Double Your Money Challenge! (22-33) [Live Binary Options]


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Alright guys, welcome to Binary Masterclass where we are in video number three on our Challenge to double our account in as few of trades as possible. Today’s video is going to show you trades 22 through 33. And just remember guys if you’re interested in joining with us in our Live daily trading sessions which happen every morning at 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time where we regularly make 10-20 sometimes 30% every day, join us at Click on the link in the description below and we will see you in the trading room. And now let’s get into the session.

Alright guys, welcome to the trading session today. And before we get going, today was a fairly active day of trading. I think we had 12 trades today. And the story of this session is to show you how we can actually take a loss during a session and recover from that session and actually finish with a nice profit overall. We are showing you 20 trades, 22 through 33 in our doubling our account challenge.

And we start off with a call on EUR-CAD, which we took because the currency came down to a really nice 15-minute support level and that one just won at the finish line that was close. I did end up taking a 3% first on EUR-CHF and again on EUR-CAD. Just because both of these were at very strong supports and hadn’t really made their move up and I did win both of those first entries as well. Giving us our second and our third wins of the day.

Now we move over to EUR-CHF take a first entry call. This one does have a little bit of trouble with that support level. It hasn’t completely broken through but did not respond off it the way that we needed to for our first trade. So we did end up losing our first trade. Our second trade is heading lower and we’re going to need a third entry on this guy. And this is trade number four. This is actually where we end up taking our first loss of the day. We win about 95% of our trading cycles. We do occasionally take a loss, but we have a system in place that allows for us to and here we go we’re gonna conclude we took a third entry loss in EUR-CHF. I didn’t want to chase it for a fourth. I just didn’t like the way that it was moving, and so we do have a system that allows us to quickly recover from third-entry losses we take a put on on CHF-JPY with the second-level entry which gets us about a third of our loss back in one trade and And that one won really nicely. Then we move over to EUR-GBP. Comes off of his support, take the call, like the trade, starts moving back up through the range, nicely into the money. And remember guys, we’re using custom indicators that we have fine-tuned, that we’ve taken thousands of trades off of, that we have a high degree of success with utilizing those currently are available as a standalone product or you can get them highly discounted with your membership into the trading room. And we also take a put on EUR-CAD, first entry win there. So we have now recovered that or we’re one trade away actually from recovering that third entry loss. We move over to GBP-AUD. We take the first entry put there. It does end up breaking through that level. So we will take a second. Comes off of that very well-structured support nicely. Moves itself down through the range and gives us a nice win there, puts us well into the profit for the day. We caught AUD-CHF as it had already come off the bottom but was moving nicely through the range and we took a good trade on that. Gonna move on us a little bit but don’t worry I think we’ll reel this guy in. Okay, we will take our third entry just waiting for the right spot and all that push is nice. Okay, I think we’re gonna like it pretty quickly here. There we go. Take it right before the drop


Breaks through that support level. Moves back through the range gives us another win. Over to EUR-CAD. Take our put on EUR-CAD. It does bust through that resistance. It gets up to the next level quickly. So we actually take what we would call a pretty early second entry. Take it so we could try to catch it at that level. It comes back down. We get our third ready just in case we needed it gets close to our money, gets us briefly in the money, but just finishes the money. We’re gonna need a third entry in this guy we just want to pick our spot right I do feel like it is gonna continue to break down we’ve got some other confirming currencies that telegraphed the fact that EUR-CAD was about ready to break that support. It does. It moves back through the range. It gives us a third entry win, our 10th win of the day.

Hop onto a EUR-GBP put. This one does test us a little bit, but gives us a nice first-entry win there. Now over to EUR-CAD where we take another put at a strong resistance level. It has come back up, it tests that level. We get our second entry ready just in time. This guy’s struggling at the resistance it comes back down stays in the money gets us a win, our 12th of the day for a profit of $381, and an increase of our account size of 10.7%.

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