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Alright guys, so we’ve had some questions on what promotions we’re currently offering here and I wanted to take a minute and just talk about them with you right now. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, so right now we currently have two promotions going on. One of them is on our indicators and one of them is on our premium membership subscription. So our indicators right now are on sale, actually, they’re free through the end of the year through December 31st, 2022, you can get our indicators, the ones that we trade with in all of our trading sessions, the ones that allow us and help us to win 95% of our trading cycles, which we normally sell, they retail for $199 and guys, even that price is cheap. You’re gonna make that probably in one session with us or more if you’re trading a reasonable-sized account. Right now, those indicators are available to you for free. You have to do the following things to get them for free. You have to sign up with one of our two membership levels, either our basic membership, which starts at $49 a month, or our premium membership, which normally retails at $199 per month. If you sign up at either of those two levels, and if you bring over a funded Quotex and a funded Pocket Option trading account, just to the broker minimum levels, not to, you know, a several thousand dollar level, but I think Pocket Option right now, $50 minimum and I can’t remember what Quotex starts at. You’re probably gonna trade with more because it’s hard to make money with those levels but if you bring over a funded Pocket Option and Quotex account to our affiliate links and we can walk you through how to do that, you’re gonna get our indicators for free. We’re gonna send you a link to them, we’re gonna teach you how to install them on your MT4 software. You’re gonna get them for free when you do those things.

Alright, guys, that is available through the end of the year. Okay, that’s promotion number one. Promotion number two is our premium membership, which normally runs $199 per month. We do offer that membership though, currently for free, which is, guys, this is a massive deal, massive opportunity. We offer that to you for free. If you, again, bring over both a funded Pocket Option and a Quotex account and one of those accounts probably the account you’re gonna be trading most regularly probably your Pocket Option account needs to be funded regularly to above $3,000 or more if you keep your account funded and trade with $3,000 or more you’re gonna get that premium monthly membership waive. Every month guys, we’ll verify that your account is still above $3000 and you’re actively trading with us and we will waive your continual month’s premium membership. That’s gonna give you access to all three of our daily trading sessions. That’s gonna give you access to extended coaching that goes beyond the basic coaching that’s available with our basic membership. Guys, you’re gonna get extended coaching and coaching calls and other types of help and assistance to get you moving down the road in your binary options trading journey. Tons of help, private Telegram groups, special Zoom calls just for our premium members, a trading session where we trade more actively just for our premium members.

Guys, you’re gonna get that monthly for free when you bring over a Pocket Option and a Quotex account. Fund one of them regularly to a $3,000 level or more. We’re gonna waive that fee. All right guys, so those are the two promotions we have going on right now. And I look forward to seeing you in the trading room.