is a terrific coach. He also does most all of our member coaching, which is actually one of the great benefits of being a member with us. Not only do you get live access to a trading room, which I don’t know that you get anywhere else in binary options, you also, depending upon your membership level, get different amounts of just actual individual personal coaching, which again, Jason is a terrific, terrific coach. And our members have benefited highly from that coaching, but we have an exciting announcement in that Jason is actually going to be now participating more in our YouTube channel, bringing his knowledge, bringing his expertise to the front end, to the YouTube world. And I’m excited to see what he brings there. And I just wanted to bring him on and introduce him to you, even though he’s not a stranger to any of us members. I wanted to kind of give him a proper introduction in our YouTube land. Appreciate all of you who watch, comment, all of our subscribers, everything that happens on this end. And Jason, why don’t you talk to us a little bit about what you have planned for your video content?


Yeah, first of all, thank you very much. That was an amazing introduction. You can introduce me whenever you want.


Thank you for that Bitcoin transfer this morning as well. Exactly, that’s right.


Yeah, I’m really excited. I was sitting in a cafe the other day and I was just thinking, I’m like, man, what is like missing in the YouTube world in binary options? And I just think there’s a lot more that can be really brought in, in the realm of deep dives in trading psychology. There’s a lot, you know, in the kind of stock world, there’s a lot in the futures world, but in the binary options world, there’s just not really much. And it is a different ball game when you’re playing with binary options than what it is in stocks and futures. And so, how do you deal with that? How do you deal with, you know, this thing that a lot of people call revenge trading? How do you deal with that and overcome it?

And there’s something that happens a lot of times that I know that you and I have experienced that in the past. Maybe you as a viewer have experienced this as well, where, I don’t know, you go for maybe two weeks and you’re getting really wonderful, wonderful profits. Like, ah, I got this game. And then all of a sudden, about six minutes, your account is gone. I’ve had that in the past. How do you deal with that? I don’t know that that type of stuff is really talked about. And that’s stuff that we talk about quite a bit in our membership. And I thought, you know what, let’s bring some of that out, because some people aren’t members with us yet.




But they still want to know how to access that. They still want to be able to trade and do well before they become members with us. So we’re going to teach you how you can actually approach the market in kind of a professional way. I mean, I’ve got my 17 years of experience in trading institutions, so how you can approach it like a professional trader, and that’s kind of cool.

And I also started thinking, you know, there’s lots of strategies that you can find on YouTube. Some of them probably really good, and some of them, you know, maybe not so good. But I thought, let’s take some deep dives into strategy. Let’s take some deep dives into what makes a really good strategy. Let’s take some deep dives into how you can recognize if a strategy is not good at all, so you don’t have to waste your time there. But actually, what causes a good quality strategy so that you can not waste your time anymore and actually get right into making profits. And you know, you as a viewer right now, I’m talking to the viewers, you probably have spent a good hundred hours on YouTube trying to figure out what’s going to be a good strategy or not.

Well, we’re going to break that down so you don’t have to spend that much time. You can actually get into trading and make some good quality trades because you have a good quality strategy that you can trust, or at least know how to create one. So that’s kind of what’s on my heart.


Come on, I’m excited for that. You’ve seen a ton of my trading videos. You’ve seen a lot from me. You’re going to get some different stuff from Jason. And I’m really, really excited, Jason, about watching what you bring and how that just, I’m excited about just more added value. You know, we’re trying to add value. We’re trying to bring value to the public as far as how to successfully trade binary options. There’s a million ways to lose money trading binary options, and we are trying to spearhead the way as far as how to actually make money doing this. So if you’ve been trading and losing or not making money or frustrated, it could be time for you to jump in the waters with us here. We’re experiencing a very good success rate with our traders and we would love to bring you in on it. So Jason, excited for what you’re bringing. And with that guys, we will see you in the trading room.