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Alright guys, welcome to part 2 of the video series where I take my account from $4,000 all the way to $24,000. Showing you every trade in between, as well as the withdrawals. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, so today’s video was supposed to be a compilation of the next three days of trading where I went from about $8,000 up to about $11,600. Although the third session, for whatever reason, the video didn’t format right and so I actually do not have that video. So we’re gonna show you the first two trading sessions and guys, I’m gonna show you every trade. We’re not gonna put the charts on because there were a lot of trades. Guys, these were some challenging sessions.

Alright guys, so let’s get into the trading. And you can see my account started at the $8,152 where we left off. Guys, these two sessions were a lot. It was just a bunch of two steps forward, three steps back. I do win a couple of nice opening trade here at the beginning. I have this sped up quite a bit, guys, and it still, even though, is gonna take a little bit of time, but you’re gonna wanna see how we end up today. I won a first, or second on the first trade, but I am gonna lose a second right here.

Okay, we take a third entry on AUD-CAD. It does respond off of a support pretty well and we do get a third-entry win right there. Probably should have stopped trading right there, but we didn’t. For some reason, I placed a 7% entry on that trade. I didn’t get back to my original money management, which then actually caused some additional complications in my trading. I have a couple of first entries here that did not win. Actually, I did win that one at the very end. So I’m actually up pretty good here already in this session. And again guys, probably wish I would have stopped trading then. But we kept going back to the 3% first entry. We lose a first there. We take our second on EUR-USD and the currencies were having a more difficult time today. I stuck to the strategy and I had to take a third here on EUR-USD. It’s just fighting at this support.

The last second, I end up losing a third entry there. So alright, I’m down a little bit here. Go back into recovery mode. My first recovery trade is doing well. We’re gonna win that. I take another call on GBP-CAD. Still in recovery mode, it just does not want to respect, although it does come back into the money and we actually win another entry there which is good. Take a call on EUR-GBP. Just struggling on the struggle bus today guys. But I do end up tying that first, winning that second. Okay, so I’m hanging in there just up and down or losing a first entry here on this EUR-CAD. Gonna lose the first. Going over, taking another entry on EUR-USD. My EUR-CAD is struggling, it did end up winning. My EUR-USD ends up tying.

Just fighting here guys. Ever have trading days where it’s just a fight? These sessions were a fight. Alright, ended up winning a trade there, just clawing my way forward here. Got a first entry on EUR-USD that is just struggling. Take my second. I’ve got a second on EUR-USD that is in the money. And I’ve got a EUR-CHF, first and second that are struggling. I win the EUR-USD trade. I lose the first and second on EUR-CHF. Just clawing my way here. So I’ve got a first on AUD-CHF that is just battling at this support and tied it. Guys, a lot of work for some ties here.

Okay, go take my trade over to GBPCad. My first on GBPCad loses. Put a second in there. It’s still at a good resistance, so I still like it. I lose my second on GBP-CAD. I’ve got a third in and it’s just just one of those days. In and out of the money here. And I do win the third on GBP-CAD, not as big a third as I would have actually needed though to. I think I break even on that trade. My EUR-CAD put is in the money for like 50 seconds, pops out of the money. Looking for a second entry opportunity here, find it over on EUR-GBP. What’s it gonna do here? We’re in the money for all of the trade here. We do win a second on EUR-GBP, just trying to scratch my way back. I’m in the money for the day, but just not enjoying the process as much here today. We do end up getting a win on GBP-CAD, so we’re actually decently in the profit here for the day guys.


Okay, we take a call on GBP-CAD, and we win that. Alright, back to our regular money management. Okay, so we get into the next session here and I take a call on EUR-CAD, first entry. Works out just fine. Take a call on GBP-AUD, what’s it doing? It’s struggling here. Line up my second entry. First loses, we get into the second. I was looking good there for a little bit and now it just is not giving us a good time. I’ve got a third in play. GBP-AUD is just going the wrong way. Alright, guys, I’ve got a fourth entry here. It’s just not looking good. But it actually comes back and, ah, okay, we do get a win there on, I don’t think I won all three of those entries. I think I won two out of three.

So we get a first entry on AUD-JPY. Back in recovery mode here. That wins, okay. EUR-CAD first entry is out of the money for a while. It does come back into the money and we do end up winning there on EUR-CAD. Okay, EUR-USD put at a nice resistance. But it’s just, again, these days were just a challenge. We just barely lose that at the end. It just I was it I came back in the money so I’m looking for an opportunity to get another first in play. I take it at EUR GBP which was at a really nice resistance. And it just is struggling above that resistance. I take a third and then a fourth, and just fighting at my money, fighting at my money. And I do win that trade. Trying to work my way back. EUR-USD puts in a nice big spike. I do catch that spike. I’m back to my regular money management, but it is fighting here. We had some news, I lose my first on that news. I’m in a second here on EUR-USD and what’s it gonna do? It is a last-second win on EUR-USD. Let’s see if I can get back to even break even for the day. GBP-CAD comes off of resistance, but it just battles there again. These two days were just not playing around, but I stuck to the strategy. I had an aggressive money management in play and it caused me challenges. I’m not gonna lie, it really kind of was a bit more stressful than I was hoping for. We actually had a second-entry loss there. We’re on GBP-CAD. We’re looking for an opportunity for a third, we’re waiting for it to get to the next resistance. And am I gonna get it there? Okay, I missed an opportunity for a third there on GBP-CAD. So I’m looking over at EURUSD, looking around, trying to find an entry.

