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Hey, there! Today we’re gonna talk about how many trades you should be taking in a day and how many trades you should not be taking in a day and then after that I’m gonna go over a chart that showed up in our trading room session today and talk about it and how we actually stayed out of a losing position and why. So my name is Jason, I’m excited that you’re here, welcome to the channel. Let’s get going.

Alright, so many people want to know how many trades they should be taking in a day. Should they be taking 20 trades, 30 trades, five trades? How do you know? And is there a way to know if you’re taking too many trades? Like, what exactly is overtrading? And this is really really important. And so I want to spend some time talking about it. And there’s something that happens when people begin to trade. When you start trading, you think that your goal is to trade. You think that you got to get into trades, you probably have watched something in movies or on TV in some way and you think, oh I got to you know, there’s that energy and you’re getting into trades, another trade, another trade, another trade. You’re making money, left right, you’re making phone calls and things are out happening and that’s like what normal trading is and it’s actually totally not. Do you know what trading actually looks like? I’m gonna show you. This is what trading looks like. Trading looks like this.

That’s what trading looks like. Trading looks like sitting and waiting and there’s this thing inside us human beings that refuses to be bored. We don’t want to be bored and so we’re always looking for something to fill that void, so that we are not bored. But here’s the thing is that if you make trading exciting like if the idea is for trading to be exciting, it’s gonna ruin everything. Like, if trading is boring then your bank account will be exciting, but if trading is exciting your bank account never will be. I’m gonna say that again. If trading is boring, then your bank account will be exciting. But if trading is exciting, your bank account never will be. And that’s really crucial because the more times you get in the trade, then the more you’re at risk in the market. The idea is to begin to pull back and look for reasons to not get into trades.

You see there’s a natural kind of like evolution that happens amongst traders and like I said in the beginning, that you know, you start trading and you want to get into another trade and another trade and another trade, and you think now’s my trading time, I should be taking trades and if you don’t take any trades and there’s a certain sense of failure that’s happened there. And you think you need to be in another trade and if that’s what’s going on, you’re gonna be clicking that button far more than what you should be, really. You start getting into less than ideal trades and then but what begins to happen over time is that, actually the people who have been trading more and the people who become professional traders and have a professional way of approaching their trading, they actually trade very very little. They’re very picky about their trades. Some of our most successful traders actually take fewer trades than we do as moderators, because they have learned to become extremely picky and the best traders, they say no to a trade far more often than they ever say yes to a trade. They are looking for reasons to stay out of the market, not looking for reason to get into the market. And I get that it’s important to be able to, you have to take a trade in order to be able to make money, but you’re approaching the market completely differently. Because if you’re if you are looking for reasons to stay out of the market and then all of a sudden you come to a trade opportunity and you can’t find any reason to stay out of it, then you click the button and the odds are gonna be so good that you’re gonna win the trade. You significantly improve your win percentage and you significantly reduce the possibility of you blowing your account. Because if you actually reduce the number of times you trade, slow everything way down, you actually have fewer losses and that way the wins that you produce, actually are not being used to make up for losses, but they’re being used to move you into greater and greater profit. So look for ways to make trading even more boring don’t like try and make trading exciting. Just pull back, slow it down and you’ll see a lot more success begin to happen in your trading. Again just go back to this posture of trading and life becomes a lot more fun.

Now let’s take a look at a chart here. We’re gonna take a look at the GBP-JPY, just gonna look at that here. We have the GBP-JPY right here and this on the one-minute chart and there’s something that we actually began to see happen in the market. There was a really good trade that was coming up right here to this support level, but we decided to stay out of that, even though it’s an otherwise great trade. There’s a couple of reasons why. One, I mean you see this double top that was going on here right here in this area. We have that double top, it’s also even really more of a lower high if you want to get that technical, but we could say double top. And that’s really gonna start to show weakness and you can plan on a lot of these support levels getting weaker and weaker really because of that double top and I’m not gonna go into a whole reason behind it but there’s a lot of market dynamics going on in the background that make that happen.

