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Alright guys, so in this video I’m gonna walk you through eight easy trades from one of our very recent Premium trading sessions My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

All right guys, so let’s get into the trading here and today we’ll go through a recent Premium trading session that just was amazing. We had actually good trading sessions every session this day and it just is nice when you have some stress-free days because they’re not all like that. So we did take a first entry here on EUR-GBP, as you can see it is up at a pretty good resistance level and we’re actually looking over at GBP-USD. Do we want to call there as well? So EUR-GBP does push through that resistance a little bit. We do take a second actually at a better spot. My first entry honestly was not great and it did actually make it up to that resistance and it responded really nice. So my second entry is nicely in the money here on EUR-GBP. I just was a tad early. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes the MT4 and the pocket option down, it doesn’t link perfectly. And I felt like I was in a good spot. So GBP-CAD just spiked up to a really nice resistance. We do take an entry there. It does hang out just above our money here, just above that resistance. Let’s hope that it responds back here and with 10 seconds left it comes down into the money and we get a nice first-entry win there.

Alright, where are we going next? We’re looking at GBP-USD and it comes down to a nice support and we do take it at that support. It wicks through but does end up actually responding really really nicely. In fact, we’re actually looking at EUR-CHF here, and if EUR-CHF can make it to this resistance there, maybe? No, okay. GBP-USD is nicely in the money. Get a nice first-entry win on that guy. In fact, it’s getting itself up to a resistance. Do we like it up there at the top? What do we like in here next guys? Okay, EUR-GBP made it nicely down to a support, wicks through a little bit. We are a little bit out of the money here at the moment. It does come down to another level of support. I could have taken a second there. My first is back in the money. If I would have had a second in play this could be a first and second-entry win. We do get that win on EUR-GBP. EUR-CHF does make it to that resistance so we pop over and take that entry. And it responds pretty nicely and then we actually take an entry on GBP-USD as it moves itself up to a resistance. EUR-CHF comes very nicely down through the range, gets us our first entry win GBP-USD is back in the money after spiking above that level just a little bit. With 10 seconds left, we are in an okay position on this trade and that is gonna be another nice first-entry win where are we going now guys okay EUR-JPY or no actually EUR-CHF really moved itself all the way down to a pretty nice spot. Something’s going on in the CHF world because EUR-CHF is now actually pushing beyond our entry and we’re actually looking to see where the next level may be on it. I didn’t get it at the bottom there. What do I want to do? I did lose that first entry. So now I put in a second entry pricing, looking around, figuring out where I want to take this second entry.

Maybe GBP-AUD. Yeah, let’s do GBP-AUD at that resistance. That’s actually a pretty decent spot. It does move a little bit beyond our entry. Responds nicely below.

Come on, stay down. And there’s the win guys.


Okay, let’s go for one more today. There is seven fairly stress-free wins in this session. Okay, pound Aussie actually makes it all the way down to that support. So we do take a call at that support and it moves itself all the way down below the next support, responds very nicely to that second level, gets our first entry in the money. And now it’s just kind of playing around with our money here. We’re going to just need a little bit of good fortune on our side, probably for this one. Oh and there we go, guys there is eight relatively stress-free wins $700 and something dollars in profit in a Premium trading session from just like two days ago.

So guys if you want to join us in the Premium trading room we would love to have you. It’s only $199 per month and guys you can see on a $4,000 account I made that in a few trades. So there is a link in the description below. And guys, if you like the content of this video, please click the like button. If you’re not subscribed to the channel and you’d like to see more binary options-related content, please subscribe to the channel and we will see you in the trading room.