Fastest Pocket Option Withdrawal & Best Binary Options Indicators


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Fastest Pocket Option Withdrawal & Best Binary Options Indicators


Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. Today I’m gonna show you the last three trades from Friday’s trading session, where I took my account from $2,000 to $10,000 for over a 500% increase. And at the end of the video, I’m gonna show you a record Pocket Option withdrawal that you are not gonna wanna miss.

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Alright guys, let’s roll a video here. I’m gonna show you the last three trades of last Friday’s trading session, and then the withdrawal I took afterwards. Guys, last week was an incredible trading week. I won in all 10 of the sessions that I traded in, and guys, I took $2,000 to over $10,000 last week, and right here, you see I’m gonna place a call on GBP-USD. It had just hit a very nice support, as you can see on the indicators. It does break down below that support temporarily, but it was very extended, and had a very high degree of confidence that it would break back above that support. And it did, and it moves nice and cleanly into the money for us. Gonna give us a $227 profit on this trade.

Guys, yeah, just so I made over $8,000 last week, over 500% just following our strategy, our indicators, and I find that EUR-CAD hits a nice resistance that I take a put on it. You’re not gonna see EUR-CAD on our indicators because it’s on one of the screens that I’m not showing right here in this recording, but you can see AUD-CAD, which is trading similarly, actually moving up to its resistance right there. So I might have got into EUR-CAD just a tad too quick. AUD-CAD hits its resistance and pops down. My EUR-CAD pops as well, comes down briefly into the money, but then comes just right above my entry and I lose by one pipette. Now, I do take my second entry right there because I see AUD-CAD and EUR-CAD both moving down very, very nicely through the range. You can see AUD-CAD on the indicator with that nice big red and I believe that EUR-CAD is really gonna follow that AUD-CAD trade down. It’s about 30 seconds behind, but it does break down through the support and move down nice and cleanly through the range. Gonna give us a clean second-entry win here.

Alright, and then you’ll be coming up on our last trade. Guys, if you want to join us in the trading room Monday through Friday, we have three sessions that you can trade with us. Premium members get to choose from all three. Guys, we do these profits daily. I made another 40% or over $2,000 today. So I do take a put on EUR-GBP because it did come up nicely, as you can see, to a resistance area. And the likelihood is that it will bounce at least temporarily off that area. It struggles there for the first 30 seconds of the trade. It does begin to break down some. You can see some red on the candlestick. And then in the last few seconds it breaks up, but then ends up coming down into the money. And then you’re gonna see later, it will break down further down through the range. But guys, that capped off an amazing week for me, it took my account to $10,034. What a great day. What a great week.

Okay guys, so now I’m gonna take you over to the withdrawal section of Pocket Option where I’m gonna initiate a withdrawal request of $5,034.51 taking my account down starting next week to an even $5,000. I put in the amount. I enter the Bitcoin address. I click continue and there you’re gonna see, it says that this withdrawal request has been sent and it will be addressed in the next few business days.

Okay guys, so now I want to show you the timing associated with the processing of this withdrawal request. As you saw, I requested $5,034. Now guys normally you take a withdrawal of over $5,000. It’ll take certainly hours, but maybe up to three days to get that withdrawal processed and deposited into your crypto account. So you can see from the email here from Pocket Option that I requested this withdrawal at 6.29 a.m. Now, if we switch over to my Coinbase email, you can see that this withdrawal was processed 17 minutes, or actually hit my account 17 minutes after I requested it. It takes minutes to hit your account. So that withdrawal request was processed almost immediately by Pocket Option and within the hour it was there available for me to transfer to my bank account in my Coinbase account. Guys, I’ve never had a withdrawal that size processed that fast. That is a new record. For those people that say that Pocket Option does not process withdrawals or does not give you your money, in my experience that’s not yet the case.