Double Your Money Challenge! (1-10) [Binary Options Strategy]


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Alright, guys, welcome to Binary Masterclass and today we’re very excited to be starting our double challenge where we show you how we double our account size in as few of trades as possible, using the same money management system that we use every day live in the trading room. Now if you want to learn more about how you can join us in the trading room where we trade binary options live every day with you helping you make money consistently visit binary or click the link in the description below. But today we are starting this challenge and we’re going to show you the first series of trades and show you how many trades it takes to double our account using our daily money management system, so here we go.

Alright, guys well here we go today is the first day of our double challenge where we are doubling our account size in as few of trades as possible and of course today we actually missed the recording of the first trade so we are beginning our account balance at $3,000 but we’ve already executed one trade and $26 profit and we will start the video and I’ll get commenting on the next series of trades.

So our second trade of the day, we’re searching around here, Is a call on GBP-USD we take it at a very strong support level that we can see on our indicators that we use live in the trading room Monday through Friday 6am pacific time. And this one bounces off the support area quite nicely and moves cleanly into the profit giving us a first entry $26 profit win for the day. Take our second entry which is a put on CAD-JPY. Definitely moves through that first resistance area so we take our second entry. Comes nicely off the second entry. Almost comes down to give us a first-entry win. We lose the first entry, but even though it comes back to test our entry-level, it moves into the profit giving us a second entry win. Our third trade is a put on GBP-USD. It comes nicely off the resistance, which again, we’re using a lot of MT4 charts in our trading much more than what you can see here on the broker and so we’re we’re seeing this resistance area. It moves off the resistance into the profit giving us another clean first entry $26 win.

Our fourth trade is a call on AUD-CAD. These trades are obeying very nicely today in general. Although AUD-CAD sticks around that resistance and support and breaks through to support at the end requiring us to need a second entry. We do hop in in the meantime a first entry call on EUR-CHF have to go back and babysit our AUD-CAD trade which is just not quite obeying the way we want. Briefly comes back in the money but continues to head downward requiring us to take a third entry on it. In the meantime, EUR-CHF gives us a little bit of trouble where we do take a second entry call back to our AUD-CAD. Continues to head in the wrong direction, but reaches a very strong support level on the 15-minute chart. So we do lose our third entry. We line up our fourth, which we don’t have to take very often. This one bounces cleanly off of the 15-minute support, moves deep into the profit for us, giving us a very nice fourth-entry win. We end up taking a put on EUR-CHF, our sixth trade of the day, recovering from the stress of that fourth, gives us a very nice first-entry win. Trade number seven is a call on GBP-AUD decides not to obey that support level we take a second on it, in the meantime we jumped into a put on EUR-GBP, that’s a very clean easy trade. It’s nice when those come about especially when you have a couple that takes you a little deeper. But our second entry on GBP-AUD moves up into the profit, giving us our eighth win. Alright, we’re gonna take a put here on AUD-CAD, moves nicely off of that resistance. And it holds on for a first-entry win. We move back over to a call that we had taken in the meantime on EUR-GBP that also comes cleanly off of that visible support. Gets as a first-entry win and our 10th win of the day for a profit of $394.69 and an increase of 13.1% the day for a profit of $394.69.

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