How to get Binary Options Coaching for Completely Free


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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here. Welcome to the channel. Today I’m here to tell you how you can get our premium membership, normally runs $199 a month, how you can get it for free and get free monthly access to the extended trading room.

Okay guys, so what is our premium membership? Our premium membership, the primary benefit is you get access to the extended trading room which opens up at 5:15 am Pacific Time and runs for about 45 minutes up until the regular trading room. Now you think, well that’s only a 45-minute increase in time. Well yeah, but here’s the deal. Oftentimes the conditions in that time frame are better than the conditions in our regular trading room time frame, for example yesterday, I took 11 trades during the premium time frame and made 59% on my account. Today I took six trades and made 29% in the extended time frame, and in this session we talked more about our money management. I am trading, I trade with a more aggressive money management, kind of get some of the results that you see us advertise on our YouTube channel. I talk through what that money management is and how other people are getting the same, similar, sometimes even better, today was even better than me, results in the extended session.

We do a lot more kind of individual conversation or intimate conversation. It’s obviously a smaller environment so we’re able to talk about trades more specifically. We’re able to go into detail on some more advanced strategies. There’s a lot of different benefits that come with the extended session that you can get now absolutely free and here’s how.

Either open up a pocket option and a Quotex account under our affiliate link or transfer your current accounts if you already have them, to our affiliate link. One of them needs to be funded to a minimum of $3,000. The other one just needs to be funded to whatever level that you want. And you’re going to send us evidence of those funded accounts under our affiliate link and then we’re going to waive the fee for the extended trading room for you or for the premium membership for you for that month.

In order to continue getting free access to our premium membership, you just need to, before the next, beginning of the next billing cycle, you need to send us evidence that an account is still funded above that $3,000 level and still being actively traded and we’ll continue to waive that premium membership fee for as long as we continue to run this promotion. And remember, as always, if you like this content, please like, comment, and subscribe, and we will see you in the trading room.