Okay, so I take an entry on EUR-USD. I’ve got a third entry here in place, and it is just running. And here we got a fourth. I had to kind of go big on this one, because that’s just where I was. And I do end up winning that. I’m back in the money for the day. EUR-GBP pushes me here. I take a second on it. I lose my first. It’s fighting at this resistance. I head over and take a couple of calls on GBP-CAD. My EUR-GBP is fighting here. My GBP-CAD is out of the money. My EUR-GBP loses. My GBP-CAD lose. Already recovered all the way back in the money and, okay, a few recovery trades is back and forth a little bit hard to see but you can kind of get the idea. We did win some entries there. But now our EUR-CAD is really struggling here. We’ve got a decently built-up entry on EUR-CAD. We need this to head back up and it is trying. And it does, but man, we’re in deep on this and guys. I’ve got a lot more recovery left to do today so EUR-CAD wins. I stack in some entries that are really nice resistance on EUR-USD I do lose my first several of those entries it does come back down into the money. I win a few entries there on EUR-USD, but guys, we’ve just got work to do. We are on at the struggle bus.


Okay, I place a call on EUR-USD. I will be glad when these two trading days are over. We win there. And guys I promised I would show you every trade along the way, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that’s what we’re doing. We have some ugly going on here, but you know, it’s not all roses when trading binary options. You’ve got to sometimes persevere and overcome, and I really liked this resistance here on GBP-USD and it did end up winning for me. We won a few entries there. Starting to recover. A long road here today. I think there were 55 trading cycles between these three trading sessions. EUR-USD does lose the first, we’re looking for a second. We take our second on GBP-USD.

Struggling for a bit. It does come down into the money. We do win that GBP-USD trade. We have a first in here on EUR-USD and it breaks out from there. We place our second entry. Our first loses. Our second comes back into the money and we do win the second there on EUR-USD. So grinding back guys. Another first on EUR-USD is struggling. We do get a second in place. Our first again loses. Our second comes nicely into the money, although it bounces off of support. We do end up winning this second entry. Okay, guys, we’re getting there. The long road to recovery is trying to work for us. GBP-USD first is losing, although we do end up losing that first. Our second is looking really good here. I loaded up this second a bit. We win that second, getting our way back we’re scratching and clawing our way back here. Our EUR-GBP first finally guys, oh is this gonna? No, that one’s not gonna work either. We take a second that that next level. We take a third at the third level of resistance on our indicators. Our second loses. Our third is trying, and our third does come down nicely into the money. Getting close to back. Guys, I was there and then I was out and then I’m coming back. We take a first on EUR-CAD. Can I please get a clean first-entry win? Well, there we go. There’s my first-entry win on EUR-CAD. GBP-USD had a nice resistance, it does respond. Okay, maybe things are shaping up here a bit. Maybe things are shaping up here a bit. We get a first-entry win on GBP-USD. AUD-CAD struggling here at that resistance. It does push through what are we gonna do here we do get a second our first does lose. Our second is fighting it does come down into the money, comes down tests our entry again. But we do win a second there on AUD-CAD. It does stay in the money for us and guys we finally get another first-entry win. Bring the account back over 10k. EUR-GBP first-entry. Doing okay.

Alright, now we’re starting to get somewhere. Make a little bit of money here today. GBP-CAD first is not looking quite as good. I am back to my regular money management out of recovery mode. Our first on GBP-CAD loses, looking for an opportunity for a second. And I do find a second here on GBP-CAD, but it is just fighting at the money, in and out. That is a second entry loss. I do take a third entry on GBP-CAD. And that is gonna lose. And I go over and I get a fourth as GBP-CAD begins to respond. The fourth entry bounces nicely into the money. Okay, here we are over $11,000 for the day, a lot more work than I was what I was hoping for. AUD-JPY first. Back to my regular money management.

Okay, AUD-JPY first entry win, and my last trade of the day EUR-GBP first comes nicely off a resistance. We are gonna cruise in for a stress-free first-entry win. And we finished the day guys at $11,600. The next day, again, guys for some reason the recording didn’t format right. But it was not nearly as dramatic as this last day, drama involved. I do get myself up to $13,640. I take a $1,640 withdrawal to bring my account down to $12,000 which is where I…

Alright, guys, well I hope you enjoyed watching me struggle my way to profits more than I enjoyed struggling my way to profits, but guys, we made it there. We’ve stuck to the strategy. The market conditions were challenging in those sessions, but we ended up getting there. So guys, if you liked this video, please like the video, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see our continued journey to $24,000 as well as other binary options-related content. Also, guys, comment down below, we’d love to interact with and guys, we will see you in the trading room.