Double Your Money Challenge! (44-49) [Binary Options Strategy]


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Hey guys welcome to Binary Masterclass where today we are presenting to you video number five in our doubling our account series. We have trades 44 through 49 for you today. Actually, a pretty easy session overall, it was very nice. Remember if you like what you see if you want to make these returns with us we have a live trading room that we want to invite you to every day 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. We trade for 30-40 minutes regularly wins 5-10% on a very consistent basis. So visit or click the link in the description below. Like the video, subscribe to the channel, and we will see you in the trading room.


Alright guys, here we go. Let’s get the trading session started today. We are looking for our first trade. We’re looking at EUR-USD and we take a call at a very strong support area. It comes nicely into the money, tries to retest, but I think time is gonna be on our side here and we get a very clean first-entry win. And we also take a call on GBP-CAD. It moves up off of a support and it stays up long enough to give us that first-entry win as well.

We do take a call on EUR-GBP. It does move down to challenge our entry and it is going to press through that support. It requires a second of us, but the second moves nicely into the money and we can see from our indicators, very good levels of support and resistance, which give us the insight into what these currencies might be doing. And that is how we have the knowledge we have to place our trades, learning to read the charts, learning to read the currencies. And then combined with our money management system, looks like we’re going to need a second here on EUR-CHF. You combine those together and you get a high degree of profitability and regular wining. Our second on EUR-CHF is clear into the money this one is going to be a nice second-entry win for us today. Our next trade is a call on EUR-GBP. We take it at the support. It moves into the money and gives us a very clean win.


And now, we take a call on AUD-CHF that dances around the support area and our money line and finishes in the money for a very, very nice and exciting second-entry win. And AUD-CAD does push through that support area, so it is gonna require a second, but we actually move over and take our second on GBP-CAD which is a complimentary pair and it had reached a stronger support level, so we felt that our second should go in that trade, and we won it as you can see very cleanly for a profit in this session of $411 and an increase of our account size by 9.3%.

Alright guys, if you like what you’re seeing in these trading sessions, we invite you to join us every day, Monday through Friday, in the trading room. Click on the link in the description below. Like and subscribe to the channel, and we will see you soon.