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Alright guys David with Binary Masterclass here and just wanted to come on for a minute after our morning trading session to talk about today’s trading results, to talk about our expectations for the week, and to give you a reminder on how you can get our indicators for free right now. A huge part of our daily success are the indicators that we have custom designed and utilized to recognize the trade entries for our particular setup that we trade very successfully.

So today was a great day, guys. It’s Monday and I started, as you know, right now I’m trading two accounts. I have a Pocket Option account and I have a Quotex account. And both of those accounts started this week with a starting balance of $5,000. I had a great week last week, hit my goal of doubling my accounts. I took the profits off the table and I brought my account balances down to $5,000. That’s where we started this week’s trading with both of those accounts. And today we were focusing on just taking as optimized of setups as we can. We have a few different setups that we look for, but we were focusing on a couple that are really our bread and butter of highest trading percentages. And those are the ones we were focusing on today. We actually got more trade setups than I was anticipating, which was great. The environment was a little slow to start and then really started to kick in. My Pocket Option account, I took 11 trades, I had 11 wins, and I increased my account balance by 58% today for a profit of just about $3,000 so excellent excellent day on that account. And then my Quotex account, we ended up taking six trades. I had five wins, one loss and increased that account size by about 38.8% or just under $2,000 so an excellent day on both accounts. Really excited that, you know, that I’m already halfway to my weekly target by the end of the first trading day.

These results, although my percentages might be higher than some of the other individuals in our trading community because I’m trading a higher entry amount because of my confidence in these setups, these trading results are representative, I think, of what many people in our community are experiencing as far as the win-loss ratio. And if that’s something that intrigues you, if you’ve been trading binary options for a while and not been very successful, or if this is a world that you’re just learning about and would like to get your feet wet and figure out how to make money in trading binary options, then we want to invite you to join us here at

Join us in the trading room, live every day, 5:15 a.m. Pacific Standard Time for our premium members, 6 a.m. Pacific Standard for our regular members. We have a masterclass that will get you up to speed on how to trade binary options, what binary options are. It will get you access to our trading room. It will teach you our trading strategy. And for a limited time, you can actually get our indicators for free. You can download our indicators for free for a limited time. We normally charge $199 for these. They’ve been on sale for $99 for a while, but right now we’re offering them to you for free. If you will send us evidence that you’ve signed up under Pocket Option and Quotex under our affiliate link and send us evidence of that to our support email, we will give you our indicators for free.

And guys, you can keep these for as long as you want, they don’t expire. We do update them regularly so our members do get access to updates as we continue to sharpen and improve them, which we are regularly doing. But again, if you’d like to join with us in the trading room, figure out how to make these profits for yourself, then click on the link in the description below, subscribe to the channel so you can get more updates on what’s happening here at Binary Masterclass, and we will see you in the trading room.