Double Your Money Challenge! (34-43) [Binary Options Strategy]


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Hey guys, welcome to the trading room. We have our fourth video in our doubling our account challenge trades 34 through 44 today and man what a great easy session today. Some days we have more challenging trading sessions. It’s really nice to mix in the easier ones. Today we have 11 trades, $523 profit or 13.3% in just about 30 minutes. We had all first and third entries today, which is unusual, but overall, great day. We’ll see you on the other side of this video in the trading room.

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Alright guys, so let’s get this trading session started. We’ve got 11 trades today. So overall, although we did have a number, a few third entries, it was a fairly smooth session, very profitable, fairly fast-paced.

So, we ended up taking our first trade on CHF-JPY, which was a call. A lot of movement on the CHF-JPY pairs oftentimes they can really move well beyond support and resistance lines when they get when they really get going and this one did just barely lose the first at the last moment, because it was pushing hard on that support. It breaks down through that level of support taking us to actually gonna need a third entry on our first trade of the day. Didn’t really like, I missed I think the best entry spot for that third, so I moved my trade over to CAD-CHF, another CHF pair that was also on the inverse side getting ready to pull back. So I took my third over there because I thought I’d get a better spot and I did and we won our first cycle third entry and a hundred and thirty dollar profit on that whole cycle.

Our second trade was on CAD-CHF on the other side that had come down through the range come off of a support and guys we have our own custom indicators that we’re watching on our MT4 charts as we get this first entry win that give us a really good idea of what these pairs are going to be doing. This is how we trade. We’re not just throwing trades against the wall. We’re using real live data in all of our sessions to give us a great chance of winning 95 plus 6-7 percent of all of our trading cycles, which is how we’re able to be so profitable. Our call here, our first entry call on CADCHF is also another first entry win. We just rack up these $35 1% wins. That’s all you need to do. You don’t need to throw big money against the wall. I mean, we do have an extended trading session that we trade. And this one looks, this call on AUD-CAD our 38th trade looks like it’s going to need a second. We do take a second there.


This series is from our regular trading room, which our regular members get access to every day. And AUD-CAD is going to be another one of our third-inch repairs. We do lose our second, we take our third at a really strong 15-minute support. Our regular members have access to this every day. We also have an extended trading room session which opens up 45 minutes earlier that we trade a little more aggressively in, and we do get our third-entry win there, $100 profit. We do trade a little more aggressively in and we oftentimes, we make big money in those extended sessions if you’re a premium member.

This first entry on EUR-GBP came really nicely off support. It’s going to give us a really really good first entry win for our 38th trade. A $37 win there. We take the put on EUR-CHF, which dances around our entry for a few minutes but then does respond off nicely off that resistance. Comes back down into the money and oh we just won that at the last second. Some of these are, you just gotta be right for 60 seconds, and sometimes we’re right for 60.2 seconds, as in the case there. Our NZD-CHF pair is gonna slide in for a nice first-entry win. Our seventh trade of the day. Trade number eight, coming up here on CHF-JPY, first entry put. Which again, a lot of these are just responding really great off of these, the resistance areas and support that we can see comes back down very clean. And you can see these entries, these wins just became a little smaller, that was a $38 win. As our account increases, 1% continues to get us a little bit more every trade.

So EUR-CHF pushed through that resistance, came back down on the money, but it’s gonna test us here. It looks like this guy is gonna finish above that resistance level. It’s gonna require a second entry of us, which we do take at a pretty good level of extension. I mean you don’t always know where these are gonna turn around. You take entries where they make sense and we have a system, we have indicators, we have experience that show us the most likely places of reversal and that second entry does fail, so we are going to need a third entry on this particular trade.

We take it at a really strong spot after we see the move already having happened on this currency pair and a couple other complimentary pairs. The currency does move down through the range, gives us a nice third-entry win for our ninth trade of the day. Tenth trade here is a call on CHF-JPY. Having some troubles breaking through this support which is good to see.


It does come up off of that support at least for the first minute and gives us a nice first-entry win there. And then our final trade of the day is a call one EUR-USD. We’re just waiting for it to get down to a particular level. It got there. We took the trade, but it just pushed through that support just a little bit. Comes back up to our money, a little bit in the money.

Come on, give us a nice finish for the day. Moves back up through the range, even though we didn’t get this at the bottom, we were right for 60 seconds. We won our 11th trade for a profit of $523. We increased our account balance by 13.3% today, guys. Great day in the trading room, and we will see you tomorrow.

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