Double Your Money Challenge! (11-21) [Binary Options Strategy]


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Hey guys, welcome to Binary Masterclass where today we are presenting to you video number two in our journey to doubling our account size in as few of trades as possible using the same money management system that we use every single morning in the trading room Today we’re bringing to you trades 11 through 21 in this series, so let’s get right into it.

Alright, guys here. We are in session number two showing you trades 11 through 21 in our doubling our account challenge here in the trading room, Our first trade we took a call on CHF-JPY. It was at a decent level of support but it broke through that support fairly quickly. These trades are sped up just for ease of watching. They’re 60-second trades and we are in a second that we do win nicely for a $77 profit on the day on our first trade.

GBP-CAD, our second trade, does move through that support area. Again, we do get taken for a little bit of a ride on a couple of our trades today, but our money management system allows for this and gives us an opportunity to still profit on most every trade cycle. We have a 95% profitability on our trade cycles currently, which is actually very, very good. So we do win entry number two on that trade.

Our next trade, CAD-CHF put. Does move right through the resistance. Sets us up for an opportunity to take a second on this trade, which we do at the next level of resistance and it doesn’t look like it wants to play along here either. So we do set up for a third and looking for the right entry, and we do see signs of a reversal. So we enter our third trade we didn’t get in at the top as you can see but we really are at this point looking for signs that the currency is reversing. It comes back up to test that support or now resistance area, moves down into the money. It’s gonna give us a nice third-entry win there on our third trade of the day.

Number four, a put-on CHF-JPY. This time this one does come cleanly off of that support. Good enough to where we’re actually able to go entertain another simultaneous trade, which we don’t do often, but occasionally we will catch complimentary trades. Our CHF-JPY put is doing very well, comes down for a nice first-entry win. And our EUR-CHF put is dancing around our money and it just does lose. So we will need another entry on our EUR-CHF.


Our second entry comes into the money, struggling at the resistance area there. 10 seconds left, we get our third ready just in case. And this one does barely win at the end. Just comes across the finish line. Our next trade we take a call on USD-CHF. This one bounces off a support area nicely. It’s a good ranging currency. This has been a good one to trade this session to where we go over and we do look at another opportunity, but EUR-CHF is gonna give us a nice clean first entry win there. Hop over to AUD-CAD where we take a first entry put. It does come down nicely into the money for us and give us a clean first-entry win, where we go over and this is where I think it gets interesting on the day. We take a EUR-CHF put. And it looks pretty nice out of the gate, decently in the money for us, but it just does come at the last moment and get us out of the money.

So we take our second trade and EUR-CHF wants to push higher today, which is okay. You’ll get these occasionally. We know how to deal with this. We set up for our third entry. We do lose our second looking for a spot for our third. We take it when it looks like it is reversing, but we will see that it dances around our money. Gosh, what’s it gonna do? It does come up and test that next level and I just don’t think it’s done moving for the day.

We do lose our third entry on EUR-CHF, we decide not to take a fourth. And we go into our recovery strategy. We take a first entry on GBP-AUD at our second entry pricing. And we take a put on EUR-CHF at that same second-level pricing. GBP-AUD moves up for a first entry win. EUR-CHF dances around our money and comes down for a nice tie. Tied that one at the last instant. Those are heartbreaking. That was a nice-looking trade into the last instant.

We get another call on EUR-CAD. A strong level of support. Also again at our second entry trade size. Working ourselves. Come size, working ourselves, come on, into the money for today. We’re gonna settle with a $62 profit, a 1.8% increase, and we will be back at it in our next session to show you our next series of trades where we double our account in as few of trades as possible. See you then.

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