And then, another thing that you see here is as it started approaching it the market started really doing something that it hadn’t done for quite a number of hours before that. First of all, when it made this move down, and we can’t see it right now but I remember as we were watching it real-time, as it made this move down, it was quite a spike. It actually pushed through that level very very quickly, so I decided to just wait for a minute. I didn’t want to get into it. I’m like just gonna wait, and pretty much everyone else in the trading room they learned what to do and so they were waiting as well and then this this candle closed. I’m like, hey guys look at what happened here, we all of a sudden have something now that the market hasn’t done for a long time. See how these small candles and also we have a large candle, there’s a big push in momentum, and a lot of the people in the trading room they’ve really come to realize that the market changes something in its dynamic about every 45 to 60 minutes on average. And so we’re like, oh wow I wonder you know if there’s some kind of a change that’s happened in this market.

And so we started preparing actually grabbing our coffee cups and sitting back and waiting rather than getting into some trades and potentially losing. Like let’s just see and that was kind of cool, because it allows then our other winning trades to actually give us profit and not have to make up for those losses. You know how that is and so if you look here, I’m just gonna grab these crosshairs, you can see how long, how big this bearish candle is, well when was the last time we had such a large bearish candle? You know like, that’s not even as large. It wasn’t really to way back here and we’re looking at several hours, that’s two and a half hours, time has passed, so clearly there was a major you know the market is very very different here than what it was over the last two and a half hours. Like, ah well we don’t know what’s gonna happen here and whenever you don’t know what’s gonna happen, that’s a good sign to just kind of pull back, like there’s a change that’s happened and we don’t know what that change is, so we’re gonna just wait, we’re grabbing our coffee cups, we’re gonna allow the trading room to just be boring for a moment and look what happened? This was another really really, this was a beautiful level here, but because we didn’t know what the market dynamics were there, there was now uncertainty. We decided we’re not gonna take this trade and look that would have been a loss there were two losses that we avoided, simply because we were paying attention to what’s going on and recognizing this market dynamic that it changes about every 45 to 60 minutes.

And that’s one of the really cool things about being in a group because oftentimes you won’t notice that on your own, I happened to notice this and I mentioned it and then other people started noticing it as well, but oftentimes in this group dynamic of highly trained, highly quality traders we bounce these things off of each other and we all start to see what’s really going on. It’s kind of cool and so that’s what happened here and so we stayed out of two losing trades in a row and that allowed all of the other trades that we did take today could really be profitable trades without having to make up for that drawdown. So it’s really cool, so I just want to encourage you like there’s a few things I want to encourage you with, if you’re seeing double tops like this, start watching out for these support levels, because they may not be very strong anymore. Watch for some weakness there, be careful for those. And another thing is when you start seeing something you’ve not seen in a while, you got to take that on that the market is starting to shift, something is about to change and you need to be aware that you don’t know what that’s gonna be. You literally do not know what that change is and whenever there’s uncertainty then you are certain to lose money. What you need in trading is you need certainty. Certainty is what allows for you to predict market movement, the moment uncertainty comes into play, you got to pull back just be like, I don’t know what’s going on here, I really really don’t know. So let’s wait till some certainty comes back into the market.

And the other thing I want to really encourage you with is get together with other quality, like high-quality well-trained traders, not people who throw opinions around, but really high-quality well-trained traders so that you can begin to see what all of you are really seeing and become a better trader as a result of that and of course, that’s what we do in the trading room.

And so I’m gonna bring this back now to me. To keep this video really short, assume the posture of a trader just drinking your cup of coffee, get get together in a group of high-quality traders and look for some of these changing market dynamics and then things will start to change in your trading. And of course you know that’s what we offer. We offer high-quality education, not just kind of a couple small little videos, teach you stuff that you already know, but really high quality videos so you can really figure out how to trade and trade well. And there’s some high quality traders with us in this group who can really teach you some things, as well completely open your mind to what the market’s actually doing, and so you can take advantage of it. It’s really really cool so I want to encourage you to get involved in that and get the indicators, get involved in our Telegram groups, get involved in the coaching session, get involved in the group coaching session, get involved in the trading room and ask questions there, get involved in all of the stuff that we have available and it will start making a difference in your trading, that I can absolutely promise full wholeheartedly. It’s really really cool.

So anyway really excited that you were here, and drop comments here and let us know how this is benefiting you. If you just start to recognize as the market is changing and stuff like that, recognizing double tops and recognizing how that would weaken other levels. So make a comment in there, like, subscribe, share you know all the stuff that is good for YouTube. Do all of that stuff and let’s see each other in the trading room. Have a good day!