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Hey, good morning guys, David with Binary Masterclass here, coming to you with another weekend video talking about our trading results for the week. And you guys, you’re going to want to stick around to the end of the video because we are running a promotion that I do not think you’re going to want to miss. You’re going to figure out how to get our indicators for free. Now, if you’ve seen our videos or seen us trade, you’ll know that our indicators are a key component in us being successful in trading the way that we’re trading. They’re one of the reasons why I made over $300,000 in a six-week period. We’ve been working on these indicators, we’ve improved them, we’ve dialed them in, and they’re a huge key to our trading success. So stick around to the end of the video and you’ll figure out how you can get them for free.

But for now, we’re gonna get into my two trading accounts and how I did this week. As I told you at the beginning of the week, my goal, I’m trading two brokers right now, both Pocket Option and Quotex, and my goal was to double both of my accounts this week. And I started with the Quotex account at around $3,100, and my Pocket Option account started at about $3,200. So doubling these accounts in a week is not that big of a challenge for me. It is two accounts, so it’s not like doubling one account I have to do it twice so that’s a bit more work but I have two sessions a day, you know about an hour and a half worth of trading per day to get that accomplished and that’s something that’s normally within reason for the way that we trade and the kind of results that I typically see, so let’s get in and see how I did.


Alright, guys so here we are inside of my Pocket Option account. And as you can see, my account balance is now $7,880. My account started at around $3,200 at the beginning of the week. So not only did we double this account, but we increased it by just about 150% during this week’s trading. So pretty solid week on this account. I’ll probably take about a $3,000 withdrawal off this account, I think, and start the week at about a $4,000, $5,000 number.

Now, if we go over to my Quotex account, you’ll see I’m at $11,621. I started this week at $3,100 in this account, so obviously we well over doubled this account this week. In fact, I had some great trades in today’s session, a number of $800 wins even today. We increased this account size not by doubling but about by 275% so pretty pretty solid week on both of the accounts this week.


So there we go, guys, these results are obviously not typical for everybody, but these results are typical for me though. This is definitely in the realm of what you can expect to be able to learn to do trading binary options. If you join us in the trading room, learn our system, get our free indicators, which we’ll talk about in a second, and practice dialing in our strategy until you’re winning consistently, you too can be doubling your account most every week if you wanted to.

So now let’s get into the indicators. Our indicators, like I said, are one of the key components as to why we trade as successfully as we do. We normally charge $199, is our typical discounted price for the indicators. If you were just to join Binary Masterclass right now, you’d go on the site and you’d have the option of adding on the indicators for an extra $199.

But guys, for a limited time, we’re gonna offer you these indicators for free if you sign up with the minimum of a basic membership, of course, and during the sign-up process, you email us at support at, you’ll get that email address and sign up with screenshots of both your Quotex and your Pocket Option account having been opened under our affiliate account.


Now guys, we don’t charge very much money for our subscription fee, as you know. It’s only $49 to be a basic member. But the affiliate money does really help make it worth it for us. So we’re offering you guys free indicators when you verify with us that you’ve signed up under these two brokers with our affiliate link.

So guys, that’s a great value, $199 value. It’ll get you making money, it’ll get you in a great position. And then guys, if you wanna join us in the trading room, click on the link in the description below. It’ll take you to Very easy sign-up process. If you wanna see me continue to do well and double my account and what kind of crazy results we’re getting here. Smash the like button, subscribe to the channel, and we’ll see you in the trade room.