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All right guys, so today I’m gonna show you a live recording of two of our three daily trading sessions our premium session and our second basic session and you’re gonna get to find out exactly how much money we made. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

All right guys, so let’s get right into the trading here You can see that I opened the day with a starting balance of just over $4,000. Now we have three trading sessions per day. We have two sessions for our basic members and then we have a premium trading session for our premium members. Our premium members get access to all three of our daily trading sessions. You can see I took a first entry put here on AUD-CHF at a really nice resistance, although it decided it was gonna push through that resistance, so I needed a second entry on this first trade as my first entry lost, but it does respond above the level where we took our second entry. It moves through the range here and we’re gonna get a nice second entry win here to start out the trading session on AUD-CHF. So this is our premium trading session. This session is at 5:15 Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. We trade a little bit more actively and with less instruction during this session. It’s designed for experienced traders who are really serious about growing their accounts and really just want to get in and trade and make money. We typically go for in between five and eight trades during this session although sometimes with the market here in December we haven’t always getting to our eight trades just maybe not enough activity or volume in the market to get there every session.

So we get in our second trade which is a put on EUR-CAD now I didn’t get an ideal entry on this and it’s actually gonna cause me to probably lose my first entry here. I was probably looking at another currency and didn’t quite catch the top on this. And so I did lose my first entry. I probably would have won it had I caught the actual resistance you can see back there. But I do take a second entry at the next level of resistance. You’re not gonna see this chart. I watch eight charts a day and this, and I only record six of them. And this is on one of the two that I wasn’t recording and so it does respond nicely to that area and we’re gonna pick up a nice second entry win here now. I started off this session with two second-entry wins this one and watch this just sneaks over for the win there at the last second. This one really should have been a first-entry win had I taken probably a bit more disciplined entry on it, but our money management allows for that.

So if you join, if you’re already an experienced binary options trader, my recommendation might be to join as a premium member because you’re gonna get access to, again, three different trading sessions split across different times depending on what time zone you’re in. We have one geared for our European community in the morning, and then the other two are at 5:15 Pacific Time and then 6 a.m. Pacific Time. So we have a lot of opportunities to trade for our premium members. And also guys as a premium member you’re gonna get access to a higher level of coaching that you get as a basic member. We’re gonna actually be available there’s private Telegram groups, private messaging options, Zoom options, you’re gonna be able to get individual private coaching to help you in your trading journey develop as a binary options trader. We’ve got several moderators who are available to chat and to help you out and to walk you through and to figure out what’s going on, maybe help diagnose issues and coach you to better binary options trading.

Now you can see we are in a first entry call here on AUD-CHF for our fourth trade and it looks like it’s trying to retest but we do get that first entry win. That’s our fourth win of this session. I’m trading a little bit more aggressively as far as my first entries go during this premium session. And I’m almost kind of at my profit target for the day. So let’s see what happens here. We’re looking for a call on EUR-CAD. We’re waiting for it to get down to a support. This is one of the other currencies that we didn’t have a chart for, but you can see a couple of the other Canadian currencies hit their supports as well. So this one does hit a support and responds nicely. It does come back and retest, which is not uncommon. It does find support above that area and we get our fifth win, our third first-entry win in a row. So that wraps up our premium session.

Now we’re gonna move into our second basic session of the day, just had to update my currencies and I reduced my risk management in this session because I’ve already kind of hit a good profit number of just about 20% and I wanted to leave myself more room in case things, the market changed during this session. We take a EUR-USD put here as our first trade. As you can see, it responded very nicely to a resistance. We try to take very disciplined support and resistance trades. We have great indicators, great charts, we can teach you how to read our indicators to figure out what support and resistance areas are the strongest to take. And that one does give us a very nice first-entry win. And guys, this session actually went very, very smoothly. They don’t all go like this but we actually managed to rack up just a number of clean first entry wins.

I’m actually looking, I’m watching EUR-CHF right now but I think I’m gonna go back over to EUR-USD. It’s getting itself up to another resistance which I just went and marked out on the chart as you can see and it actually got to a level of extension that I felt comfortable taking a first entry on, even before it got to that resistance, it was like over plus two on the value chart, which means it was very, very extended during that candle. So the likelihood of it retracting like it’s doing is very, very high when you’re extended three candles in and that big of a move. And it does actually move down nicely and we do get a first-entry win on that one as well. Okay, that was our second win of this session. We try for five wins in our basic session. We try for eight wins in our premium session and if we hit those numbers, then we just stop trading. If we hit five trades in our basic session, then we call it good, call it a day and we’re done here.

You can see CAD-CHF. I took it at a nice resistance It does come back up and retest and then here hit the last second does give us a very nice first entry win. Had we needed a second entry on that it did move down to the range. So it would have been good there That’s win number eight and guys already at $4,900, we’re in $900 profit pretty much for the day under fairly easy circumstances. So guys, as premium members you’re gonna get access to a bunch of trading opportunity, lots of great coaching, more access to the moderators and traders and myself than you’re gonna get as a basic member. And if you join as a premium member with a Pocket Option and a Quotex account under our affiliate link and have your main trading account, whichever one you’re gonna be trading, funded to at least $3,000 continuously, $3,000 or more, you’re gonna get the premium membership for free. Guys, we normally charge $199 per month for that membership, but if you keep your trading account funded to $3,000 or more under one of our affiliate links, we’re gonna waive that $199 fee. You will be able to trade with us multiple times a day for no no cost guys you can see in these two sessions alone I made off a $4,000 account look at we’re already at when we finish the day with our tenth win $4,986 is our ending number so nearly a thousand profit in just about oh it was about an hour and a half or hour and 15 minutes between the two sessions we nearly a thousand dollars in relatively stress-free conditions. So, guys there’s a lot of money to be made out there we would love to help you learn how to take your binary options trading to the next level. If you like this video please smash the like button subscribe to the channel set your alerts so you can see our upcoming videos, and guys, we will see you in the trading room.